Thank yous!

Jan. 6th, 2009 08:54 pm
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[ profile] hideincarnate and [ profile] shaibitch I got your cards today! Thank you very much (love the babies, Val :D )!

Thank you!

Dec. 31st, 2008 10:47 am
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[ profile] lostandalone22 and [ profile] saerie, I got your cards yesterday! Thank you very much! (Sorry I wasn't online at the time, F ;) )


Dec. 10th, 2008 08:26 pm
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[ profile] jenniferkaos, I got your card today. Thank you very much, hon, it's very cute! :)

Thank you!

Dec. 10th, 2008 01:54 pm
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[ profile] cenedrawood, I got your card yesterday. Thank you very much, hon, it cheered me up a lot.

Thank you!

Nov. 29th, 2008 12:10 am
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[ profile] bookwormmel, I received your card today. Thank you very much, hon! :)

I had a candy cane doughnut for desert tonight. It was yum.
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[ profile] elvensapphire, I came home to your package waiting for me yesterday! Thank you so much, lovie! Minty is on my tree and I have the bracelet on my purse for the moment. Hee! I lurves it and puppy kisses on paper. *hugs*

I just want to forget the past few days of work, because yeah... hell. Today was alright, until our closer called in sick 2 hours before her shift. She's the girl I talked about in a couple of entries down, so I was really pissed. She wasn't sick, she was just hung over because when she was working yesterday she was talking about this party she was going to after work and I'm not impressed. She said she'd definitely be in tomorrow (but I'm not working so I don't care). Bah. You don't do this, not when we are three days before Christmas and we are so. fucking. busy I want to cry. BUT I DON'T CARE BECAUSE I'M OFF WORK UNTIL THE NEW YEAR!!! MOOOAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I was going to write more, but my brain is currently failing me.
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[ profile] gremmie_goo, your card arrived although I'm not sure when because mum opened it and then kinda didn't tell me it was here, so she obviously had a plan to get me upset with you and break up our friendship. Luckily that backfired and everything is good, so thank you and The Ark.

My mum also got me new PJ's today; they're nice and warm and pink. :D My mum was also in the dollar store today getting some stuff and she saw personalized key chains, but they didn't have my name or hers, so she thought she'd get dad (his name is Dave/Fashar) one as a cheap stocking stuffer. When she got home she realized that she picked up the wrong name, so my dad will be getting a personalized key chain with the name Dana on it.

I finally got my hair cut! It was getting way to long and starting to look like The Pasdar Hair of Awesome, now it's shorter and more manageable. The only thing is that when my mum and I came home she said, "you realize we have the totally same hair cut?". Then I proceeded to sob and curse God at my fate. Ok, not really, but they are very similar cuts and I guess my hairdresser kinda goes on autopilot or something when she cuts my mum's hair and then when I said shorter she kinda did the same thing. Maybe next time I'll just get a buzz cut.

I originally rec'ed this book, Wicked Lovely, to [ profile] elvensapphire, but being the stalker she is she had read it a few days earlier and was going to rec it to me, so now I'm going to rec it to you! It's a YA novel about faeries and romance and all that. It's got a bit of a Twilight vibe, but not as emo. It's an easy read, so if you like faeries I think you'd like it.
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Hobbit! Hobbit! Hobbit! Hobbit! Hobbit! Now that I've had some hours to digest that there will indeed be a Hobbit movie (plus one more!) I am now hell bent to see Sir Ian as Gandalf again. I mean you cannot have Gandalf without Sir Ian, it's just not right. I'm sure he'll be on board since PJ and Fran are producing.

TORN also post some speculation on what the sequel could be. If so maybe we'd get to see Elijah, Billeh, Dom, Viggo and Sean again? Oh, man that would just be... GAH! Words cannot describe. OR MAYBE BABY FRODO!!! EEEEE!!!1

I have some thank you's! [ profile] daizalicious, I got your card and it's very cute! Everyone looks awesome. I hope we're able to connect soon, I miss talking with you. [ profile] jenniferkaos, thank you and for the kind words! It was very sweet of you. :)

I'm confused. It said on my guide that NCIS was new tonight, so I got all excited, but I'm watching it and it's just the repeat of the season premiere. Zuh? I guess they changed the scheduling around with the strike and stuff.

Yesterday [ profile] gremmie_goo and I went on a major shopping spree. I'm basically done with everything now, I just have to wrap it all. Now I'm feeling the aftermath of my shopping and yeah, I'm just glad I get paid Friday (because I don't like being in my overdraft). Anyway, we had fun and we're going to try and get together to see Enchanted later in the week.

When Goo dropped me home we were met by Tigger and his brother, both with bells on. We tried to find out what the brother's name was, but he moved before we could look at his tag. After Goo left and when my mum got home she said that one of them followed her down the path, so I went out to say hi and it turned out it was the brother. I managed to get his tag and found out his name is Fluffy. Yep. Fluffy. I mean you hear about cats being named fluffy in movies and stories, but to actually see a cat named Fluffy is kinda... weird. LOL The poor guy! And he isn't even fluffy; he's short haired! I'm figuring that kids named them.
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I meant to post this yesterday, but work kinda kicked my ass. [ profile] cenedrawood, I got your card, thank you very much hon! :) Thank you, [ profile] ns_tulkas for the card and stickers! They're so cute. :)

Mum and I are watching Scrooged and I've come to the conclusion that Bill Murray should win an award for just being Bill Murray.

Lost is now on Thursdays? This just throws my whole TV watching- wait, there probably won't be TV, so who the hell cares. Although I'll probably have to record it because I want to take an art class to beef up my portfolio more and it's on Thursday nights.

Work today was just... omg. It's the second to last Saturday before Christmas and yeah. So. Busy. And the best part? We had a no show today. She claimed that she read her schedule wrong and well, I dunno. She's only been on the job for two weeks and she's already missed two days of work because she didn't know she was working and has been late a few other times. Not the best way to start off and she couldn't have picked a worse day to screw up. At least we were ok when the evening crew came in.
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[ profile] idiosyncratic, I got your card today! Thank you very much, hon. It's now happily sitting on the string with the rest of the Christmas cards I've received.

Also big thank yous to [ profile] veronica28 for the Titanic DVD's! That was very sweet of you, hon and I'm very touched. :)

In other news mum and I have a new kitty. Sorta. His name is Tigger and he's just a young thing. He has a purple collar and bell and knocked over the bird bath. :P He's very friendly and I even picked him up and brought him inside where Tinkerbell decided to beat him up. I think he lives across the street a couple of houses down.

Tomorrow we get the trash and recycle picked up and I had to de-ice the recycle bucket because it gets so cold over night. I picked up a long piece of ice and then proceeded to drop it on my foot. Ice hurts! I was wearing sandals at the time so now I also have a small cut on my toe from it. Stupid ice.

No new Chuck or Heroes tonight. *sob*


Nov. 27th, 2007 03:07 pm
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[ profile] damm, I got your card today! Thank you, you're the first one to send me one. :)

Tinkerbell brought us another present today. Luckily I was able to save the birdie before it met it's maker although for awhile I was freaking out it wasn't. Poor thing was panting and then shivering and just terrified. I held it for awhile because sometimes they just need a few minutes to come around, but then I put it in the bird feeder thinking it may be playing dead because they maybe thought I was going to hurt it. After a few tears and waiting for half an hour the birdie finally flew away.

Bleh. Now I have to go get ready for work.
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I've just finished watching the GG episode of Rory and Dean's three month anniversary. I think I giggled like an idiot and then got all sad within the space of a minute. I love this show, I'm so stupid for not watching it sooner. Can someone point me to some nice GG icons? :D Since I did not get season 2 for Christmas I will be using the gift card that [ profile] gremmie_goo gave me and buy it. :D Yay for Christmas gift cards!

Speaking of cards, I would like to say thankies [ profile] daizalicious (you all look awesome), [ profile] annebloom188 (yes it arrived!) and [ profile] spell (that cracked me up) for your cards. I love them all! And [ profile] spell I will get yours out. I promise. I'm sorry it's taking so long to get my arse in gear. :P

Thank you!

Dec. 28th, 2006 03:02 pm
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[ profile] idiosyncratic, [ profile] moodybear and [ profile] tshirtgirl I got your cards today! Thank you very much, they are now with my other cards that I got this year (and last year- I still haven't taken those down LOL). ^_^ Yay for after Christmas surprises.

Now I go to work. (boo)
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I am so exhausted I'm not even kidding. Work is kicking my arse. Anyway, some quick thank you's before I go and pass out.

[ profile] bookwormell, thank you for the card. It's so cute! ^_^

[ profile] shannytook, thank you for the card, and yes, some boy on boy action... with me. *G*

Val (I seriously cannot think of your user name, but I know who you are and yeah, I suck or I need sleep. I think sleep.) [ profile] shaibitch, thank you! Winchesters falling out of my card was a nice thing to come home to tonight. :D

The reformatting of the computer went well, everything seems to be working properly now. Now the fun part! Reinstalling everything and putting the files I want back on there! When I went to import my bookmarks I nearly cried because none of my NCIS or Supernatural links showed up, but then I realized I selected the wrong file. :P

Ok, bed. Work at 7:15am. Last shopping day before Christmas Eve. I may die. Pray for me.

Thank you!

Dec. 20th, 2006 01:11 am
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[ profile] deadwillwalk, I got your card. Thank you very much!

[ profile] cenedrawood, I got the book. Thank you! I'm actually half way through Kushiel's Chosen right now, so I'll start this after.

Tonight my mommy surprised me with two Peek-a-Pooh's. I got a Tigger-Pooh and an Eeyore-Pooh. :D These things are so cute and I must have them all. :P
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I had to forgo my LJ client and see what all this fuss was about the new update page. I actually quite like it. *ducks flying objects*

I HAVE POWER! Again. Went out tonight at about 8. Seriously, BC is just getting the most fucked up weather as of late. This latest storm had hurricane force winds over on the island and tons of places here are without power.

Fuck you Global Warming. Now everyone go make nice with planet earth.

The only thing I like about the power going out is that I can do lots of capping. I got two more episodes of SPN done tonight. :D I should be doing NCIS Season 2, but I want to do SPN right now. I'm torn between fandoms.

Today I fell asleep at work. Yep. You may wonder how since I work at Starbucks, but I shall tell you. It all began at 8:15 this morning when I get to work, only to discover that the whole block's power is out. Yay. So G and I put out pastries (that's all we could do) and then just sat around. I guess I got a bit too comfy in the chairs because I nodded off. I think I had a good half hours nap and woke up at about 11:30. Then the power came back on at about 12:30 and we had to run like mad make coffee.

We were absolutely slammed today, because we were the only block within about a 5 mile radius with power and out of the 3 Starbucks in said 5 mile radius we were the only ones open. People came in and were like "COFFEE! COFFEE NOW!!!!!" o.O It's just coffee people, not cocaine. Ok, I'm sure those Colombians like to put something in there when we're not looking.

I had a really nice customer today. I was ringing in her transaction and I noticed this really pretty purple ring on her finger with a flower on it. I just commented and said "I really love your ring." and she told me that the furniture store next door was giving them away with some sort of purchase. I told her that was nice of them and took her money.

Next thing I knew she's taking off the ring and giving it to me. She's said, "Here you can have it." For real. She just took the thing off her finger and gave it to me. At first I thought it was a joke, but she was serious. I've never had a customer do that for me, it was so sweet. :)

Last night I had a really sweet dream about Jeffery Dean Morgan. I remember it so well it's freaky. I was walking somewhere and saw him at the park with his dog, I guess I recognized him and went over. We started talking and he asked me to the movies! I was so stoked. After the movies (dunno what we saw, do I care? No. LOL) he took me to dinner, or lunch. Not sure, but then after we went back to his place or mine (again not sure) and started making out. But not steamy making out, just a nice make out session that didn't lead much to anywhere. It was sweet. And I remember I kept laughing because his beard was tickling my face and he kept teasing me about it. And that's about it. I'm pretty sure it was all because I saw this picture of him posted at [ profile] jdmorgan.

[ profile] cenedrawood, [ profile] vanityfaired1 and [ profile] gremmie_goo I got your cards. Thank you very much! They're all so pretty and are now sitting happily by my big computer beside the Chirstmas tree.

Ahhh, it's nice to have heat again. *snuggles in*
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[ profile] ladynaberrie, I got your card today. Thank you very much! You are the first card I have received this season. :)

In some sad news:

George died on Friday. Shelley called and left a message on mum's cell, but mum didn't get half the message because it cut out. She called her up last night and she told us the sad news. Poor guy, he wasn't even 2, he just got very sick, very fast. Sort of like what happened with my Jackie. But it could have been a problem he had all along. He could not stop eating and he wouldn't gain any weight. I remember he sometimes bugged us for food non stop. Even after 4 bowls of dry or wet food he was still hungry. And when we visited Shelley back in October at her new place I noticed there was something 'off' about him. I just thought that it was him adjusting to the move, but I guess not.

Poor guy, it was like having a third cat all summer. He just hung out here all day and night, I was sad that he had to move, but I didn't really realize how much I loved that guy. He did have a good run, no matter how short his life was.

[ profile] gremmie_goo and I had a very nice time yesterday. We took Ken Ken to the park and then hung out here and watched A Muppets Christmas Carol. It was fun, I love that movie.

I think I'm sorting out this Usenet thing. [ profile] tshirtgirl has given awesome instructions and tips, so I'm hoping I'm doing it right. I'm currently downloading a file and I'm at 12% in only 25 minutes! It was taking me hours to get to that point with eMule or something else. I'm just not sure if I'll have to pay or not. I'm on a free trial of UseNeXT, I can't seem to get anything to download with Grabit. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I'm thinking I may bow out of the [ profile] ncis_tinsel challenge this year. I feel terrible, but I just can't seem get anything out. I have no story in mind or anything. It's so frustrating.
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[ profile] shannytook, I got your card and photos today. Thank you so so so much, really that made me smile (and cry). You didn't have to, but you did. I would totally love to be pen pals with ya. :)

Work was just non stop today. I'm so happy to be home. Now I'm just going to wrap the few presents I have for people and watch Dark Angel. Damn that show for getting me addicted all over again.

I also need a beta for an NCIS fic that I've written. It's for [ profile] ncis_tinsel and I have to post it on the 1st, so if anyone would do that for me before the 1st that would be great. It's not that long (approx. 1000 words) and is PG-13, Gibbs/DiNozzo. Thanks!

In other news: ORLANDO IS UNCUT!!!
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[ profile] atlantic_heart, I got your Christmas card today. Thank you very much, it made me smile. :)
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[ profile] elvensapphire, I got your package! Thank you so much, hon. I really wasn't expecting anything from ya, just your friendship. I love the kitty and I will listen to the CD soon. Thanks again!

[ profile] daizalicious, I got your card. Everyone looks great and I love your balls. ;) LOL I have to find my ball hat. I know it's in my room.

Work today = insanity. I mean really. Christmas + Starbucks = holy madness Batman. I think I may have a nap.


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