Aug. 12th, 2011

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Last night I had kickass dream. I'm currently reading Jane Eyre and of course the movie with Michael Fassbender is never far from my mind (hell, Fassy is never far from my mind these days), so my dream starts off with me being Jane and Mr. Rochester trying to win me over. Finally when I consent to marry him (why I took so long IDK) we go back to our house in the city and when we get there part of the Avengers are there. They're trying to stop some kind of assassin from killing someone, I don't know if it was Mr. Rochester or me, but there was Iron man and Thor in our living room. I can't remember what happens next but the next thing I remember is Tony Stark acting all spy like and going around shooting people and he isn't even in the Iron Man suit, and Thor, Captain America and Black Widow all going after him thinking he's turned evil. After many explosions and chases they finally catch up to Tony only to learn that Pepper Potts is behind it all. LOL IDK, MAN! She had an Iron Man/Lady suit and was about to blow up Tony when he did something only Tony Mother fucking Stark could do and ended up stopping Pepper. Then it turns out that Pepper was just being controlled by someone and that the real threat was still out there. That's all I remember.

Only my brain can go from Jane Eyre to Avengers in one dream. I have no idea what I smoked before going to bed last night, but it was awesome.


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