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[livejournal.com profile] antiquitea (HAPPY AVENGERMAS!) and [livejournal.com profile] gossy16, your cards arrived just in time today! Thank you both so much! They are now with the others beside our little tree. :)

Even though I don't have a lot going for my actual Christmas plans it suddenly hit me how much I actually have to do (meaning housework). Time to vacuum! Which the cats hate, but I get a kick seeing them freak out about it because I'm a horrible person. :P

Thank you!

Dec. 19th, 2011 11:12 pm
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It looks like the postal service decided to hoard things and give them to me all today. [livejournal.com profile] boromirslover, [livejournal.com profile] bandgeek01, [livejournal.com profile] cenedrawood, and [livejournal.com profile] lallyloo, I got all your cards today! Thank you all so much! I put them around the tree where Tinkerbell promptly knocked them all down and then I'll put them back up and well, you know, circle of misery ect.

Did anyone watch the finale of Terra Nova tonight? I got a big LOST vibe at the ending there.

I also watched the first part of Neverland tonight and enjoyed it. Not the greatest of the Peter Pan lore, but I like the idea of how everything got started and how Peter became Peter Pan.
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I'm officially on my winter break! I don't have to go back until January 9th! I can sleep, watch tv, sleep, sleep, and then maybe sleep! It's awesome. This weekend was basically me catching up on said sleep. Yesterday I woke up at around 1pm and then I fell asleep on the couch at 3:30pm for an hour and was late for my volunteering. I'm not tired or anything.

Today I volunteered for pet photos with Santa today at Petsmart; I was the photographer and got to use my new camera from school. I got an A- in my photography class this semester, so I put it to good use. This was the last day of the event (it's been going on every weekend this month) and we've raised so much money for VOKRA. We really need all the donations we can get because our vet bills are crazy high. It was mostly dogs and a couple of cats that came into the store for a photo but we did have one bearded dragon! I've never photographed a bearded dragon before, so it was interesting. Her name was Sheila and she was very nice, I got to pat her and she seemed really at ease with everyone.

a couple of pics of my final projects if anyone wants to look )
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Every year I get more and more creeped out about Black Friday. Just hearing what people go through just to get stuff. C'mon, pepper spray? Really? The level of materialistic obsession and selfishness is getting just out of control. I know black Friday is supposed to fun and have that sense of the mad dash to get something for a loved one, but I think it's getting a bit out of control.

[/sits back down on soapbox]

I hope my American friends had a good Thanksgiving. :)

School is just so fucking crazy right now that it's incredible. I have about three weeks of classes left and we still have several projects left to do PER CLASS (I'm taking eight right now), plus forour final projects. Luckily I just started on the final project for my Drawing for Illustration class, but it's gonna take a lot of time. So if no one sees me for awhile I'm not dead, just working and trying to get what little sleep I can.

This weekend though should be interesting. My mum and I are Chihuahua sitting for someone this weekend while they go to Vegas. She brought the two Chihauhau's over last Friday to let them check our place out and meet the cats, boy they were not happy. Even though they're all twice the size of these dogs (well, Moe is actually about five times their size) they run like chickens. I think I'm going to be sleeping with a lot of cats on my bed tomorrow night and Sunday.


May. 18th, 2011 11:51 pm
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If I had the money and if Sprint were a carrier in Canada I would totally get this phone just for this commercial. MORE CATS!
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Cat Island Status Unknown After Japan was Hit by Tsunami. I do hope that the damage was minimal to the island and the kitties/people. It breaks my heart to just see what's going on in Japan, but with this I want to fly to Japan right now and help the kitties. :( However animals are better sensing this kind of thing than humans, so it's a good chance that a lot of them moved to higher ground. It still sucks all around.
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Today is mum's 28th Birthday. Today is also one of the warmest days we've had in awhile. Today is the day that Tinkerbell decided to resume her... collection activities. We now have a rat in the bathroom (alive) and it is currently hiding behind the washing machine (we have the washer/dryer in there). I really have to pee and I don't want to go in there. I tell her time and again to leave nature alone. Does she listen? No.

We've dubbed this rat mum's 'Birthday Rat'. Happy Birthday, mum.
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Lately I've had company in the form of Tinkerbell every time I shower. I'm in there and through the glass door I can see this black meatloaf sitting on the bathmat waiting for me to finish so that when I get out I can drip water all over her. She wiggles around my feet and rolls on her back and when I'm done there's a wet cat to towel off.

Cats are weird, but fun.

Thank you!

Dec. 14th, 2010 09:08 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] bandgeek01, I received your card today! Thank you very much. You are the first card I've gotten this season. :)

And now for some Moe enjoying the heated floors:

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As far as I know this is Cleo's first real Christmas. This time last year she was a street kitty, pregnant and living under a bridge (sounds like some kind of Lifetime movie). Now she's overweight, gets brushed, played with and still tries to attack Tinkerbell when she can.

Work has been kicking my butt; working in retail at Christmas will do that to you. Today was insane and we had line ups to the door practically from 8:30am and it never stopped. Although it was stressful and busy it was fun because the right people were on and when you get the right people things just run smoothly. Oh, and my boss wasn't there (which has turned into a whole story in and of itself). For the most part people are nice, but you also notice the dumb fucks and just plain out spoiled/rich people. I work in a Starbucks in the richest community in Canada, so you can imagine some of the spoiled, rude, entitled people that come in. Anyway, today this girl wanted to jump the line and get the person on bar to start her drink before she had stood in line and paid because she was in a hurry. The person on bar told her 'no' and how it wasn't fair to other customers waiting in line for their drinks and if she was in a hurry then she should have come in sooner/not at all, when the girl got to the counter she was muttering how the girl at the bar was a fucking bitch. Sometimes humanity never fails to disappoint me in one way or the other. Even the other day some mother with her toddler was in and the kid was running around, pulling out all the toys and taking them around the store, taking food out of the self serve case and OPENING them. The stupid mother didn't really pay attention to any of it and didn't seem to care; she did pay for the opened items, but the best part? I serve another customer her scone and a coffee, she goes to get a table and puts her things down and goes to put cream in her coffee, she turns around and the little brat toddler IS LICKING THE ICING OFF OF THIS WOMAN'S SCONE WITH HER FINGER! I mean WTF? It was too busy to see if the woman confronted the mother, but I was just dumbstruck.

Tomorrow I volunteer at Petsmart for the Pet Photos with Santa; I'm the photographer and I get to take pictures of all the confused and terrified pets with Santa. :D

I got my eyebrow pierced the other day, but not by choice. Tinkerbell was asleep on the ledge of the living room window and I guess she wanted to turn over and ended up rolling off the ledge. However the couch is right underneath and I was sitting on it and my face kinda broke her fall, now I have a nice little gash on right eyebrow. Ahhh, cats.


Nov. 1st, 2010 08:56 pm
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You know when you've had too much nature brought into the house when you see a mouse run across the living room floor and you barely even think twice about it.

Cats. >_
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Last night my mother abandoned me at Pet Smart. I offered to cover a shift to feed the kitties and got there about 5:30. I took the bus down to the store because mum was dosing in her room and I didn't want to bug her. I left a note asking her to pick me up at 7 figuring she'd wake up or be woken up by one of the many feline foodmongers in the household. Long story short, I left Pet Smart at about 8:30 and then took the bus to the bus depot nearby. Luckily there's a payphone there (I can't afford a cell phone any more) and I phoned mum just as she was waking up. One thing I love about parents when they feel guilty is that you can con them outta stuff, so I managed to get dinner out of her. :P

It was really tough last night; I had to put up with several kittens and two adult cats. How could my mother do this to me?

I had a dream last night and it was one of those where I had a strong emotional reaction/felt the aftermath when I woke up. I really cannot remember the dream in specifics except for this one bit where I was holding this man and he was just holding back and wouldn't let me go. I don't quite know how to describe that feeling of him holding me except that I knew that I could trust and love this person with every fiber of my being and I knew he felt the same way. I have no real idea who this man was, but all I knew was this inexplicable sense of loss, like half of me was missing when I first woke up; almost as if I had just lost my real soul mate. It was so weird. Thanks Dream Man for fucking with my head.

Tonight Tinkerbell brought us one of these:

Yes, that is a Northern Flying Squirrel. She came in with this enormous thing dangling from her mouth and just plunked it down on the carpet. I went to check it out and the poor thing was just petrified. It was so still I thought it was dead at first until I noticed it breathing. Mum got me the garden gloves and I wrapped it up in a towel and put it outside. I've never seen a flying squirrel here before; trust Tinkerbell to bring us one.



Aug. 10th, 2010 06:44 pm
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Why is my life not like this all the time?
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Moe caught a bird this morning, well, kinda. I wasn't there, but it was on the patio near the BBQ so I think Moe just assumed he could use it as a chew toy. Mum was able to get the bird and put it in a box and it seems alright, except for being traumatized. However after looking at it we both think it's quite young. It doesn't look very mature and it still has that huge yellow beak that they open up and mum shoves food down into. It's probably learning how to fly so that's why it just kind of ended up on the patio. I put the box up on the fence under a tree with the lid open so it could fly away, but I just went to check and it's still there after three hours. I don't know if it can fly away because it's so young. :\ We know where a bird hospital is, so if worse comes to worse and it can't get away we'll take it there and they can help it.

[eta] I just looked again and the bird is gone. :D

The past two weeks of school have really kicked my butt. Painting for two weeks straight on multiple different projects and mediums was quite draining. I had fun, but I'm glad that part is over.

Thank you to everyone who voted in my poll. I honestly was going to do a landscape, but then I ultimately went in another direction and did a portrait. Why, I don't know, but I did. I spent about 26 hours on it in total and I'm glad it's finally over with. It'll be a good addition to my portfolio.

Peul Woman, acrylic on illustration board.

A couple more of my other pieces I did:

Believe, India ink on Bristol board. This was one of the costumes from the Criss Angel show I saw in Vegas in June.

Llama, India ink and watercolour on cotton rag paper.

The other night I had a dream where Castiel and I used to date, but for some reason we broke up and he threw me into a lagoon. Gee, I love you too, Cas. >.>
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Today was my last day of volunteering with the kitties (for those of you from the RDJ friending meme I volunteer with VOKRA). Or so I thought. I start school on Monday, so I had to give up morning shifts to help the kitties, but I got a call from one of the coordinators asking if I could to Thursday evenings, so I will still do one shift a week. I was kind of sad to be leaving, but now I'm not. I can still do something to help.

Speaking of cats, my darling, wonderful, beautiful, loving, caring and sensitive girls, Tinkerbell and Cleo have brought us three young rats in less than 24 hours. *facepalm* Honestly, why can't they just leave nature alone? They obviously found a nest or something, because these are all small-ish rats. Two, sadly, have gone to that big rat wheel in the sky, but there is one that is... somewhere around here. I think it's under the couch or something, still alive or so mum thinks. I can handle mice, I can handle shrews running around here (we just let the troops flush them out and then we trap them and take them outside), but I'm not so comfortable with rats. The last thing I want is to randomly have a rat come out of nowhe-


LEAVE NATURE OUTSIDE. DON'T BRING IT INSIDE, LEAVE IT OUTSIDE!!!111! Goddamn. Poor thing, it was shaking and terrified. At least I was able to box it up quickly and it's now outside where it should be.

Now everyone is grounded until their 40. Well maybe not Moe, he doesn't really give a damn about any of it.

Ahh, cats. You have to love 'em.... sometimes.

Tonight mum and I made a calzone that we bought from Save-On-Foods. She picked it up yesterday from their deli department and on the label it clearly stated that it was vegetarian with 5 cheese and a whole bunch of veggies stuffed inside. About half way through our dinner we both kinda looked at each other and said this didn't taste very veggie (we've had them before). We looked inside and saw it stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, sauce ect. I guess we didn't notice sooner since we had a pasta side dish with tomato pesto and a lot of herbs that tasted like the meat calzone. This wouldn't be a huge problem for a lot of people, but I've given up eating pork and pretty much all red meat. I don't know how to feel really. I know I didn't intend to eat it and it was a mistake, but I still feel guilty.

Should we go back to the grocery store and complain? Or at least tell them? I mean, I know people make honest mistakes and I can forgive that, but I just feel kind of... I don't know. Weird for eating it.
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Something is very slowly trying to break in through the kitchen window...

Cleo doesn't seem too concerned.

Side note: we've had Cleo almost a month now and she's tripled in size. I'm not joking. I've never seen a cat grow so much in such a short amount of time.
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Someone (cat, raccoon or dog, most likely cat) has left us a dead rat on our front door mat. *cries*

Poor rat.
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1. NEW LAYOUT! I'll miss my Holmes one, but I'm all set for Iron Man now. *pets Tony Stark*

2. This past weekend was the big adoption event that VOKRA put on at Pet Smart. I helped out most of the day on Saturday and a bit on Sunday. Out of the 9 cats that we had in 6 got adopted out, so it was a successful weekend. I hope the three that weren't adopted (two had to go to a home together) will get a new home soon. ♥

3. And one of those adopted cats came home with me. *facepalm* I had to take Cleo home, I don't know why, but I did. She came home with me Sunday night and is a cute little thing. She is only about a year old and has already had a litter of kittens. She's recently been spayed, so her tummy is all shaved and pink. It's really cute. She's a friendly little thing, but not overly cuddly (yet), but she'll sleep beside me or near mum on the recliner. Everyone is a bit grumpy and Cleo is still nervous around Tinker and Moe, but it'll get better. It's only been three days after all.

Picture time!

Read more... )
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Dear Shaw Cable,

We need a bigger cable/DVR box:




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