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Aug. 13th, 2006 04:07 pm
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I forgot I took this video of the friendly family that pops by our place.

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Jul. 29th, 2006 10:39 pm
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I just went outside to see the last bit of the fireworks. When I went out there I found eight raccoons on my patio. I guess the memo got sent out and another family has moved in. There's like 6 babies and two mama's.

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There's a little window in our bathroom that doesn't completely shut. Every night we just shut the bathroom door so Eowyn doesn't get out. We never really considered someone could get in.

Mum: There was something in the bathroom last night.
Me: Eowyn?
Mum: Nope.
Me: George?
Mum: Think shorter and fatter.
Me: .....
Mum: Yep.

One of the raccoons thought it'd be nice to break in and take a tour of our bathroom and just knock everything over. When mum opened the door he was just wiggling out the window.

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I went out after she came in and had a snack to make sure she was gone to get Eowyn in. Well, to my surprise I see her still poking around the bushes, then three little heads poked out and she growled at them to get back under cover. So mama is most likely the one who has been coming in and having dinner. It's hard to nurse three kids and make time for yourself. When I told mum she wanted to put out a full steak dinner for her. *facepalm*

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I finally got up off my butt and joined My Space:

Tuesday will be Elizabethtown day with [ profile] gremmie_goo!!!

Tonight the racoon family came by again and they are huge. The babies are ginormous! They've all got their winter coats on, so they look so big. I gave them the leftovers of the veggie plate (3 small tomatoes and two sticks of celery) mum and I had the other day. Yeah, they didn't really dig that.

Note to self: racoons don't like veggies.

Didn't do anything all weekend. *G* So nothing else much to report.
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I just had a racoon lick my toe. ^_^

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Me: *in bed reading* *hears noise out in the sunroom*
Me: *thinks it's just Eowyn*
Me: *reads more* *hears more rattling*
Me: *thinks* ...They couldn't? Could they?
Me: *gets out of bed*
Coda: *glares*
Me: *goes into sun room; looks down at Eowyn's cat door* Pinky?
Baby racoon: *tries to get out*
Me: OMG!
Baby racoon: *panics and starts to run to the windows to flee*
Me: OMG! Hold on, sweety! *opens front door*
Baby racoon: *runs opposite direction*
Me: NO! Out here, please.
Baby racoon: *panics some more*
Me: *runs to open the sun room door* Ok here!
Baby raccoon: *panics coming about a foot away from me* *flees in the opposite direction... to the back of the house and INTO MUM'S ROOM*
Me: OMG!!! MUM! WAKE UP!!! MUM!!!! *goes to her bedroom*
Mum: *wakes up* What happening?
Mum: What?
Baby racoon: *is crashing around in mum's room*
Baby racoon: *runs out of bedroom and past me, fleeing out the front door*
Mum: WHAT?!
Me: There was a baby racoon in the house.
Mum: Huh?
Eowyn: *comes out of hiding looking sleepy, but alert*

THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!! Thank goodness I was awake, though. It got in even though I had locked the kitty door both ways.

Taken about 5 minutes ago:



Sep. 1st, 2005 01:17 pm
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Another thing that has been in our house to add to the list. Blue Jay.

So, now we have: Racoon, squirrel, cats, humans and Blue Jay.

Every morning we up out bird seed and some peanuts for the local wildlife, aka squirrels and birds, and this morning mum found a Blue Jay perched on the back of the couch in the sun room. It just sat there looking around then took off.

Alrighty then. We live in a freakin' zoo.

Holy crap is it September already? O.o What the hell happened? Dad's birthday is on the 4th. I got him a present. Tea. It's the only thing I could afford. :( I wish I could get him something else. Maybe I'll get him one of those cheap CD's you see in Wal*Mart.

I have to work 2-9. I just hope it isn't too slow, because my baby laptop is still taking its sweet time to fix itself I can't bring it to work. I'll just have to bring my book if everything gets quiet.

The first challenge is up at [ profile] icons_301! ;)

Coda came into my room this morning and wanted to come up on my bed. I felt so special. Why does she make me fee special when she wants on my bed? It's like she's giving me permission to love her. It's sad I tell you, sad.
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It's 2:25 am and I can't sleep.

Eowyn's kitty door is right beside my computer.

I look down and there's a racoon poking it's head through and looking at me. *faceplam*
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The Racoon Saga™ continues.

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The interview went good, I thought. It was really quick too, we just talked about my previous experience and what the job is. It's at a beer and wine store, so it's not that difficult. She said that she'd get back to me soon, she has a couple of others to talk to as well. It could go either way, I suppose, although it would be convenient since the store is only 2 blocks away from my house, it would solve a lot of bus and gas money.

Again the Raccoon Saga™ continues. Mum and I keep a basket of peanuts for the jays and squirrels on the outside ledge of the kitchen window. Last night I heard crunching and thought it was just Coda eating her crunchies, but no. There was a massive (and I mean massive) raccoon sitting on the ledge half in the window eating the peanuts. It wasn't the mama or the babies, but perhaps daddy? Anyway, I scared him off when I walked by the window and then I ran outside to try and give him a hug. Ok, not really, but I wanted to get a better look at him.

So now the peanuts will be inside at night.

I'm going to go have a nap because for some reason I just cannot keep my eyes open, it's insane. I'm practically nodding off as I type this.
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I know some of gremmie_gooyou doubted the existence of my racoon sightings, but now I have solid evidence that they do indeed come over and poke their heads in my door.

These are just the babies. I couldn't get a picture of mama, but she was around. They were looking for peanuts that we feed the blue jays.

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[ETA] Mama just came in and spent about 5 minutes sniffing around our living room/sun room. She got about a foot away from Coda and about 3 feet away from me. Coda was asleep the whole time. *facepalm*


Aug. 2nd, 2005 02:32 pm
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[ profile] hideincarnate I got the package today. I love it! Thank you so much! *hugs*

The other night mama raccoon and her two babies were in the back yard. I heard them chirping outside and went out to investigate. I must have sat there in the grass for 10 minutes watching them and chirping on my own. Yeah, I make a killer raccoon call. Anyway, the babies were interested and started to come over to me, but mama knew better. Instead of coming over to me and beating me up, she just went over and whacked her babies back so hard they fell on their butts. It was too cute.

I cannot stop reading [ profile] celebs_on_crack, it's too fucking funny.

Now back to job hunting. :\
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The Raccoon Saga™ continues yet again.

I'm sitting here waiting for QAF to come on and working on [ profile] leggiluv's new layout (go have a looksy, I'm all done it! and thank you [ profile] lance_nerd for the links!) and I just look up at the TV when something catches my eye. I thought for a sec it was Eowyn, but then I saw this little masked face stick it's nose up in the air to sniff. But this time he wasn't at our front door.


I tell ya this little guy doesn't give up. I went 'oh', not loudly, but the poor thing knew I was there and he took off like the little bandit he is. I wish I could get a picture for you all. The whole time Coda just snoozed through it.

Tonight I was getting my pay stubs together for welfare tomorrow and I noticed something.

I got a raise.

I've had a raise for an entire month and my boss didn't tell me. Uh, thanks? It feels nice I got a raise, I've never been in a job long enough to get one, but a lot of good this raise is going to do with my shitty 6 hours a week. >.< Oh well, hopefully something will come up really soon.

To those who are waiting for their compatiblity thingys, I'll get to them soon.
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The Racoon Saga™ continues.

I'm sitting on the couch with the front door open waiting for Eowyn to come in when I see this cute masked face looking at me. But this time it wasn't poking through the door. This time it was HALFWAY TO THE KITCHEN AND TO THE CAT FOOD!!! I gasped and it just stood there looking at me frozen. I swear I wish I had my camera because it didn't know what to think. You see I have my clay face mask on and it didn't know what to make of me. It had the most perfect WTF? face. So cute. Anyway, I waved at it and said hi and he bolted.

Last night I watched the most awesome program on Animal Planet. It was Dragons: Fantasy Made Real. If you haven't seen it you really should try and watch. You will believe that dragons are real after you watch this. :)
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I look up from my computer just a moment ago, only to see a raccoon poking its head through our front door.



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