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All my final grades are in... 3.84 GPA and will be making the Dean's List for a second time. Who know I would fail hard in high school but do so well in university? Out of my eight classes I got five A's, so I am really quite pleased with myself considering how intense this program really is. I never thought I'd be doing this well in university. Now lets see if I can keep it up for the rest of the year.

It's also perfect that the class I skipped the most I got the overall highest grade in. XD Figures.
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I'm officially on my winter break! I don't have to go back until January 9th! I can sleep, watch tv, sleep, sleep, and then maybe sleep! It's awesome. This weekend was basically me catching up on said sleep. Yesterday I woke up at around 1pm and then I fell asleep on the couch at 3:30pm for an hour and was late for my volunteering. I'm not tired or anything.

Today I volunteered for pet photos with Santa today at Petsmart; I was the photographer and got to use my new camera from school. I got an A- in my photography class this semester, so I put it to good use. This was the last day of the event (it's been going on every weekend this month) and we've raised so much money for VOKRA. We really need all the donations we can get because our vet bills are crazy high. It was mostly dogs and a couple of cats that came into the store for a photo but we did have one bearded dragon! I've never photographed a bearded dragon before, so it was interesting. Her name was Sheila and she was very nice, I got to pat her and she seemed really at ease with everyone.

a couple of pics of my final projects if anyone wants to look )
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I have five days of school left. In the past two weeks alone I have had eight final projects due and this last week I have three. I can tell you that it hasn't been easy, but I'm happy I can see an end to it all. I haven't had any time to really get into Christmas, so I feel a bit detached from it all. Hopefully that'll change at the end of the week. Also based on all my marks I've gotten for projects I doubt I'll pull anything lower than a B in all my classes. I'm not too horribly concerned about grades and such because once I grad in 2014 the overall grades won't matter too too much, but it's still nice to keep them high for scholarships considerations.

Having all this school work means that I've fallen behind on some TV, but I've managed to catch up on a couple of things.

The Walking Dead )

Supernatural )
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Every year I get more and more creeped out about Black Friday. Just hearing what people go through just to get stuff. C'mon, pepper spray? Really? The level of materialistic obsession and selfishness is getting just out of control. I know black Friday is supposed to fun and have that sense of the mad dash to get something for a loved one, but I think it's getting a bit out of control.

[/sits back down on soapbox]

I hope my American friends had a good Thanksgiving. :)

School is just so fucking crazy right now that it's incredible. I have about three weeks of classes left and we still have several projects left to do PER CLASS (I'm taking eight right now), plus forour final projects. Luckily I just started on the final project for my Drawing for Illustration class, but it's gonna take a lot of time. So if no one sees me for awhile I'm not dead, just working and trying to get what little sleep I can.

This weekend though should be interesting. My mum and I are Chihuahua sitting for someone this weekend while they go to Vegas. She brought the two Chihauhau's over last Friday to let them check our place out and meet the cats, boy they were not happy. Even though they're all twice the size of these dogs (well, Moe is actually about five times their size) they run like chickens. I think I'm going to be sleeping with a lot of cats on my bed tomorrow night and Sunday.
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The first few days of uni have been good! The first day was pretty much orientation for both the university in general and then the program I'm in. Oh and I also got about $3,000 worth of art supplies and a brand spanking new Nikon D3000 SLR camera, with two lenses. It was like freaking Christmas! The paints, pens, papers we got were so awesome. I know that this is all paid for by my tuition, but still it's fun to get stuff. I also got a good desk. We all had to draw out of a hat for assigned seating and the desk I initial got was crap (right in the middle of the room). I overheard one of the guys say how he didn't like his since it was in the back corner so I asked if he wanted to switch and he did! I'm so happy because I'm right beside a window I can open/close whenever I want. That was the biggest thing I was worried about when I thought about it. Kinda silly I know, but still I want to be comfortable. I am in the back corner near the sink, but still surrounded by people. The guy who faces in front of me (two desks face each other) is the clone of Andy (Gabriel Tigerman) from Supernatural. I shit you not, I had to do a double take when I first saw him, it was so freaky. There's also a guy from just north of London in my class and fuck I am in trouble. Any accent from the UK does me in no matter what. What's worse is that he has long dark curly hair and wears jeans and flip flops. KILL ME NOW.

Part of the course requirement is a communications course, so we had that yesterday morning. We went over the syllabus for the year and looking at it as a whole it made me freak out a bit, but luckily the longest paper I have to write will only be 750 words. Then I had illustration and then today was art history which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought. The teacher I have is awesome and a really nice guy. It's a very condensed art history so we've just skipped everything until the Renaissance. We have to replicate a Renaissance painting, which I started today. We don't have to do the whole thing, just need to do a small section of it and then use the techniques that the painters back then used. I picked 'Spring' by Botticelli (if anyone knows that painting you know how detailed it is).

So far I've met all but 2 of my teachers. Everyone seems really nice and I actually had one last summer so I already know him well and know what he's like, so it's kind of a relief. There's also 4 others in my class from the class I took last summer, so I at least knew some people going in. It's kind of a relief that I wasn't going in blind. There's 30 of us in total and I've already gotten to know some of the others a bit. There's a couple of girls who are totally into X-Men, Marvel in general, Doctor Who, Iron Man, Walking Dead and more, so I am with my people. XD

I started decorating my desk area today since I’ll be sitting in the same spot until May. I think fate put me there for the sole reason to have an awesome excuse to put up Fassbender!Magneto (I would have done it anyway, ngl). The words ‘sweet metal’ were already written on the pillar there by a previous student, so I thought I’d make the best of it. I also had to put some inspirational ‘quotes’ up as well. AND OF COURSE I TOOK PICTURES BECAUSE I AM CRAZY AWESOME.

Next to be put up: Iron Man (RDJ like a boss), Sherlock Holmes (again RDJ like a boss), Doctor Who and maybe some Sailor Moon.

I think I'll be okay, although I am feeling that things will get more intense. Already I have three projects assigned (but thankfully they're not due for weeks, so I have time) and one illustration assignment due next week.

Tomorrow I have to go and buy a bunch of stuff including a new cell phone. I haven't had a cell phone in almost 2 years and haven't had too many occasions where I would really benefit from one, but these past few days I've been wishing I had a phone at least 3-4 times a day. I'm just going with a pay as you go plan since I can't afford contract/expensive plans. I'm also buying a net book because it will save me a shit load of time and be so helpful. There's 30 of us and only 7 computers in the classroom, so we're all fighting over one or another and pressed for time. Some have been bringing their laptops in, but the one I have is over 18 inches wide and just so heavy and takes up space. A net book would work wonderfully on my desk and I can do all my research from there and just type up all my communication assignments right in class rather than writing them out by and and then typing them up to submit to the teacher online.
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[livejournal.com profile] boromirslover and [livejournal.com profile] elvensapphire, thank you for the kisses!!!

Also hello to all new friends from the [livejournal.com profile] ontdfassbender friending meme!

I am finally better. Last week I was so, so sick; I'm not sure if I had the flu or a cold or something, but I was knocked on my ass for a good 4 days. Of course I get sick the week that I return to work after almost 2 months and I had to call in sick for two shifts. Yay for never ending things of stress.

This morning I got an email from StudentAid and they have approved my loan! I wasn't really worried they wouldn't, but it's nice to have that taken care of. Today is the beginnings of the debt that I shall never be rid of in my lifetime or at least not until I'm 90, whichever comes first.

TORN has some pictures of the dwarves posted from The Hobbit. So far I am loving them and pleasantly surprised; I was wondering if they'd do them all a bit like Gimli, but so far they all have their distinct look and personality. I'm of course waiting to see what Dean O'Gorman and Aidan Turner looks like as Fili and Kili, I always loved those two in the books. OMG I AM GETTING EXCITED AND WE STILL HAVE A YEAR AND A HALF TO GO!!! ;____;

Other than that nothing much else has been going on. I've become obsessed with Michael Fassbender and thus I am trolling around Tumblr reblogging anything and everything.
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Going through the process of filling out student loan applications and looking at student lines of credit. I'm confused. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST GIVE ME THE MONIES? ;__; I do know one thing, I'm going to be in debt up to my eyeballs after I graduate.

I haven't really felt like updating too much as of late. I've just been getting things organized for school and information and more information and some more information. At least I have a lot of time to do that because I have been off work since May 20th because my back went out AGAIN! Two shifts back at work and everything just went to hell and I practically had to start back from square one. I was in so much pain, but thankfully it wasn't as painful as the first go around (thank you powers that be). I'm now off work until at least the end of June or I may not even go back to work since I will be quitting in August anyway. All my claims and stuff for the injury has been put into the government but they're taking their sweet time to process it (as usual). I hope the make a decision soon because I now have less than $4 in my bank account and that's it. Food is nice and so is paying rent.

I've been meaning to do a picspam of when my mum and I took care of Bianca (we call her Bonka) a couple of weeks ago. Our landlord came by a couple of days ago and he has to leave again on the 18th of June until July 2nd so we get to Bonka sit again. I've forgotten how much I like having a dog, but the full time work of it is a lot. I'm going to stick with cats for the next while.

Does anyone watch the show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic? *hears crickets* I've kind of gotten addicted to it and cannot stop watching episodes on Youtube. When I kept on watching it mum said that she was worried about me. :P Although it is kind of cool to watch because last summer as part of my Foundations in Illustration and Design course we took a tour of the studio that animates the show here in Vancouver. I got a bit of a sneak peak last year and to see it all come together is pretty neat.

Vancouver has become a complete hockey city, it's so unreal seeing the crows during the games and just everyday people wearing their shirts or jerseys. So many cars have the flags on them and stickers, it's awesome. Everyone seems to be having a great time and just partying. My dad doesn't enjoy working too much on game days since he's a bus driver and has to drive down town and contend with a hundred thousand people or more. At least there's only (maybe) 4 games left so he can relax afterwards. I fully believe that we can beat Boston and win the cup.


May. 19th, 2011 05:26 pm
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I heard back from the university.

They don't have enough spots so I am on the wait list. If someone drops out before the course begins in September then they may give me a call and offer me a spot. I could get that call tomorrow or I could get that call September 1st or any time in between. If I don't hear from them by the time the programs starts then I am not in.

I honestly don't know how to feel. Part of me is happy that it is isn't a solid 'no'. Part of me is being optimistic about still having a chance. Part of me is really angry that I have to put my life on pause for 3 months or more concerning school or finding another job. Part of me feels like I've failed. Part of me feels like I have succeeded. Part of me wants to crawl into bed and never come out.
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I had all my testing and interviewing this morning for school. Part of the testing was a creative test and on one part of that I somehow got the idea to draw tribbles. Yes, tribbles from Star Trek. I hope the co-ordinators that see it are nerds.

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Not many spoilers )

NEW LAYOUT: [livejournal.com profile] leggyslove

Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll; Tangled won, but I could not for the life of me get anything I made to my liking. I was creatively stumped and thought that the least I did the better I would feel and it worked. I love Stardust and thought that would be a nice theme.

Tomorrow is my interview, drawing test, creativity test and communications test at the university tomorrow. They may as well just take some blood and hair samples to test my DNA to make sure I'm really me after everything. Either way I'm not really worried, I'll just do my best and that'll have to suffice.

My back is slowly getting better. I had a physio appointment today and she's really pleased with my progress. I'm starting to walk without a cane now and am able to do some things on my own. I made dinner last night without any help and also was able to pick up Moe (if cats were sumo wrestlers he'd be one). My boss has me scheduled for a shift on the 18th, so we'll see how that goes and if it goes well then I can get back to work on a more regular basis. Which is good because mum and I don't want to go begging on the streets. Mum said that I should rent out my uterus to a gay couple and make $100,000. XD
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I just got a call from the university, my portfolio passed the first round and now I'm scheduled for a whole bunch of testing, interviewing and nail biting. I go in Tuesday morning and if all goes well with that then I'm in the program.
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I initially wasn't too hyped about the royal wedding today and was getting a bit tired of all the constant coverage about the preparations for the actual day, but I gotta say that I thought it was really nice. I think Kate looked stunning in her dress and really do wish them well. Part of my inner child was thinking about how fun it would be to marry a prince and have a grand wedding like that, but then again I wouldn't want 2 billion people watch me and rip me apart in the media for whatever reason. It was nice to see so many people just out celebrating and have a good time. Regardless of the reason I think the world needs more of that; people coming together and having fun. It was a bit nice for a change rather than hearing about countries at war, politics and all that.

Thank you to everyone who commented about my back the other day. I really fucked it up this time and after I took my portfolio to the university (actually mum took it in for me since I was in no condition to do anything, i.e. walk) I went to a clinic where I got a prescription for some nice pain meds (regular over the counter muscle relaxants and Tylenol wasn't doing a thing) and a physiotherapy referral. Mum took me to the physio clinic last night and I was a complete pretzel when I walked in (seriously I was hunched over and shaped like an S). Luckily my physiotherapist was really nice and managed to straighten my spine a bit and give me a massage to help relax the muscles. I'm also not allowed to work for the next week and after that I don't know. I'm still in really bad shape, but I have 2 more physio appointments next week to help things along. Today I was able to grab an orange from the fridge without screaming! :D

small comment about tonight's SPN, Mommy Dearest )

As I mentioned I turned in my portfolio yesterday to get into the IDEA program. I have to beat out over 100 (or a lot more, IDK) applicants for one of the 30 spots in the program. The turning in of the portfolio isn't enough, they still have to review it and if they like what they see they then call me in for an interview and testing. I'm pretty confident that I'll get to the second round, but it's the final round that I'm kinda nervous about. Regardless if whatever happens I won't find out for another three weeks.


Apr. 27th, 2011 09:18 pm
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I'm in absolute agony with my back. This is the worst its been in years and I can barely walk, move or do anything for that matter. The best part? My portfolio is due tomorrow and this has slowed me down so much trying to assemble everything and look good. I'm probably going to the clinic tomorrow or something after dropping off my portfolio. I just hope it doesn't cost me too much time from work because I can't afford it.

I will gladly take back rubs and cookies.

An in other news, I have jumped on the bandwagon and am now reading A Game of Thrones. Haven't seen the show yet, don't know when that'll happen.
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Today I went to register at the university for readmission. I had to before the 31st for the fall term, so now I can work on assembling my portfolio. I have to hand it in at the end of April, so I'm ok time wise, but I am already having nightmares about it all. The other night I had a dream that I submitted my old portfolio for some reason and after realizing this I had to search for it in my old elementary school (???). I don't know how it turned out, but I doubt that something like that will happen. I also have to get two letters of reference for my application and I've never had to do that before so I am a bit nervous about it. I don't really know who to ask; the list gave an example of using a teach or mentor, but I don't really have that. The teachers I had over the summer program also teach in the 3 year program that this is all for, so I don't know if they're even allowed to write a letter of reference. I'll have to think hard *sits on log like Pooh Bear*.

I have also fallen in love with the movie Tangled. I think that this is now in my top five fave Disney movies (excluding Pixar). I knew it would be enjoyable but I had no idea I'd love it so much. I want to be a long lost princess and find a hunky guy to marry. DISNEY, WHY YOU MAKE RL SEEM SO HORRIBLE IN COMPARISON?

Last night I finished reading The Hunger Games. I was hesitant to pick it up at first because all the YA stuff out there right now is just vampires and werewolves, but this was surprisingly refreshing. I enjoyed the darker edge to it and the heroine not all love struck and fawning over some guy where she can't have a relationship with. I think I may start reading the next book tonight.


May. 22nd, 2008 04:59 pm
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I didn't get in.


May. 20th, 2008 12:07 am
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NEW LAYOUT! I'll miss my Leggy and Aragorn, but I needed something brighter for spring/summer. I knew it would be Dean for my next layout, but I guess the season finale of SPN just made me jump into gear with getting it done. *pats him on the head* And of course I now have Burger!Dean as my default icon. :D

Yesterday my mum and I went out and did a little shopping. It was nice because we hardly do stuff like that anymore. Anyway, I got a new purse (and 60% off to boot!) because the one I'm using is starting to fall apart. I also found these awesome sandals/flip flops at Claire's and I got the last pair in my size! And to make things even better when the girl rang them up they charged me the US price and not the Canadian! I definitely will not say no to that.

Tomorrow the send out the letters to let people know who got into the IDEA program or not, so I should be getting mine hopefully sometime this week. I'm getting really nervous about it, but I still have a good feeling.


May. 15th, 2008 05:10 pm
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I just got this email about the IDEA program I applied to:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we are still evaluating all the interview and test results. We should have everything finalised by Tuesday May 20 and will be notifying all candidates by mail. You should receive your results by May 23rd, depending on mail service.

Good luck, and enjoy the May long weekend!

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Today I had my interview at the college university for the IDEA program.

Overall it was about three hours long; there were about thirty of us and they split us into groups and we had to do a written English test and a drawing test. There was also a one on two interview and I think I did alright. They were pretty standard questions like, 'why do you want to do this program', 'what art training have you had', that kind of stuff.

Now it's the waiting game to see if I got in or not. I think I'm up against about 50-60 people, so here's hoping!


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