Apr. 29th, 2011

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I initially wasn't too hyped about the royal wedding today and was getting a bit tired of all the constant coverage about the preparations for the actual day, but I gotta say that I thought it was really nice. I think Kate looked stunning in her dress and really do wish them well. Part of my inner child was thinking about how fun it would be to marry a prince and have a grand wedding like that, but then again I wouldn't want 2 billion people watch me and rip me apart in the media for whatever reason. It was nice to see so many people just out celebrating and have a good time. Regardless of the reason I think the world needs more of that; people coming together and having fun. It was a bit nice for a change rather than hearing about countries at war, politics and all that.

Thank you to everyone who commented about my back the other day. I really fucked it up this time and after I took my portfolio to the university (actually mum took it in for me since I was in no condition to do anything, i.e. walk) I went to a clinic where I got a prescription for some nice pain meds (regular over the counter muscle relaxants and Tylenol wasn't doing a thing) and a physiotherapy referral. Mum took me to the physio clinic last night and I was a complete pretzel when I walked in (seriously I was hunched over and shaped like an S). Luckily my physiotherapist was really nice and managed to straighten my spine a bit and give me a massage to help relax the muscles. I'm also not allowed to work for the next week and after that I don't know. I'm still in really bad shape, but I have 2 more physio appointments next week to help things along. Today I was able to grab an orange from the fridge without screaming! :D

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As I mentioned I turned in my portfolio yesterday to get into the IDEA program. I have to beat out over 100 (or a lot more, IDK) applicants for one of the 30 spots in the program. The turning in of the portfolio isn't enough, they still have to review it and if they like what they see they then call me in for an interview and testing. I'm pretty confident that I'll get to the second round, but it's the final round that I'm kinda nervous about. Regardless if whatever happens I won't find out for another three weeks.


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