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Someone (cat, raccoon or dog, most likely cat) has left us a dead rat on our front door mat. *cries*

Poor rat.

Um. Yeah.

Feb. 19th, 2010 10:34 pm
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I haven't really been having the best couple of days, but I just saw this on my FL and completely changed my mood:

Much love and sexual favours to [livejournal.com profile] angelfireeast for using their photoshop magic on this picture.

In other non-Sherlock!RDJ related news, I saved a voles' life with my bare hands tonight. Ok, not bare hands, I had gloves on, but anyway! Tinkerbell decided to bring us yet another present and when she plunked it down on the carpet it ran underneath the TV shelf. Of course there are a billion cables under there so I couldn't quite get a cup around it to secure it and get outside. Mum passed me the rubber kitchen gloves and I was able to cup it in my hand. Let me tell you, voles can squeeze out of anything, so while I was running to the door it started crawling up my arm. Luckily I was able to place my hand over it and keep it between my elbow and boob. I then proceeded to let it go outside and it ran away for dear life. I hope I didn't traumatize it too much. :/

I also had my first raccoon visit (that I know of) to my bedroom window last night. I heard something rummaging under my window and I pulled up my blind and there were two round ears just visible above my window ledge. It was so cute. It poked it's nose in the crack of my open window and I tried to grab it and hug it. Ok, not really, but I thought it was cute.

I swear if I ever become the last human on earth I know I'll have the animals to take care of me. o.O

Ok then.

Jun. 25th, 2009 10:12 pm
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Currently as I type this there is a raccoon in the kitchen eating the left over cat food. I'm sitting on the couch too lazy to get up and yeah. It won't leave even though I'm less than 15 feet away from it asking it to please leave.

My life. It's a zoo. Literally.
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Mum and I have been in our new place about three weeks now. Everything is going alright. The place is still a mess, but with mum and I working full time it's a slow process to get everything organized.

My point of this post? It really looks like that the black hole of animals has indeed followed us. Here's the proof:

Day two of moving in we have a kitten come and drop by and make itself at home. Today it hasn't left and I think it has a crush on Tinkerbell.

First week/week and a half of being here, Tinkerbell brings us a bat. A freaking bat.

And just a few minutes ago I found a raccoon in my mum's bedroom. *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk* I mean there has to be some kind of sign around us or on us that just says 'COME ON IN! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!' Now that it's getting nicer out and warmer mum will have to watch it when she leaves her window open. The raccoon must have been there for awhile because it went through her jewelry drawer and there are paw prints on her bed. :P Luckily the kitties are both asleep out in the living room here. Some watch cats. *rolls eyes*

Animals. We have them.
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*sniffles* I feel like a new mommy. :*)
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An open letter to all small and fuzzy mammals that are not my kitties.

Dear said Mammals,


Love, but a frazzled,


Squirrels, raccoons, mice, birds and god knows what else. Really, I like you outside, not inside. What next, a bear?


I'm going to have a bear in my backyard now, aren't I?

I GRADUATE TOMORROW! Or to be more specific, it's the ceremony. Would anyone like to see pictures?


Today was Partner Appreciation Day at work. Basically it's a 'thank you' to all of us employees that get shit pay. They have to keep us happy otherwise we'll revolt.

Anywhoo, my boss spent 7 hours in the kitchen yesterday with her sister making taco fixings. Honestly? Some of the best Mexican food I've ever had. Everything was made from scratch, the salsa, guacamole, the meat and sauce. Her family is from Nicaragua, so they have awesome Latin cooking skills. So effing good. Not as good as the uber talented Latin sensation [livejournal.com profile] daizalicious *cough* http://www.daisymartinez.com/ *cough*, but definitely some good eating. It was such a nice gesture, since between the two stores we have 46 people, that was a lot of food to prepare and bring in.

Now I want another taco and I don't have anything here. :(
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Sometimes mommy's are really wonderful things. Tonight after her late shift she went to the grocery store to buy me ice cream, pudding, porridge, juice and soft muffins. Why? Because for the past 2 days now my throat has been on fire. Yesterday it wasn't as bad as today, it was mainly my voice that was gone, but today I wanted to cry while eating my toast it hurt so much to swallow. One of the guys at work had strep throat and was out for a week and then came back, I hope to hell that this isn't it, but it may be. Dad's taking me to the doctor tomorrow.

Why wasn't NCIS new tonight? *pout*

Last night I came into the kitchen to get some juice and there was a freaking massive raccoon sitting on the windowsill. I waved at it and it just stared back at me, then I opened the window to see if it wanted in (it just stayed on the windowsill then I went out to see the other two that were in the yard and gave them a few peanuts). ^_^
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She went to pick something up off the floor and it turned out to be a dead mouse. All I heard was this loud scream from the kitchen. At first I thought maybe a raccoon had gotten in.

Now the question is, was it Eowyn or Sebastian who brought it in?

The fam

Aug. 13th, 2006 04:07 pm
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I forgot I took this video of the friendly family that pops by our place.

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I'm in love with Jensen Ackles ass freckles. I just love them to death. I want to hunt them down on set and just yell at him "I LOVE YOUR FRECKLES AND SLEEP WITH ME!" Think he'll go for it?

What's been going on in my life. Not a hell of a lot, just a lot of stressful and depressing and exciting things.

We need a new car. Unfortunately our little 1991 Subaru doesn't agree with my mum. The car itself is fine, but it's mum's knee. She's in agony. She's not getting better she's getting worse. It's getting to the point where she can't walk or drive. It's terrible. The pain is putting a major drain on her mentally and physically. Since the car is a standard she has to use the clutch with her bad knee. She hates driving and dad won't let us use his car for more than a few days (it's an automatic) before he wants it back. He wanted his car back the last time because he missed having AC. I'm not kidding.

LMFAO Sam just glued Dean's hand to a beer bottle. XD Sorry, watching reruns of Supernatural as I type this up.

Anyhoo, the drugs she was on did absolutely nothing and her doctor is out of town for the week. She's been to the clinics ect and no one has a clue on what to do. Her doctor doesn't really seem to realize the amount of pain she's in and doesn't really do anything or care. She just brushes it off most of the time, so mum needs to look for a new doctor. She doesn't want to, but no one is giving her results or better care. If pills don't help then a shot or something. We don't know the results of her back x-rays yet because of her doc being out of town right now, but maybe that'll yield some better results.

I don't know. The whole situation is just so frustrating. There's nothing I can do about it. I take the bus most of the time anyway, but driving for her is just become so painful. There's no bus route near her work, so she has to drive. We looked through the classifieds in the paper and the cheapest standard that's just a basic little car was $2000. No chance of us getting that money any time soon. I guess we could sell the car, I'm not sure. The whole situation is just frustrating.

Mum told me to see if I could get approved for a Yaris. They have a special deals on 2006 modles for students. Couple of problems: a) don't have the money b) I don't have a lisence. LOL How can I get a car without one?

Work has been... not the greatest. Nothing customer wise or anything like that, it's just since the assistant manager who basically ran our store left our manager has no clue what she's doing now. Things are pretty stressful there and all we can do is laugh and shake our heads at it.

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As my last entry showed the raccoons are still around. They're a blast to watch just roll around out there. They make their rounds through the neighbourhood and stop in our backyard to play. I guess their den must be near here because they have this whole route they follow.

They still want to come in and they do when we have the door open, but then we shoo them out. Sorry, guys no steak here. Or whatever they eat. One of the families sent a baby up the apple tree to the bird feeder to knock peanuts down to the rest. Cunning buggers, aren't they?

Registration for school is in a few days. I'm nervous but excited. I just don't know what days I'm going to need to book off from work yet. I won't be making as much money, which worries me because we're not really getting by even now. I told mum I wouldn't go to school this year, but she said no I have to. She just feels so bad about our whole situation and just wants me to get going. I'm just hoping dad can help out. I have to get some new school supplies and a new pair of pants for work, I'm hoping he'd spot me $100 for stuff.

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Coda and her post attack-ness... yeah. :P )

My winky (Eowyn) just came in!!! :D *goes to cuddle with her*

[eta] forgot to say that for you Starbucks latte lovers we got our shipment of Pumpkin Spice, they'll be back at the end of the month! :)


Jul. 29th, 2006 10:39 pm
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I just went outside to see the last bit of the fireworks. When I went out there I found eight raccoons on my patio. I guess the memo got sent out and another family has moved in. There's like 6 babies and two mama's.

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There's a little window in our bathroom that doesn't completely shut. Every night we just shut the bathroom door so Eowyn doesn't get out. We never really considered someone could get in.

Mum: There was something in the bathroom last night.
Me: Eowyn?
Mum: Nope.
Me: George?
Mum: Think shorter and fatter.
Me: .....
Mum: Yep.

One of the raccoons thought it'd be nice to break in and take a tour of our bathroom and just knock everything over. When mum opened the door he was just wiggling out the window.

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I went out after she came in and had a snack to make sure she was gone to get Eowyn in. Well, to my surprise I see her still poking around the bushes, then three little heads poked out and she growled at them to get back under cover. So mama is most likely the one who has been coming in and having dinner. It's hard to nurse three kids and make time for yourself. When I told mum she wanted to put out a full steak dinner for her. *facepalm*

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Jul. 12th, 2006 10:30 pm
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Me: *goes into mums room to get something*
Raccoon: *on mums bed* !!!!
Me: !!!!!!
Raccoon: *blink*
Me: Hi!
Raccoon: *gets up on window sill, turns back and stares*
Me: I don't have anything.
Raccoon: *blink*
Me: .....
Raccoon: *goes out my mums bedroom window*

I really think I should just give up.


Jul. 5th, 2006 10:57 pm
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More proof that my place is just a zoo.

This is Nutsy. He started coming by a couple of months ago. We first found him in the door way of our place, next he ventured into the sun room and hopped over Coda. Now he just comes into the kitchen and sits there until we give him a peanut. He'll take it right out of our hand now.

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My boss was run down by a tow truck over the weekend.

Yeah, you read that right. My boss at work was walking across the street and a tow truck hit her. Thank god it wasn't going that fast, so she isn't badly injured. She just had to spend a night in hospital. But man! A tow truck?! That's insane man.


Heather, I got the box of cookies and the raccoon! Thank you so much. The cookies are delicious and I love the raccoon.

PS: if you want hi-res goodies go see [livejournal.com profile] bunny_pics.


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