Jan. 11th, 2011

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Tennant to play Thranduil in the Hobbit?

Him as Leggy's dad? IDK how to feel about it; part of me is all 'LOLOLOLOLOLNO!' and another part of me is 'BRING IT!' The Doctor and Elves?

It's also 100% confirmed that Serena and Andy are back for the Hobbit. Yeah, if they weren't then I would be marching down to NZ and having a few words blows with PJ. Orlando's also supposedly to come back as well in a 2 minute cameo and rumour has it that they're also trying to get Dom back. And Elijah will be back as well (so I hear). Just reunite the whole cast, dammit, in one big separate movie. Have them drink tea, watch paint dry, I don't care, just make it happen!!!

Today at work I had two members from the Fringe crew come in for coffee. They were wearing Fringe Division jackets from the AU universe and I may have fangirled a lot ok, a ton a lot about this season and how much I love the show. They asked me about it moving to Fridays and how I think it'll fare, so I told them it could go either way, but that I think it could be a good move to free up more viewers for the show since 9pm on Thursdays is such a brutal timeslot. I really want one of those jackets. The dad of one of the guys I work with has a friend that is a PA on the show and gives the guy I work with props from the set, he told me he has a bunch of stuff from Walter's lab in his bedroom. I was jealous and I now plan to go break into his house and steal some stuff.


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