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Dec. 21st, 2011 07:38 pm
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LJ how do you expect me to give rage feedback about your stupidly unnecessary comment page redesign IF I CAN'T EVEN POST COMMENTS?! WTF?


IDK, everyone says they're going to move over to Dreamwidth. Things have changed on LJ over the past year or so and it's just not like what it used to be (not the actual site, but people using it ect), but I'm so confused over who posts at DW and LJ that I just don't want the hassle of having two 'full time' journals. I've been on LJ almost 10 years... holy. shit. I've invested a lot and I just can't up and leave.


Apr. 23rd, 2011 01:41 pm
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It's a gorgeous day out, nice and sunny; I don't have to go into work today; Iron Man is currently on TV; there's a new Doctor Who tonight and I get to spend the whole day inside working on my portfolio. Which actually isn't bad because I get to stare at RDJ while I work. :D

Happy Easter to everyone, I hope you have a good one. Or if you prefer: Happy Zombie Jesus weekend!
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Tennant to play Thranduil in the Hobbit?

Him as Leggy's dad? IDK how to feel about it; part of me is all 'LOLOLOLOLOLNO!' and another part of me is 'BRING IT!' The Doctor and Elves?

It's also 100% confirmed that Serena and Andy are back for the Hobbit. Yeah, if they weren't then I would be marching down to NZ and having a few words blows with PJ. Orlando's also supposedly to come back as well in a 2 minute cameo and rumour has it that they're also trying to get Dom back. And Elijah will be back as well (so I hear). Just reunite the whole cast, dammit, in one big separate movie. Have them drink tea, watch paint dry, I don't care, just make it happen!!!

Today at work I had two members from the Fringe crew come in for coffee. They were wearing Fringe Division jackets from the AU universe and I may have fangirled a lot ok, a ton a lot about this season and how much I love the show. They asked me about it moving to Fridays and how I think it'll fare, so I told them it could go either way, but that I think it could be a good move to free up more viewers for the show since 9pm on Thursdays is such a brutal timeslot. I really want one of those jackets. The dad of one of the guys I work with has a friend that is a PA on the show and gives the guy I work with props from the set, he told me he has a bunch of stuff from Walter's lab in his bedroom. I was jealous and I now plan to go break into his house and steal some stuff.
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I have finally been able to watch the first two episodes of the new Doctor Who and all I have to say is... Read more... )
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Happy Easter, everyone! Or if you don't celebrate it Happy Cute Bunny and Discount Chocolate Tomorrow Day!

The Easter Bunny was too broke to stop by my place this year, but they may make up for it in the week with discount chocolate.

I have yet to watch the new Doctor Who, but from what I see on my friends list, Eleven is awesome. I can't wait to watch him in action.

Oh, and last but certainly not least:

Now it's off to my Aunts for Easter dinner.
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Doctor Who: The End of Time (pt 1 and 2) )

New Years was kind of a wash. Mum and I were supposed to go to dinner and go see Sherlock Holmes, but mum is sick and she was too sick to go out. I was kinda bummed, but I didn't want her to go out when she was so obviously feeling horrible. We're going to go see it on Tuesday, hopefully.

Yesterday I did go see Up In The Air with my dad and a friend of the family. I really enjoyed the movie and think it's definitely one of the better ones I've seen lately. Afterwards we went to an Italian restaurant where we had some of the best pasta ever. It was delicious and I want to go back right now. Tomorrow I am going to go see Avatar with dad as well. Unfortunately he has to work tomorrow, so the showing that fits with him getting off work isn't in 3D. I want to see it in 3D, but will probably have to wait for that.

Now to make my own pasta for dinner!
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My FL has exploded over the news of the new Doctor. I'm was really surprised at the reception about the news on the communities. A lot of people are just being childish and stupid. Yes, they're welcome to their opinions, but I don't want to see their stupid graphics or stupid one line posts about how much they hate the decision. Grow up people, Tennant is leaving and you will not get him back. I don't think some people will be satisfied with anyone they cast. I knew there would be wank no matter what, but holy crap.


Having said that I am actually looking forward to Matt being the new Doctor. I don't know him or seen anything of his (like a lot of people), so I'm quite interested on how he'll be and how he'll make the Doctor 'The Doctor'. I showed mum the promo picture of him and she said 'He'll do.' :P I knew they wouldn't cast my ideal Doctor, so this is fine with me.

pictures if you haven't see him yet )
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They're cutting down trees
They're putting up reindeer
And singing songs of joy and peace
Oh I wish I had a river
I could skate away on

Again I start off another Christmas entry saying I have no idea how this happened. How this holiday, how this year has creeped up and is suddenly here. Bam. 2008 almost over and 2009 (WTF?!) is about to begin.

I don't really want to wax poetic about this past year, because right now I'm not seeing a lot of happiness. Of course there are good points and highlights, but for the most part 2008 wasn't remarkable or terribly special in any real way. I did, however get a new job, which I'm enjoying so far. I truly think if I were still at Starbucks I may not have my sanity right now. I got that bit over with my life and am very happy for it.

My one wish, truly, is for my mum to get the help she needs. She's suffering mentally and physically and there's nothing I can do. I hate having to watch her being so miserable. I'm tired of trying to push and prod her to get things done, I want her to take hold of her life, to stop mentally beating herself down. I just want peace. Peace of mind and stability. I hope 2009 will bring some of that for her and for us. I want to stop hurting, too and having to worry about issues that should be my parents responsibility and not mine.

What I do know and this is a one constant, is all of you, my friends, here on LJ and in RL. I am always amazed at the love and support that people provide me and each other. Even if we may have drifted apart and may not talk as much as we used too or have grown closer, I love you all. There are a lot of hard things that we have to put up with on a day to day basis and sometimes it's remarkable how we come through with our sanity intact. I guess that's one of the blessings and curses of LJ. Ah, it's an escape and when we need it it's always there for us.

I wish I could give you all that you deserve and want, if I had that in my power to do so I would in a nano second. Sadly it is not, so all I can offer up is my hugs, love, prayers, and my very best wishes for this holiday season and the new year.

Again this Christmas won't be all that flashy and filled with presents, but it'll still be nice. It's more than the material gain. I really don't need much anyway, I have enough anyway. Although a nice vacation would be nice. :P

Even if you skip all the stuff I wrote above, please have a safe and Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice (although I'm a tad late on that one), Kwanzaa or whatever you may or may not celebrate. All my love to you all.

6th Christmas using this banner, still love it!

BTW, do any Canadians know when/if the Doctor Who Christmas special will be airing here?
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New Layout! [livejournal.com profile] leggyslove

I will miss my Dean one, but I felt the pull and needed a change and most said to do a Doctor Who layout. Still a couple tweaks I have to do, but other than that I'm satisfied with the result.

I feel like Rose in my mood icon.
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Mum and I are not doing so well. I don't know what it is but we are both feeling like we've been run over by multiple trucks and buses. I had a four hour nap and feel even worse than before. Yay! Looks like it'll be lots of OJ and vitamin C for me.

Also, where is a good place to get hi-res Doctor Who pics? I can't remember if I've asked this before or not. Thankies. [eta] I think I did, cuz I have a site bookmarked with a lot of good quality pics, just ignore the first sentence.
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Please spam me with your favourite Ten (any season), Rose and Ten/Rose pics. This is for research purposes.

Kthnx. :D


Oct. 31st, 2008 02:03 pm
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Dudes, it totally hit me last night that Dom and/or Billy should be the Eleventh Doctor. Srsly. How awesome would that be? When Ten regenerates he can regenerate into two and we could have the pair.

God, I'm brilliant. ;)


But really I think it would be cool to see one of them in the roll. It would be hilarious.
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Looks like it is official that David Tennant will be leaving Doctor Who at the end of the specials. Yes I'm sad to see him leave, especially since I'm still so new to the show/fandom, but we all kinda all knew this. I just wish he could have done one more series. Ah, well, best of luck to him and he definitely will be in my top Doctors.

There is one small hope.... the original source took down the article, so maybe they made a boo boo.

[eta] Damn, David just announced it himself... now I'm really bummed. :(


Aug. 8th, 2008 04:12 pm
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Our landlord is here ripping up our bathroom floor because there's water leaking from somewhere. He's been here for about 5 hours now and all I want to do is hide in the living room. So much for getting stuff done today. :( I'm watching the opening ceremonies from Beijing and thinking Vancouver's ass has been kicked and our Olympics are still 2 years away. :P

Mum's in bad shape today, she had her first physio appointment yesterday and now her knee is just killing her, so she's currently in a nice drug induced state on my bed. The bathroom's right next to her room, but she doesn't want to next to all the noise.

I've finished season 2 of Torchwood and cried. :( And now I'm about a third through Doctor Who season 4. a;lsdkjf;alsdkjf Mum and I watched Forest of the Dead last night. Gah! So good and so confusing.

In a little less than 48 hours I will be here. *falls over* See that deck? That's where my ass is going to planted for three days. :P

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Finished watching season three of Doctor Who. a;lksdjfa;leirufa;ldskfj as;dlfkja My question for DW/TW people is should I watch season two of TW before watching season four of DW? Or doesn't it matter?

[eta] Thankies! Going to watch TW season 2 now. :)

Mum had her surgery yesterday and she's doing really well. She was all wobbly yesterday and high as a kite, but today she's really good. She's getting around well and isn't in a whole lot of pain. I'm glad it's said and done with, she deserves to to be without this excruciating pain 24/7.

I am now officially off work until the 18th. \o/ So happy to get away from there.
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It looks as if Doctor Who/Torchwood have firmly decided to take over my life. For all you Who/Torchwood people, could you point me in the direction any good sites/communities? Also hi-res pictures/screen caps? Thank you. Mum (she's loving this almost as much as I am) and I are almost half way through season three now. I like Martha, but not as much as Rose or Donna. Donna cracked me up and well, Rose was just awesome. Dad had to go to Seattle last week and I gave him a certificate to Best Buy that was in American dollars and he picked up season one of Torchwood for me. ^__^

My mum's knee surgery got pushed up because there was a cancellation, so she's going in on Wednesday. She had to go into her doctor today for the mandatory two week check-up and he says her blood pressure is sky high. Two weeks ago it was pretty normal, so she's obviously nervous. I am too a bit, but it's a pretty non invasive surgery and she goes home the same day.

After Thursday I am off until August 18th. I am so frakking excited you have no idea.

I HAS A TARDIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, well, not really the Tardis, but my own version. The other day mum and I went to Home Sense and we were poking around and then she saw this. She told me she was afraid to show it to me because she know I would fall in love with it the second I saw, and I did. :D Mum says she doesn't care that' it's not the same thing, we're calling it the Tardis anyway.

A few weeks ago mum and I invested in a small BBQ and we've been using it practically every night since we got it. We're just in love. We've been grilling everything. Last week we found a pizza pan that can go on the grill and have BBQ pizza, so tonight that's what we're going to try out. We've got the dough and the sauce and cheese ect. and yeah. I'm excited. I honestly haven't had home made pizza in years.

Please note my enthusiasm:

A couple of nights ago mum and I made a salmon dinner with grilled zucchini and linguine. It was so good and I had to take piccies, a la [livejournal.com profile] daizalicious and her Boriqua Blog. Read more... )

I got my hair cut today and feel so much better. It was just getting way to shaggy for me and nothing I did made me happy.

The raccoon families have been around on a daily basis. The babies are still so cute and I want to hug one. Moe scared one last night, the poor thing didn't know what to do. Mama raccoon just sat there and did nothing. :P

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I just finished watching season two of Doctor Who. *bawls into tissue*

My mum's really into the show as well. ^__^


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