Feb. 24th, 2008 04:50 pm
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I love how everyone is freaking out about where Johnny Depp is on the red carpet (if he's even there). :P

[eta] JOHNNY HAS BE SPOTTED!!! PRAISE JEEBUS! Now everyone breathe....

OMG HI VIGGO!!!! Plz shave, kthnx.
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In less than 12 hours I will be seeing POTC 3. ;alskdfj;alifdjas d;flsjadfasd



Mar. 12th, 2007 08:54 pm
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POTC 3!!!!11!!1

+11 - may be spoilery )
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Thanks to [ profile] elflady_2001 for the heads up. :D

Johnny and Orlando cracking up makes my whole day. *G*
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Pirates to hit the one billion dollar mark. Crap, that's a shit load of money, and it's pretty damn good that Orlando's been in two out of the 3 movies to ever do that. Go Orlando! And Johnny!

School went well and I think I'll be alright. I've just forgotten a bunch of stuff. I'm around a grade 7/8 level of math right now, but I'll be able to bump it up no problem. The teacher was really nice, so that made good. It's amazing what having a nice/good teacher will do for your learning.

Thank you everyone for your good wishes. :)
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I gotta get in between that!

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After my 3rd viewing of POTC 2 yesterday I got to thinking. I want my own jar of dirt. But I also thought that others may want their own, so I'm writing this little 'how to' guide for anyone who may be interested.

How To Make Your Own Jar Of Dirt
Just Like Cap'n Jack Has

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POTC spam

Jul. 12th, 2006 03:18 pm
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A few of you have asked for the photos I used for my new layout, so I shall provide. I also uploaded a few others you may have seen, but it won't hurt to see them again. ;)

Click for bigger:

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Hence the new layout.

I've never switched layouts so fast as long as I've been on LJ. I really did like the other POTC layout I just had, but there were a few things that bugged me that I couldn't fix without having to recode the entire thing, and I just didn't feel like that. This layout I love! I was able to tweak everything to my liking tonight.

So this is what I got. Norrington Turner Sparrow. Because that? Is some nice pretty.


[ profile] nikitas_lair - THANK YOU! For the KOH EE DVD and bear! That is so sweet of you and I hope to watch it this weekend. *hugs tight*

[ profile] weasleyswit - THANK YOU! For sending me the issue of TV Guide and the note. That really meant a lot, so thank you.

[ profile] gremmie_goo - I already said thank you, but I wanted to let you know that your b-day pressie to me got me seasons 1 and 2 of the X-Files. *smish* I love it when Future Shop has a sale on.

Everyone else - Thanks for being who you guys are. :)

I've been pretty busy these past few days. Mum and I are currently doing a whole clean out of our place. We're just trying to de-clutter everything and we have a ton of clutter. Some area's you can't even walk in because we have so much crap.

I want to sell a few on my LOTR action figures. It hurts me to part with them, but I have no room for all, so I'm just going to keep the ones I really really love. Does anyone know a place where I could check out how much they're of value? I want to post some on eBay, or if anyone wants first dibs let me know (but I don't know what I'm selling quite yet).

Things are getting a bit better. I still get sad, but mostly now I'm happy that he's not suffering. It's been the hardest on my dad since Jack lived with him when my mum and dad split, but he's getting better. Mum and I are trying to convince him to get a fish for now. We may get him a dog for Christmas, but we'll see.

The skunk has been coming around again. I saw him going down our walkway and he was huge! Cute as hell though.

I'm worried about Coda. Over the past couple of days she's started pee'ing everywhere. On the rug, couch and floor. The thing is she still makes the box sometimes, so I'm wondering if she's sick or is just being lazy. I hope she's alright. Mum and I can't afford to take her to the vet and spend hundreds of dollars on tests. She does need to loose weight and we're working on that, but we're hardly seeing any results. Does anyone have any kitty diet suggestions?

A woman came by on Sunday and asked if I could do a survey with her about what kind of magazines I read, radio I listen to, ect. She gave me a huge booklet to fill out (more like just check off what applies to me) and she'll pick it up Wednesday. The best part? I get $30 for it! The booklet took me about an hour to fill out, so $30 for an hours work? Not bad. And it's legit. I have her card and I looked up the company on the intrawebs to make sure.

I also set up my LJ Guestbook! Feel free to sign if you want. :)

I want to see Pirates again.
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Viewing number two was no less exciting. *G* I still can't get over Read more... )
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Seems like DMC is the highest single day grossing movie. Ever. TAKE THAT YODA!!!!

If you didn't gather from my last post, I enjoyed the movie. A lot. Screw what the critics say! It's one of the best movies I've seen this year so far.

WARNING! There be sea turtles in here- er, spoilers )

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Me: *shows mum picture*
Mum: You need a bigger vest there, Orli.
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[eta] I also must direct you all to The Happy Fandom Comments Post.


May. 1st, 2006 08:07 pm
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I love Cap'n Jack. Quote from the new POTC 2 trailer that Access Hollywood showed a preview of )

The power went out at work for 45 minutes today. Any longer and we would have had to throw out a ton of stuff. It was kinda cool, B and I just sorta did nothing. :D

There's a massive grey squirrel that has been coming by daily to our house for a long time, so the other day she was hanging down vertically from the tree pigging out in the bird feeder (greedy buggers, aren't they?) and I found out it was a she! How? It looks like she ready to pop with little ones, or she's had them already and she's just got all her baby weight. Yay for baby squirlies!!1!

I need some good salad dressing recipies. I'm tired of all the basic stuff out there. I wonder where mum put [ profile] daizalicious's book...
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New POTC 2 footage/trailer. Needless to say there are big spoilers if you watch that.

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Click for bigger!!


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Mum took the day off work and after she picked me up we went to this really nice bistro called 'Candela' for some lunch. Really good food and good prices. Their bread is just to die for. For anyone in Vancouver they're at 109 West Esplanade in North Van.

After our lunch mum took me to the clinic, because the right side of my face has been hurting me the past couple of days and not getting better. Mum could feel that it was a bit swollen. The doc said that it feels like it's just the bone, nothing he can feel inside my mouth. So I have a thingy for an x-ray if it doesn't feel any better. I just hope it's not the same as the tumour/lump I had when I was 5, it's in almost the exact same spot. :\

I think I'll have a nap.


Mar. 30th, 2006 11:27 pm
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Shamelessly stolen from [ profile] elflady_2001. :D Click for bigger!

I'll take that with a can of whipped cream, please.

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Is it July 7th yet?


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