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I had a dream last night where I was Castiel and he was trying to get into Deans' pants; only thing I wasn't Mish!Castiel but Cas in a woman's body. I'm all confused about how to feel about this. XD I'd welcome a dream of regular Cas and Dean together, but since I/Cas was in a woman's body I don't know if I should feel jealous or something else.

Dear Brain, stop confusing me and just send me nice straightforward porn I can behind. (pun intended)
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Pic from Misha's twitter:

Jensen sure loves his minibikes. :P
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Jensen and Danneel got married today! She looks gorgeous and he looks... well lets just say I wouldn't be ashamed of myself for running down the aisle and taking him right there in front of everyone.

While there is a part of me that is insanely jealous, I honestly am very happy for them and I wish them nothing but the best and I hope they have a happy life together. ♥ ♥ ♥

I hate her.

Nov. 8th, 2009 09:38 pm
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Apparently Jensen and Danneel are engaged.

If that's the case then congrats to them, I hope they're happy. [eta] it's confirmed, Danneel posted it on her twitter.

Although Jensen an I will always have that steamy affair every summer by the sea in our summer cabin. *shifty eyes*
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[livejournal.com profile] farahdoodles, I feel as if I owe you an apology... you see, I kinda feel like I've cheated on you. With Jared.

Last night I had a dream that you and I went to a con and for some odd reason (this was apparently a small con) the boys came out to mill around the crowd and talk to some people. I guess Jared remembered me from Van Con or something, so he totally hung around me and was being a sweety. Then I asked if I could get a picture with him and you were there taking them of him and me while he was goofing off and hugging me. Then he left and you hadn't really even talked to him or was able to get a picture with him or anything. It was like I was buds with him and didn't even bother to introduce you or anything. I'll try to tell my dream!me to be more considerate next time. Where the hell Jensen went I don't know, I'm kinda angry at him for not being there.

In other news: I believe that I am now FlashForward's bitch.

That's all.
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The first day of my very first convention. I got there at around 11:30 and got in line for registration, it was long, but really I didn't have to wait forever. I got my tickets in plenty of time to make it the first panel, Gabriel Tigerman (Andy). He was awesome, he talked about how he is writing a screenplay with his wife and the differences between that and writing with one of his friends. Great guy and when I got his autograph he asked if there was anything in particular I wanted written on the poster, unfortunately I didn't so he just wrote Sorry I'm dead. X_X.

After Gabriel they had the Ladies of SPN, Alona Tal (Jo), Julie McNiven (Anna) and Traci Dinwiddie (Pamela) on stage. They were all so awesome and Julie of course got asked what it was like to do 'that scene' with Jensen in the back of the Impala. She said that it was nice, but also went into how technical it all was and how Jensen made her feel safe. Alona also poked fun at the 'Titanic' hand on the window and the two of them put their hands up to mimic it sliding down the window. Alona also said that she just randomly goes around and does that on windows. :P Traci is awesome, she is single and wants everyone to know. She talked about how it was to play Pamela after how she was blinded and her process for that. She also said that Anna wouldn't stop laughing at her when she saw her with her eye's all burned out for the first time. Alona got asked a question, 'if you were in a plane crash and there was only a two person life raft and you were in it and could only take one person, who would it be? Jensen, Jared, Sam or Jim?' after that question Alona said 'Why do you all hate me?', she was joking of course, but her character did get a lot of flack and I think she was disappointed at the fans reaction to Jo. Or maybe not, I don't know. Anyway, she picked Sam (Ellen) because she said that she was her 'mommy'. Awww.

When their panel ended I broke down and bought a Julie and Traci autograph ticket. They both weren't included in the package I got and after their panel I was like 'I so want them to sign my poster', so Traci was the first to sign my poster. I told her I wish Pam didn't have to die and she said to get everyone to put the word out to get her character back or her back on the show one way or the other. After she signed my poster she told me not to roll it right away because the ink could smudge, 'I'll teach you how it's done' is what she said. Very sweet and she was very nice. After Traci I got Julie's signature and I told her I was looking forward to the new season ect. She was very nice and down to earth.

Then came Alona, Aldis and Gabriel's autograph session (Aldis had to sign the day before his panel). Alona called me a sweetheart, Aldis is much more gorgeous in person and Gabriel is just all around awesome. My previous post with a couple of panel pics.

The close up of Alona is when she was signing one of the banners hanging from the stage. Creation auctioned them all off for charity with everyone's signature.

Also, just a note on all the pics posted in here, please don't hotlink and I tagged some of them because I am paranoid because my Elijah Wood photos were 'stolen' when I met him years ago, so yeah. Tag. If anyone wants to repost or use for anything you are more than welcome. :)

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Go me. I slept through my alarm and didn't wake up until almost 10am causing me to miss Aldis' panel all together. I did catch the last bit of Jake Abel's panel though. He seemed really sweet and is a lot hotter in person than he is on screen. After that I just puddered around waiting for the Ghostfacers panel. I caught a little bit of the Steve Carlson panel, he talked about how he and Jensen became friends and his music ect. After Steve it was AJ and Travis' time to come on stage. Those guys really are a riot and they kept going between their characters and themselves. Travis kept crossing his arms and causing his shirt to muffle the mic, so AJ made fun and started rubbing his mic all over his body. Crazy guys. They were awesome and after their panel I had to go and get myself a Ghostfacers t-shirt. It even glows in the dark. \o/

Then of course after Travis and AJ was Misha's panel. Misha was a 'rebel' and got Creation to ditch the 'pre screened' questions and got people to come up to the side of the stage and ask their questions. He was hilarious and just had the greatest come backs to questions. One question was regarding Castiel's wardrobe and if he could change it what what he change it too. His answer: 'A sarong'. Nutter. :P He also poked fun at this one girl who had asked the 'Alona the plane crash question' when she asked him if he were horribly disfigured in an accident and lost both his legs what would he do? He totally didn't really know what to say, then when she said she had asked the Alona question he said 'then don't ask them!'. He was joking (I think), but during my autograph question I overheard him talking to the girl two spots down from him and he said that he actually made her cry. I don't know if he was referring to that girl or not, but yeah, I was kinda surprised. Misha has a dry and sarcastic sense of humour and yeah, he was just kidding around and having fun. I guess some people just can't get that, but in their defence you are up in front of a an actor from one of your favourite TV shows and a room full of about a thousand people. I'd probably cry too. :P

When he was done his panel it was photo op time. I made my way up there and was thankfully relatively close to the front of the line. I didn't have to wait too horribly long. When I got in the room of the photo ops he was making faces and other things that people have requested of him. When it was my turn I basically said hi, thanks for being there, took the picture and left. Probably lasted less than 30 seconds, but I TOUCHED HIM!!!! :P When it was autograph time and it was my turn he asked where I was from and I said I was a born and bred Vancouverite and he said that I was a rare breed indeed. D'aww. He smiled at me and then I went on my way.

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The day that everyone was looking forward too. Jensen and Jared on stage, in person. I wrote most of my J2 experience out in this post, not going to rewrite it here Jensen came out first because Jared was still doing his solo photo ops. He just seemed like this total down to earth guy and looked pretty relaxed and happy to be on stage. One of the questions was who does he want to work with and his answer was that he wanted to work with this actress Daneel Harris. I thought that was sweet. She was in the audience and was he totally embarrassed her. :P He also stopped between questions and said 'Holy flashing cameras! Really? I mean honestly. You're going to run out of memory space!'. Then a lady in the front row said she had a 16 gig memory card and Jensen was just like '16 gigs?!?!', then turns to one of his friends/co-workers and asks him how much space he has on his camera and he said 12. Jensen laughs and goes back to the lady saying that he only has 12 and he takes pictures for a living! Then he said she had fired off like 19 photos of him in like 2 seconds. Ahh, Jensen you sexy mother fucker, I love ya. He then goes to talk about his golf game and answers questions about 'what is his favourite Dean death ect.' (he doesn't even remember how many times he's died and how, it was quite cute), did he wish that the youngest Winchester didn't have to die (he thought they meant Sam at first). He said that there should be more Winchester's on the show, even twins or a sister. He also said (and I quote) 'Women don't last long on our show', no shit. LOL

After a couple more questions Jared then pokes his head out from the curtain and comes on stage. Jensen asks if he should leave and of course everyone started yelling no!! Then Jared comments on the new format of Q&A and how Creation is 'pre screening' everything, so we yell out that Misha had people ask questions and Jared said that they should do the same. Jensen said that Misha is a whore. <333 So they go around with the mic and people ask their stuff (like have they picked up any Canadian habits, who benchpresses more, the pranks on set, is Jensen doing Captain America - no, he is not - and so on). Near the end there was a questions some idiot asked Jared about his support for PETA. The second she said PETA you knew it was going to be bad, even Jared had a very reserved look on his face and Jensen made a crack about how pita's are great with hummus ect. The question was if Jared knew that they euthanize 97% of their animals in their care and everyone started boo'ing and telling her to shut up. Jared quickly went to the next question, but then backtracked and said that PETA can mean different things to different people and how they bring awareness to support shelters ect. He did a very good job of it and didn't have to answer, but he did and you could tell that he does love his animals. Then the last question was asked and they had to leave *pouts* and it was autograph time (I posted more about that in the link above).

So the Jared and Jensen part of the weekend was over, now it was time for Jim Beaver. But before Jim we had the Trickster on stage, Richard Speight, Jr. He is awesome and hilarous and also took live Q&A from people. He was asked about the story of meeting Jared's dogs for the first time and that was funny, but what was funnier is that Jensen and Jared were still signing stuff while he was on stage and then Richard said that he didn't think he's ever told Jared that before. Well now he has. LOL

When Richard left we got Jim a short while later. He came out dressed in a trench coat and tie and then after some kidding around he took it off, every one cheered and he was wearing a shirt with 'That's as far as it'll get' written in Greek on it. Very funny. He talked about his daughter, his acting career, hitted on this Italian girl at the mic and toally embarassed her, but he did apologize for it. He did say that he was offered to be a regular on the show, but turned it down because it would mean being away from his family more and having to relocate to Vancouver. He didn't want to uproot his daugher from her life from LA. So he's still going to be a recurring guest star. He talked about his being coy and powertripping all the fans about Bobby's fate from the last season. Someone asked if he hangs out with Jensen and Jared when not filming and he said 'not really' he explained that the guys work incredibly long hours most days of the week and that when they do get days off all they want to do is just chill and relax. Totally understandable.

Like I said in my previous post after Jim left he started signing, but after almost 2 hours they were on the 3rd row. I couldn't wait that long because I had to take the bus home and he wouldn't have gotten to my rown until around midnight. Seriously. He posted on his twitter that he signed for 6 hours and 40 minutes. That is really sweet of him. He of course didn't have to do it for that long, hell Jensen and Jared were done in about 2 hours, but he did and really wanted to connect with the fans. Jim, you rock!

I went and got my J&J photo op and then left to come home, utterly exhausted, but happy as a clam.

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So. Vancouver Con is over and I am frakking exhausted, but still so excited. Today was... guh. Too surreal for words. Those two are just amazing. They are sweet, funny, down to earth and just awesome all round. Even though I've personally spent maybe less than a minute and a half with them it's something I'll always remember.

I'm too exhausted to go into any great detail about the panels, except that Jensen said (and I quote) Misha is a whore. Oh, yeah. ;) Here are a couple of pics of the guys during their panels (Jared's solo panel had to get cut because of the time shortage, but we got both of them together, so that's awesome). Click for bigger:

I unfortunately didn't get a chance to get Jim Beaver's autograph because the line was just going so slowly (seriously, they were on the 3rd row and it had already been almost 2 hours. If it went the way it was I wouldn't have gotten up until... well now. o.O) and I was just too exhausted. Yeah, I'm a bit bummed that I missed out on Bobby, but watching his panel and his awesomeness (Jim totally flirted with this Italian girl and it was hilarious. He made fun of himself and saying that 'this was the line', steps over it, then says 'this is where it's going' pointing to the other side of the stage) was good enough. He came out dressed as Castiel saying that this is how to dress to pick up women. :P

One thing I will say, is that during my photo op with the guys I was a nervous wreck, but I got to say what I wanted to say. Thank you. I stood before them and just said thank you for everything they did and the crew and everything. The were honestly very touched and very sweet. Jensen looked me right in the eyes (oh, my god his eyes are so effing gorgeous in person, I cannot even begin) and he gave me this nice genuine smile. Jared just had this smile on his face and said thank you. Then I got between the two of them, yes BETWEEN the two of them, took the picture and as I looked back to say thanks again Jared winked at me. A;LDSKFJA; SCV A;SLFRJA;DLCVJ CVX He smiled and winked at me. I just left with this shit eating grin on my face, shaking and just totally... I cannot even describe. I didn't cry! Yay! I didn't want to repeat my sobbing incident in front of Elijah Wood episode. :P

After the photo op I called [livejournal.com profile] farahdoodles because my phone was dying and I promised to text her when I was done with them.... well, we talked for about 10 minutes (and the first time we've actually talked as well, almost 8 years of being buds on LJ and yeah *shrug*) and she could totally tell I was shaking and just could barely function. Then after that I left a message for [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo to tell her that if she doesn't come with me next year we are no longer friends. :P

I then went downstairs to Starbucks for a drink (too bad they don't serve alcohol) and while I was waiting for my drink, I turn around and there is Jared stalking me by the elevators about 30 feet away. He was headed down to the ballroom for the panel. I tried to get a picture, but he and some of his friends and con people took him down the hall and into a private hallway/entrance.

After the panels it was autograph time and even though we basically had time for 'hi' and 'thank you', I get up to Jared, he signs my poster, looks up at me and I just grin and I say thanks, he says thanks AND THEN HE WINKS AT ME AGAIN!!!!!!! I mean, does this guy wink at everyone or am I just... I dunno, just... GAH! I can't even think about it. But like I said, these two are just so, so special and just so, so kind hearted. They didn't have to do any of this (well, I guess Creation threw a ass load of money their way, I dunno), but they took the time out of their busy schedule's to come and make some fans very happy.

Gods, I cannot believe I've written this. Just. Yeah.

If any of you are curious.... )

Oh, and I'm quite happy because I budgeted $100 for the entire weekend (merch, meals ect.) and only spent $140! :D (trust me that's good LOL)

So, uh, what? I'm so tired I'm typo'ing the most basic words.

I have 600+ pics of the entire con, a lot of them kinda blurry, but some are actually quite nice from my seat and with my little point and shoot camera. I'll probably sort through some and post more of the guys and the other guests.

Now I have to start saving for the Vancouver 2010 Con, because I have to go to that one as well and I want to go with some of my peeps. I had a blast going all alone, but next time I definitely want someone to grab onto and maybe make deaf with my squee'ing.


Aug. 29th, 2009 11:32 pm
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I kinda got to hug this today:

Way to tired to post more than this. I am going to bed because (I cannot believe I am typing this) in less than 12 hours I will have physically touched Jensen and Jared.


I'm not freaking out or anything. >.>
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1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff

[livejournal.com profile] mirorelle tagged me with Jensen Ackles, Orlando Bloom and Milo Ventimiglia. Evol woman. ;)

Who I married, who I shagged, who I cliffed )
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Happy 31st Birthday, Jensen. Stay sexy.

It's official. Mum and I are moving. Our land lord came by last night and ran some options by us. If we really wanted to stay the rent would be $200 higher and then there wouldn't be a guarantee that we would stay here if our land lord didn't get this place re-mortgaged. The place isn't really worth $200 more, because nothing is included and from poking around the ads and on craigs ist we could find a place with almost the same asking price and have everything or most of everything included. It feels like it's time to move on, we could may be get something a bit bigger or something more modern. My room is like a closet, my bed fits in and then I have about three feet of room between the foot and left side of my bed to move around in. My closet is barely three feet wide and I just have clothes piled everywhere because I can't fit it all in there. I have boxes and boxes of books, because there are no shelves to put them on. I want somewhere I can put some of my Sideshow LOTR statues on display, my fairies and books. I'm not asking for huge, but just bigger. Mum's room isn't much better, even though her closet is about twice as big as mine.

Moving sucks, but at the same time our landlord is giving us until the end of May, which is really nice. It will give us time to go through everything and just throw stuff out or give it away. A lot of stuff I don't see or need anymore, so it's going to SPCA thrift store or the Salvation Army. Legally my landlord could say out by the end of April, but he's giving us an extra month or he also said that we could stay until the end of July, but we'd have to start paying the new higher rent. This option saves us a little money and hopefully we'll be able to afford an actual moving company.

Honestly I won't miss this place a whole lot, but I will miss the backyard and the animals. My heart literally hurts to leave them, but I know that we cannot stay here forever. Other than that? Yeah, bye, bye.

I was able to watch the latest BSG last night Thoughts about Starbuck... spoilery to the latest episode )

Yesterday I took the bus down to the mall to visit mum at her new job. I think it was a nice surprise for her, it's been a rough week. Starting a new job and then finding out your landlord wants you out/raising the rent is pretty stressful. I think she's doing alright. She's just still super paranoid that something will happen, but I tell her not to worry about it.

I was able to find a sweet deal at HMV, they usually have their mix and match DVD deals, like two for $20 or whatever. I had a gift card from Christmas and I was able to score Repo! The Genetic Opera and Boondock Saints on Blu-ray for $40!!! I only had to pay $10 out of my pocket. Nice. :D
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Warning: this is biiiig.

Dear Jensen,

Do me. Do me now.

Love, Me

More sex here.
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The Jensen Gods and Goddesses decided to send me a sex dream last night. Too bad I was puking my guts up most of the night to really appreciate it. Next time please send me nice shirtless Jensen with some kind of soup to make me feel better, send the sex when I'm actually feeling well! KTHNX!!!!!!!!

Holy shit, Heroes tonight. I seriously have been so detached from the Heroes fandom I have no clue what is going on. I've read maybe like two spoilers (regarding my Petrelli's, because my sanity hangs in the balance with them), so I have no idea what's going to happen. All I know it's been nine and a half and a half months without it and I hope this season will be the best yet, after season two it better be (I liked season two, but it did have some stuff that really didn't work for it). [livejournal.com profile] saerie, make sure you have some oxygen nearby, k?

Today is the first day of autumn and oh, it is just perfect. I'm such an autumn whore. :P And I'm going to enjoy it by laying on the couch all day hoping my head and stomach will calm down.

*flops over*

Holy frak.

Aug. 4th, 2008 01:35 pm
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Do me, Jensen Ackles. Do me now and do me hard. a;lsdkjf;alsdkjfasdf

More new/old photos of this delicious specimen.
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So there was bad communication between my dad and I about the appointment with the credit union on Tuesday, so I had to reschedule it for next Wednesday. I hope it won't take too long, because I have to register for the course as soon as I can.

I'm watching Happy Gilmore right now. I love this movie. The price is wrong, bitch.

Today I just kinda lazed about and didn't really do much. I did clean Hiro's fish tank, so I think he's happy about that. I also made dinner for mum and me. She bought this new burger seasoning mix so I made some yummy burgers.

Tomorrow I hope to get a haircut and then mum and I may go look at ice cream cakes and order one for my birthday. I'm not sure what to get this year. I would love to get naked Winchesters on it, but I don't know where the nearest erotic cake shop is. :P

I'm sure most of you know about Jared and Sandy breaking up and the wank that happened on ONTD about it. It makes me sad this whole stupid situation happened. It's their lives, not ours, so it's none of our business why they split. I just hope they find happiness. I'm sure there's going to be a surplus of J2 fics where Jensen comforts Jared about this whole situation. Ah, SPN fandom, you never fail to provide. I just wish it wasn't so bat shit crazy, otherwise I'd be in it a whole lot more.

Does anyone know how to grab video's off of hulu.com? Or is it even possible. I tried looking it up and seeing if there was a way, but I wasn't very successful.

I have the strong urge to play some video games, so I may do that after the movie. I'm thinking some Crash Bandicoot or Sonic.
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I have successfully filed my taxes by myself for the first time (and early, too!). *feels grown up* I'm getting a nice chunk of change back, but sadly it is all going towards bills. Stupid bills.

I am in love with Twizzler Jensen and Jared (if you haven't seen the clip you totally should, minor spoilers for the season if you watch it).
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It's a rainy April day and I don't feel like doing much other than sitting on my butt, watch tv and work on my portfolio (which is due in two and a half weeks. eep!). I'm going finish off watching season three of Battlestar Galactica and then watch the S4 premiere! :D I've been trying to avoid spoilers on my FL and it's so hard because every time I see a link it basically says CLICK ME!

The new pics of Jensen have been plastered all over my FL, but I'm going to post them too, because they're too good not to post. ;D

Sex. Now. Plz.


Apr. 3rd, 2008 06:19 pm
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Moe went after a mouse that was in the living room. He's currently in another room under a bunch of boxes, but I don't know if the mouse is under there too. I hope it's ok. I hate seeing things get killed even though I know it's a cat's natural instinct.

In sexier news, this preview pic of Jensen on the SPN Media website makes my girl bits go KA-BLAM!!!!

I meant to post about this earlier, but I was lazy and yeah... But anyway, Monday night [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo and I went to see a talk/book signing by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. We attended the pre-reception and had some yummy appetizers). Then after that the talk started and we had a great time. Then she signed everyone's books and if we wanted a picture with her afterwards we were welcome to hang around. [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo were basically the only ones left after the signing to get a piccie and I'm glad we stayed. She's such a great lady and so kind an down to earth. We basically told how much we enjoyed reading the book and how it's given us insight to change our own lives.

She's also a Heroes fan! She said in her talk how her sister gave her the first season on DVD and how she was watching it. We told her it just gets better and then I showed her my 'Vote Petrelli' button and she thought that was awesome. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening and both [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo and I were glad we went. We got our tickets just before the event sold out, so we were really lucky.

I put more photos up on Facebook if anyone wants to see more.
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GUN P0RN!!!!11!!111!!!!!1

Frak me....*falls over*

From The Legacy


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