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I'm officially on my winter break! I don't have to go back until January 9th! I can sleep, watch tv, sleep, sleep, and then maybe sleep! It's awesome. This weekend was basically me catching up on said sleep. Yesterday I woke up at around 1pm and then I fell asleep on the couch at 3:30pm for an hour and was late for my volunteering. I'm not tired or anything.

Today I volunteered for pet photos with Santa today at Petsmart; I was the photographer and got to use my new camera from school. I got an A- in my photography class this semester, so I put it to good use. This was the last day of the event (it's been going on every weekend this month) and we've raised so much money for VOKRA. We really need all the donations we can get because our vet bills are crazy high. It was mostly dogs and a couple of cats that came into the store for a photo but we did have one bearded dragon! I've never photographed a bearded dragon before, so it was interesting. Her name was Sheila and she was very nice, I got to pat her and she seemed really at ease with everyone.

a couple of pics of my final projects if anyone wants to look )
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Every year I get more and more creeped out about Black Friday. Just hearing what people go through just to get stuff. C'mon, pepper spray? Really? The level of materialistic obsession and selfishness is getting just out of control. I know black Friday is supposed to fun and have that sense of the mad dash to get something for a loved one, but I think it's getting a bit out of control.

[/sits back down on soapbox]

I hope my American friends had a good Thanksgiving. :)

School is just so fucking crazy right now that it's incredible. I have about three weeks of classes left and we still have several projects left to do PER CLASS (I'm taking eight right now), plus forour final projects. Luckily I just started on the final project for my Drawing for Illustration class, but it's gonna take a lot of time. So if no one sees me for awhile I'm not dead, just working and trying to get what little sleep I can.

This weekend though should be interesting. My mum and I are Chihuahua sitting for someone this weekend while they go to Vegas. She brought the two Chihauhau's over last Friday to let them check our place out and meet the cats, boy they were not happy. Even though they're all twice the size of these dogs (well, Moe is actually about five times their size) they run like chickens. I think I'm going to be sleeping with a lot of cats on my bed tomorrow night and Sunday.
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Yesterday was such a glorious day that mum and I went to the beach to have lunch. We just went on a whim to see if the beach concession was still open and was (but holy crap has beach food gotten expensive). After that we went for a walk to the dog park and duck pond. I really wish I had brought my camera, but didn't. I just thought that mum and I were just going to run a couple of errands.

Mum and I also got new cell phones because we had some credits towards a new phone. We both got an LG Rumour (she got white, I got black). It wasn't my first choice, but with our credits the phones were free and the one I originally wanted would have cost me $150 extra and I can't afford that right now. I'll miss my pink Razr, but the damn thing isn't working too well anymore. Plus I get a shiny keyboard for texting.

Tonight I had my art class and we worked with ink. I haven't worked with ink too much so it was fun. I drew a silhouette of crows in a tree and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I'll post a pic of it later, I'm just too lazy.

Pine cone

Jan. 27th, 2008 05:49 pm
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This week has been busy for me. Monday [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo and I started our French lessons and holy crap I actually get it! LOL I always had a bad experience with French in high school mainly due to my teachers being stupid and intimidating (well when you're 10 you sure feel like that). So yes, it was a lot of fun and it shall continue to be fun.

Thursday night I started my art class. It's for portfolio development and we're currently doing still life. Last class I drew a pine cone. You would think they would be easy, but they're not. :P We'll continue with pine cones next class and then go on to a bit of life drawing and then next I'm not sure what. Still I had fun and it's relaxing. For homework I have to do a portrait (woo) of someone from life. I guess that would be my mum although she's less than thrilled by the idea. :P But she's the only one I see on a regular basis that I can get this assignment done in time.

Earlier today it was sunny out and snowing, it was gorgeous and all the little birdies were out having a feed.

Thank you to everyone who replied to my last post, it made me feel a bit better. I'm still having a hard time with it, but knowing that I'm not alone makes me feel better.

I'm currently watching Ghost and hoo boy! I always forget how hot Patrick Swayze is in this (but not as hot as in Dirty Dancing *rowr*)
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My portrait, not school (damn). I've been working on it since late January and after over 40 hours of working on it I'm finished.

you can see it here )
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I went out today and did some window shopping and did end up with a very nice purchase. It's a blue lamp/lantern, like one of those Chinese paper lanterns, only it's made of this nice cloth and has moons and stars all over it. The best part? Regular price was $40 and it was 75% off! I couldn't refuse that. I've been looking for a small lamp for my room and this is perfect.

I've gotten my muse back so I'm going to work on some of my art and maybe some icons for [livejournal.com profile] spnicon100 (go sign up and make icons if you're interested).
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Oh, everyone, today was a glorious day. Today the sun was shining, the birds were having a great time, I had the sun room door open to air out things and it was glorious. Still a bit chilly out, but today was definitely spring.

And I missed a lot of it because I slept in until 3pm.

I've been in a bit of a depression lately. I think that I'm just upset with myself for putting things off. I have to get cracking on some of my artwork and looking for a new job. I also haven't been to the gym in about a week, even though I know if I go I'll feel better. I just have to get my butt in gear and I think I'll book a few days off work so I can really take a shot at it. I've got over 60 vacation hours saved up so I can some to take two or three days off to do some art and job searching.

One good thing is that I bid on a copy of the pilot script of Supernatural on ebay, but didn't win, because the winning bid was over $35. But after a couple of days after the auction ended the seller sent notice that the winning bidder couldn't pay or whatever, so they let me have it for $10! :D So now I have the shooting script of Supernatural where we first meet Sam and Dean Harrison. I'm so happy they changed their last name (no offence to anyone named Harrison). It's kinda cool reading it and seeing what they left out and kept in. My goal is to get J2 to sign it.

I finished watching season six of Gilmore Girls. Read more... )

I want to get my hair done for spring. I'm tired of the way it looks right now, it needs brightening up and a trim. Hopefully I'll be able to visit my hairdresser soon.

I'm also thinking of a new spring-ish layout. Nice bright colours and stuff. If you couldn't tell I love spring. Not too hot and not too cold. I just don't like the torrential rains we've been having.
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One of the best parts of my day was seeing [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo get attacked by pigeons. I guess when they're in a park aid they don't like to be waved at.

We also went to Wal*Mart and then after we had a nice workout at the gym. Thank you, Goo! I had a nice time.

After she dropped me off I was going to make dinner, but when I lay down on the couch I kinda fell asleep until 10. :P I guess I was more tired than I thought. The past few days have been busy.

Last night at work a friend of my co-workers came in to visit with her daughter. They were all sort of chatting away and they were talking about this book called The Secret, the friend of my co-worker had just bought the book and talking how it's been on Oprah ect. Anyway, I said to the lady that my mum has asked for this as a birthday present (her birthday is on March 9th). I continued cleaning and the woman and her daughter sat down to have their lattes and chat, we talked for a bit and I just said that I wanted to do something nice for my mum for her birthday, but probably won't have much money to do so, still I can try (and when I said it at the time I never intended what happened next). When the lady and her daughter were set to leave she comes up to the bar and hands me the book. She said that she wanted my mum to have it and to have an awesome birthday. I stood there like a moron and just stared at this lady whom I'd never met before in my life and her giving me a $30 book for my mum's birthday. When I told her I couldn't accept it she said she wouldn't have it. It took all my willpower not to cry in front of her and the other customers (well, really customer). I told my co-worker that when she saw her next to please tell her again how touched I was.

Sometimes people can just totally blind side you with a kind act. You never know what may happen.

My art course is going well, so far I'm working on an eccentric portrait. I really like doing these things because I can basically do whatever the hell I want. I'm doing some sort of wood nymph, faery, goddess person. Haven't quite decided who she is exactly. Anyway, I'm having fun painting all the leaves and stuff in her hair.

I've seen a few people remark on how Lost just isn't that great any more and I kinda agree. Goo and I were discussing this earlier, and I'm getting annoyed with it and I'm sad that it's losing what it had. I think that they've just introduced too many new characters and then killed them and then introduced more new characters. I feel as if they're at a stand still and we're not really getting any answers or learning more about the main characters that we were originally introduced too. How come Locke can walk now? How did he get in the wheelchair in the first place? What about Hurley and him being in the mental institution and then Libby being in there as well? I dunno, maybe we'll get all the answers, but I don't feel the same way about the show like I used too. I hope it picks up again. :)

Meanwhile I think Supernatural has ate my brain. I haven't felt this way about a show or fandom for a while and I'm glad I have something else to obsess over. ^_^ I love meeting new people in fandom. I've met some really sweet people over the past year from the NCIS fandom and some really sweet people from the SPN fandom as well. And of course I still am buds with a lot of the LOTR and Orlando peeps from the past few years. Fandom is love. <3333
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Today I met with my career councillor for the last time. It won't be my last time in the program, she's just leaving to bigger and better things. I'll miss her. Anyway, it really hit me today that I'm starting school again. Soon. Like in 3 weeks soon. I'm excited and nervous. I have to take high school math again, because I didn't finish it back in high school. One drawback to not liking it and having severe anxiety and depression. I hope I don't struggle with it as much as I used to. Anyway, the program I'm in right now will pay for a tutor if I need one.

I'll also be taking art to beef up my portfolio some more. I'm looking forward to that, art I don't have to think about and I can just go to class and veg.

I've been watching re-runs of The Office (US) and I really like it. Some of the stuff they have on there just cracks me up. I'm watching the ep where Michael burned his foot on his George Foreman grill. XD

There's a block party this weekend. How 1950's!!! :P It's a pot luck, so mum and I need to think of something cheap to bring. I think I'll flip through daizaliciousMiss Daisy's cookbook to see if there's anything I can make for a lot of people. Anyone have any ideas?

I made a stir fry tonight. I've never made one and it turned out really well!

I want to see Snakes on a Plane and The Illusionist this weekend, but knowing myself and my money situation I probably won't. Still, I definitely will see SOAP a.s.a.p.


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