Jan. 30th, 2011

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I recently started watching Being Human, both the UK and the US version. I realized that we got the US version the same time it airs in the US, so I've seen the first two episodes of it. I originally wanted to watch the UK version first, but it turned out this way. Last night I watched the first two eps of the UK version and I gotta say that I enjoyed the UK version much more. Not to say I didn't like the US version, but there's something about the guy who plays Aidan that just makes him boring to me. I really like Mitchell and how he seems to have more personality and humor. George vs. Josh... well I love them both, so I can't really say anything either way. They're both adorable and awkward. I gotta say that I do enjoy Annie more than Sally at this moment, but I do like the both of them.

I've never really watched two shows of the same premise/concept like this before, so I may put the US version on hold for now and watch the frist two season of the UK before picking it up again, which shouldn't be too long since the first two seasons of the UK versions are less than 10 eps each.


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