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I have five days of school left. In the past two weeks alone I have had eight final projects due and this last week I have three. I can tell you that it hasn't been easy, but I'm happy I can see an end to it all. I haven't had any time to really get into Christmas, so I feel a bit detached from it all. Hopefully that'll change at the end of the week. Also based on all my marks I've gotten for projects I doubt I'll pull anything lower than a B in all my classes. I'm not too horribly concerned about grades and such because once I grad in 2014 the overall grades won't matter too too much, but it's still nice to keep them high for scholarships considerations.

Having all this school work means that I've fallen behind on some TV, but I've managed to catch up on a couple of things.

I am loving this season so, so much. I enjoyed last season, but not like this one. I was spoiled for Sophia before I watched it, but it was no less heart breaking. I wish we didn't have to wait until February for the rest. :(

There was one character that everyone knew shouldn't ever be fucked with and that was Bobby. However knowing that, all I could do was just sit an wait until something did happen. Nothing on Supernatural gets a happy ending. I thought they handled the episode very well and the last five minutes gutted me. Despite my reservations about how the show has been the last season and a half, I must say they didn't just leave Bobby to become some monster or some other horrific end. Now the big question if he's really gone gone, or just gone to return again in some form. My bet is on the latter.
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