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Dec. 21st, 2011 07:38 pm
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LJ how do you expect me to give rage feedback about your stupidly unnecessary comment page redesign IF I CAN'T EVEN POST COMMENTS?! WTF?


IDK, everyone says they're going to move over to Dreamwidth. Things have changed on LJ over the past year or so and it's just not like what it used to be (not the actual site, but people using it ect), but I'm so confused over who posts at DW and LJ that I just don't want the hassle of having two 'full time' journals. I've been on LJ almost 10 years... holy. shit. I've invested a lot and I just can't up and leave.
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I'm seeing a lot of posts exactly like this all over my FL, but I am politely asking that no one cross post anything that I say/comment onto FB and/or Twitter. I've got people and family on FB that don't know about this journal and I'd like to keep it that way. If I see that this happens I will ban you from my journal, that simple. Of course I will respect all of you and do the same thing, unless you specifically say that it is alright to post it to FB/Twitter.

In no LJ!fail news:

I LOVE THE NEW BBC SHERLOCK!!! Seriously that was some fun stuff right there and I thought Benedict and Martin were fab as Holmes and Watson. However, I DO NOT WISH TO WAIT ANOTHER YEAR FOR NEW EPISODES, BBC!!! I have a love/hate relationship with British TV because the put on awesome shows for like two days and then don't bring them back for 10 years. They're evil those tv people.


In Buffy news: I just finished watching up to 5.17, Forever , the other night )

I cleared out my closet and dresser drawers today and have two garbage bags full of clothes for give away. It feels nice to get rid of it. I just need to discipline myself and make myself go through the rest of my stuff.

Haiku LJ

Dec. 5th, 2008 10:18 am
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I went to click on the profile link and was met with 'LJ is doing something, unavailable, blah, blah, baaaa', but I was met with this little haiku on the page:

This page is not here
like plum blossoms in the wind
existence is fake

I'm thinking that Frank's been smoking some crack.
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195 USERPICS?!?!?!?! Sweeeeeeeeet.
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Does this mean we're all Russian now? I wasn't all happy with the way 6A was handling things and customer service, so maybe this could be a step in a better direction? Let's hope so.

Tomorrow is the last eppy of Heroes until whenever. *sniff* I don't know if I can handle it and I'm really worried about certain people leaving the cast. *clings all her shows* DON'T LEAVE ME! WHAT WILL I AVOID REALITY WITH????

A couple of weeks ago my Zip.ca subscription sent me Gone With The Wind to watch. Now I admit I've never seen it (just clips) and I finally wanted to sit and watch this after years of my mum bugging me to, so I did. Sorta. I can now say I've seen the first half of GWTW, but not anything after the intermission. Why? BECAUSE THE DVD'S ARE SPLIT IN TWO AND THE DAMN RENTAL SERVICE DIDN'T SEND ME THE SECOND DISC!!!!!!! Bah. Bastards, so now I have to a) send the first disc back and hope the send me the second disc or b) rent the thing or c) buy it. I'm leaning towards buying it because so far what I've watched I've loved. Maybe I can sucker my dad into getting it for me tomorrow.

Tomorrow my dad and I are going shopping for mum and out to lunch. I hope the malls aren't too packed but I guess they shouldn't be bad since it's a weekday and school is still in.

I'm taking Wednesday off work and mum and I are going to go down town to look at some of the big department stores Christmas displays and window shop (although we'll probably buy something, we always do). Then maybe after we'll go see Enchanted. I've heard nothing but positive things about it and I'm really looking forward to it. It would be kinda the perfect mommy daughter thing to do.

The snow is now de-snowing. :( Its warmed up and now everything is turning to slush.

Tinkerbell brought in another bird this morning, but luckily my mum was able to save it. After she grabbed the poor thing and stuck it in the empty drawer she put some seed inside and left it to warm up for a couple of hours. When she opened the drawer the bird was hopping around wondering what the hell was going on. I'm thinking we should put a cowbell on Tinkerbell, that would help the birds know she was around.

I'm currently reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert . I don't normally read these kinds of books, but I'm really loving it and it makes me want to just take off so badly and travel to places and experience life. Sadly there's that little issue of money. Stupid money. Sometimes these books make it seem so easy to go and do that, but when you actually look at your life and try and figure out how to that it just depresses you. LOL

I also finished reading The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore. Such a good book and so damn funny. It's a great Christmas read (with Zombies and Angels).

[ETA] WTF?! LJ is saying that I have reached my limit of 1000 tags? WTF IS THIS?
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Some of you may have heard about the new flagging adult content feature that LJ/6A has implemented? While in theory it seems like a good idea, I can just see this becoming one huge mess and wank. What do you think?

It's supposed to snow tonight or tomorrow! I'm so excited!!! But I'm actually freezing here, I need to pull the heater next to me.

My mommy made me smile last night. We were just watching random stuff on TV and she noticed that it was almost 6:30 and asked me if I wanted to switch over to SPN. I told her it was a rerun, but it was still nice that she remembered and offered. <333

Heroes cast icons over at [livejournal.com profile] bunny_icons

I'm hungry and I don't know what to make for dinner. Someone feed me. :P
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It seems as if LJ is putting it's foot in it's mouth again, or that's what it seems to me. I won't bother linking to anything because I"m sure you've all seen it. *pats 6A on the head* Ahh, you dumbasses. Your cause may be noble, but your going about it all wrong.

Anyhoo, I see a lot of people posting links to their other journals, so why not me? I'm not saying I'm going to quit using LJ, I've been on here for over 5 years, I'm kinda used to it and too lazy to fully make a move to anywhere. If any of you want to add me at any of these places feel free, but the majority of my updates will still be here. :)

DeadJournal 1 | DeadJournal 2 (this was my first ever on line journal, then I got an invite code to LJ and just moved over here. Ahh, memories. LOL It even has my entry about when I met Elijah Wood. I'm actually reading through some of the old entries and I cannot believe I wrote some of that. XD)

*pokes LJ*

Jul. 24th, 2007 10:37 pm
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OMG YAY!!!! Eet is back!

Heroes season 2 promo shoot ;LSKDJFUPOWE IRUF:ODSLFJ:LSDKHG:LSDHJF:LSDKFJ :SDF *KEYMASH* Although it looks as if they did this before Milo chopped his emo hair off and Adrian became a cave man.
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Saturday birthday dinner with dad was nice. He took me to the Keg and I ate so much that I wasn't feeling well the rest of the night. He gave me a gift certificate to one of my fave clothing stores and a book (The Alchemist). Afterwards I went to the drug store to buy cough drops and blank DVD's.

My poor mommy has been sick since Friday with a horrible case of bronchitis and a sinus infection. The meds are making her sick and she's missed 4 days of work. I hope she'll feel better soon. And I really hope I don't catch it, mainly because Serenity NOW is on Saturday. If I had to miss that I would seriously cry. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Sunday I put together the new patio furniture. Mum bought some really good used patio furniture last year and we've finally assembled them. :D Mum also helped me replant my cactus, Dean, into a bigger pot. I've never replanted a plant before, but Dean seems happy.

I've been having mini NCIS marathons all weekend. I don't want to go through all DVD's in one go. I'm currently watching "Eye Spy". I hadn't seen the ep "Sub Rosa" in so long and I forgot how cute baby!McGee is! Baby!McGee makes me happy. :D

Coda is currently at my feet snoring away.

I want to start a new layout. I love the one I have now, well to be more specific the theme, I'm just sick of the Flexible Squares layout style. I've had it for almost a year and I think it's time to move on to something newer and cleaner. There are some things that I want to get rid of and some things I want to try out.

And now I present a kitty picspam: Gigi and Bibs x 8 )

To everyone who sent me money for the Young Hercules DVD's, I'm sorry it's taking me so long. I ran into some trouble with my burner, but I've got it fixed, and now I'm just burning away (I have to burn over 50 DVD's right now. o.O). Thanks for being so patient and they will be shipped really soon. I promise.

So I signed that LJ petition:

I'm not 100% with what is written there, but there are some things I agree with and some other issues I wish they'd pay attention too. I don't know what's true or what's going to happen, but I really have liked LJ and the way it's been run for a long time.

I've been fiddling around with various capping programs/DVD programs. I usually use VLC for my capping needs, but they don't usually turn out as good as quality as some other programs. My PowerDVD has the capping option, but won't work and I've downloaded a trial version of InterVideo WinDVD 7, which I personally like the best, but when the trial is up I can't afford to buy it. Does anyone have a working crack for the full version?

I have also been in a real cleaning mood. I just want to get crap out of here and take it to the thrift store or Salvation Army. The only problem is I don't have means to take the stuff there. I just need my dad to get over here with his van.

We've had one lone raccoon start coming by. He's a big bugger and cute. He stays away from us, but mum says he's poked his head in the sun room to check things out. Coda was there and managed to grrrr at him and then she went back to sleep.

And I think I've written enough for now.
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*skims FL* *comes across the new [livejournal.com profile] news post*

To: Permanent Account Holders
From: LiveJournal
We've increased your storage space to 10GB!

10 GB's of storage.

HOLY SHITE!!!! *keels over*


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