Feb. 1st, 2011

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Some of you may already know about the slaughter of 100 healthy sled dogs in Whistler (the link takes you to the first article, no pictures of anything bad, but just a warning that if you do read it it does have some graphic details about what happened). Along with most people of the community here, I am disgusted, disturbed and just sad about the whole thing. Also having owned a sled dog (Jackson, who is in my icon) it hits a bit harder to home. I wish I could do the same to the people who did this to these poor dogs. This could have been handled so much better, even if it had to come to putting them down there are so many more humane ways to do it. I am really shocked that the worker who was ordered to do this went through with it or didn't even reach out to the police or an animal agency about this. It was said that this guy spent a lot of time with these dogs and had affection for them. I just don't understand what kind of human being would do that if that were the case. I wish that animal cruelty carried harsher criminal chargers as well, because I think that could help in some cases.

Sadly this isn't anything new, it happens everyday in every country. I just wish the people who did these kinds of things knew what it was like for the animal, then they'd think twice.


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