Nov. 8th, 2011 05:07 pm
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I had to do a film review for my communications course, so I chose to do 'Fish Tank' (because my teacher wanted more 'arty' films and not mainstream 'Hollywood' films, whatever).

I asked my mum to proof my draft and she just gave it back to me with suggestions/grammar corrections. These include:

her mother’s new boyfriend, Connor (Michael FassSlowbender, who has…

his car and steady employment
>and super appendage are…

As Connor, Michael Fassbinder continues a terrific…

I walked right into this, didn't I? LOL
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Hey, [ profile] oohasparklie...

I can't handle you right now, Fassy, you're too fucking gorgeous here. *gross sobbing*
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God, I think I have to go throw myself off a bridge or something. Or punch him in the face. *huffs*
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It has officially been one week at school and I've had every class except for one (life drawing). So far so good... only thing is that I have about 10 assignments due or to be worked on. A lot of them are spread out, so at least I have time and the mental capacity to do them all, if they were all due within the next week or two I think I'd cry. I had my first photography class yesterday and I loved it. I've always loved photography and now to be able to get into the nitty gritty of it and learn about all the technical stuff is awesome. I can already tell that this will be one of my favourite classes.

One of my least favourite classes is my communications class. It's a requirement so I can't pass the course without it. Writing is a huge component to a design/illustration career, so I am happy to be learning the skills, but some of the stuff is annoying. Ah well, you always have to take the good with the bad, yes?

Hey, [ profile] oohasparklie, I also found out today that we're probably taking a class trip to Portland at the end of February. We'll only be there two days, but I was thinking that maybe.... ;) Also in 3rd year we get to go to New York for a week. I'm super stoked for this because that means that I could see Daisy again. <333

Has anyone read the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger? I'm in the middle of the newest one and I just found something out about one of my favourite characters and I feel the need to fangirl with someone.

I also feel the need to post this pic of Michael Fassbender from the TIFF press conference for Shame, because this is now one of my faves ever:

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The first few days of uni have been good! The first day was pretty much orientation for both the university in general and then the program I'm in. Oh and I also got about $3,000 worth of art supplies and a brand spanking new Nikon D3000 SLR camera, with two lenses. It was like freaking Christmas! The paints, pens, papers we got were so awesome. I know that this is all paid for by my tuition, but still it's fun to get stuff. I also got a good desk. We all had to draw out of a hat for assigned seating and the desk I initial got was crap (right in the middle of the room). I overheard one of the guys say how he didn't like his since it was in the back corner so I asked if he wanted to switch and he did! I'm so happy because I'm right beside a window I can open/close whenever I want. That was the biggest thing I was worried about when I thought about it. Kinda silly I know, but still I want to be comfortable. I am in the back corner near the sink, but still surrounded by people. The guy who faces in front of me (two desks face each other) is the clone of Andy (Gabriel Tigerman) from Supernatural. I shit you not, I had to do a double take when I first saw him, it was so freaky. There's also a guy from just north of London in my class and fuck I am in trouble. Any accent from the UK does me in no matter what. What's worse is that he has long dark curly hair and wears jeans and flip flops. KILL ME NOW.

Part of the course requirement is a communications course, so we had that yesterday morning. We went over the syllabus for the year and looking at it as a whole it made me freak out a bit, but luckily the longest paper I have to write will only be 750 words. Then I had illustration and then today was art history which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought. The teacher I have is awesome and a really nice guy. It's a very condensed art history so we've just skipped everything until the Renaissance. We have to replicate a Renaissance painting, which I started today. We don't have to do the whole thing, just need to do a small section of it and then use the techniques that the painters back then used. I picked 'Spring' by Botticelli (if anyone knows that painting you know how detailed it is).

So far I've met all but 2 of my teachers. Everyone seems really nice and I actually had one last summer so I already know him well and know what he's like, so it's kind of a relief. There's also 4 others in my class from the class I took last summer, so I at least knew some people going in. It's kind of a relief that I wasn't going in blind. There's 30 of us in total and I've already gotten to know some of the others a bit. There's a couple of girls who are totally into X-Men, Marvel in general, Doctor Who, Iron Man, Walking Dead and more, so I am with my people. XD

I started decorating my desk area today since I’ll be sitting in the same spot until May. I think fate put me there for the sole reason to have an awesome excuse to put up Fassbender!Magneto (I would have done it anyway, ngl). The words ‘sweet metal’ were already written on the pillar there by a previous student, so I thought I’d make the best of it. I also had to put some inspirational ‘quotes’ up as well. AND OF COURSE I TOOK PICTURES BECAUSE I AM CRAZY AWESOME.

Next to be put up: Iron Man (RDJ like a boss), Sherlock Holmes (again RDJ like a boss), Doctor Who and maybe some Sailor Moon.

I think I'll be okay, although I am feeling that things will get more intense. Already I have three projects assigned (but thankfully they're not due for weeks, so I have time) and one illustration assignment due next week.

Tomorrow I have to go and buy a bunch of stuff including a new cell phone. I haven't had a cell phone in almost 2 years and haven't had too many occasions where I would really benefit from one, but these past few days I've been wishing I had a phone at least 3-4 times a day. I'm just going with a pay as you go plan since I can't afford contract/expensive plans. I'm also buying a net book because it will save me a shit load of time and be so helpful. There's 30 of us and only 7 computers in the classroom, so we're all fighting over one or another and pressed for time. Some have been bringing their laptops in, but the one I have is over 18 inches wide and just so heavy and takes up space. A net book would work wonderfully on my desk and I can do all my research from there and just type up all my communication assignments right in class rather than writing them out by and and then typing them up to submit to the teacher online.


Sep. 4th, 2011 09:03 pm
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Hey, [ profile] oohasparklie, I totally thought of you when I saw this pic:

(click for bigger Fassbender and Dale)

So with all the reviews of Shame coming out of the Venice Film Festival I don't think I've been this excited for a movie in a really long time (except Avengers, SH2 and The Hobbit). All the reviews are saying how fantastic Michael Fassbender is and Carey Mulligan and I couldn't be more happy. At first it was excitement to see Fassy 100% naked (apparently he walks around completely naked for the first 10 minutes of the film) and just a new film of his, but as of right now I don't care. Well, I do care, but that's not really what I mean. I've read the Shame script that leaked and I just cannot wait to see Fassy and Carey's performances in the flesh. Just seeing him in Hunger punched a hole right through my chest from his acting and subject matter, and that doesn't happen very often. McQueen and Fassy will leave me a sobbing, raw mess, I am sure. Yes I may be over the edge of insanity in regards to this man right now, but when I first took notice of him when [ profile] oohasparklie did all her awesome posts of him and started to slowly watch his work, I knew he has something that not many actors have. I'm so excited; for the movie, for his performance, and just for him.

Honestly I haven't been hit this hard with obsession over an actor since Orlando, I believe.

And now I sound like some psycho stalker so I'll shut up now.
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Honestly this man is trying to kill me. I can't function any more.



Aug. 23rd, 2011 12:44 pm
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The Japanese trailer for the XM:FC DVD has been released and now we finally see Fassy in drag...

I don't know if I should laugh my ass off, be turned on or run away screaming. And OMG James' face near the end... It's just too much.
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Last night I had kickass dream. I'm currently reading Jane Eyre and of course the movie with Michael Fassbender is never far from my mind (hell, Fassy is never far from my mind these days), so my dream starts off with me being Jane and Mr. Rochester trying to win me over. Finally when I consent to marry him (why I took so long IDK) we go back to our house in the city and when we get there part of the Avengers are there. They're trying to stop some kind of assassin from killing someone, I don't know if it was Mr. Rochester or me, but there was Iron man and Thor in our living room. I can't remember what happens next but the next thing I remember is Tony Stark acting all spy like and going around shooting people and he isn't even in the Iron Man suit, and Thor, Captain America and Black Widow all going after him thinking he's turned evil. After many explosions and chases they finally catch up to Tony only to learn that Pepper Potts is behind it all. LOL IDK, MAN! She had an Iron Man/Lady suit and was about to blow up Tony when he did something only Tony Mother fucking Stark could do and ended up stopping Pepper. Then it turns out that Pepper was just being controlled by someone and that the real threat was still out there. That's all I remember.

Only my brain can go from Jane Eyre to Avengers in one dream. I have no idea what I smoked before going to bed last night, but it was awesome.
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Any of my Fassbender peeps know what magazine this is from and if it's a current issue of said magazine? If so I need this in my life. I cannot stop staring at this pic for LOLZ and awesome.

Click for bigger. >:D
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Yesterday I received my class schedule for school and honestly I'm torn between excitement and feeling like I want to throw up because of nerves. It's kinda weird because some days I'll have things end at about 4pm and then other days not until about 6-6:30; I guess I assumed it would be a standard 9-5 kind of thing, but either way I'm not worried about it. The first day I have to attend a University lecture/welcome about general campus things and then in the afternoon I get my orientation of the program and my new Nikon digital camera. >:D

I also discovered that I am allowed $500 tax credit or chunk of my loan or something of that sort towards computer equipment and software for school. I was actually thinking of possibly getting a netbook for class. First years don't get their own Mac's, so we all have to share the ones that are in the classroom. There'll be about 30 of us and only about 8 computers. I'm figuring it could be beneficial to getting things done quicker. I'd take the laptop I have now, but it's over 18.4" inches wide, heavy and isn't the most portable thing (plus I wouldn't have room on my desk). Does anyone own a netbook or know someone who does? How do you/they find them? I'm also glad to find out about the $500 because in Second Year you have to buy Photoshop with your own money. Bleh. I'd just rip the one I have but a) it's not the Mac version and b) I could get kicked out if I use a pirated one. Don't want to risk that.

Tuesday mum and I went to see Cowboys & Aliens. I barely knew the overall story and didn't read the graphic novel, but I knew that Fav was directing and the Spielberg was involved as well. I enjoyed it for the most part, but I felt there was something missing. Sam Rockwell was severely underused in this and I was disappointed there wasn't more of him. Daniel Craig's ass in those leather chaps were a thing of beauty though. LOL

So I'm completely obsessed with Michael Fassbender and his smoking. It's like some kind of porn in and of itself to me. Honestly, how can he make such a crap habit so sexy? IDK.

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[ profile] boromirslover and [ profile] elvensapphire, thank you for the kisses!!!

Also hello to all new friends from the [ profile] ontdfassbender friending meme!

I am finally better. Last week I was so, so sick; I'm not sure if I had the flu or a cold or something, but I was knocked on my ass for a good 4 days. Of course I get sick the week that I return to work after almost 2 months and I had to call in sick for two shifts. Yay for never ending things of stress.

This morning I got an email from StudentAid and they have approved my loan! I wasn't really worried they wouldn't, but it's nice to have that taken care of. Today is the beginnings of the debt that I shall never be rid of in my lifetime or at least not until I'm 90, whichever comes first.

TORN has some pictures of the dwarves posted from The Hobbit. So far I am loving them and pleasantly surprised; I was wondering if they'd do them all a bit like Gimli, but so far they all have their distinct look and personality. I'm of course waiting to see what Dean O'Gorman and Aidan Turner looks like as Fili and Kili, I always loved those two in the books. OMG I AM GETTING EXCITED AND WE STILL HAVE A YEAR AND A HALF TO GO!!! ;____;

Other than that nothing much else has been going on. I've become obsessed with Michael Fassbender and thus I am trolling around Tumblr reblogging anything and everything.


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