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But I honestly deal with at least half these issues during every shift I work:

One of the best ones I've gotten is that a customer complained that their coffee was too cold after they asked me to empty almost half of it and then proceeded to fill the rest of the cup up with cream. *HEADDESK X 1 BILLION*
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I had to forgo my LJ client and see what all this fuss was about the new update page. I actually quite like it. *ducks flying objects*

I HAVE POWER! Again. Went out tonight at about 8. Seriously, BC is just getting the most fucked up weather as of late. This latest storm had hurricane force winds over on the island and tons of places here are without power.

Fuck you Global Warming. Now everyone go make nice with planet earth.

The only thing I like about the power going out is that I can do lots of capping. I got two more episodes of SPN done tonight. :D I should be doing NCIS Season 2, but I want to do SPN right now. I'm torn between fandoms.

Today I fell asleep at work. Yep. You may wonder how since I work at Starbucks, but I shall tell you. It all began at 8:15 this morning when I get to work, only to discover that the whole block's power is out. Yay. So G and I put out pastries (that's all we could do) and then just sat around. I guess I got a bit too comfy in the chairs because I nodded off. I think I had a good half hours nap and woke up at about 11:30. Then the power came back on at about 12:30 and we had to run like mad make coffee.

We were absolutely slammed today, because we were the only block within about a 5 mile radius with power and out of the 3 Starbucks in said 5 mile radius we were the only ones open. People came in and were like "COFFEE! COFFEE NOW!!!!!" o.O It's just coffee people, not cocaine. Ok, I'm sure those Colombians like to put something in there when we're not looking.

I had a really nice customer today. I was ringing in her transaction and I noticed this really pretty purple ring on her finger with a flower on it. I just commented and said "I really love your ring." and she told me that the furniture store next door was giving them away with some sort of purchase. I told her that was nice of them and took her money.

Next thing I knew she's taking off the ring and giving it to me. She's said, "Here you can have it." For real. She just took the thing off her finger and gave it to me. At first I thought it was a joke, but she was serious. I've never had a customer do that for me, it was so sweet. :)

Last night I had a really sweet dream about Jeffery Dean Morgan. I remember it so well it's freaky. I was walking somewhere and saw him at the park with his dog, I guess I recognized him and went over. We started talking and he asked me to the movies! I was so stoked. After the movies (dunno what we saw, do I care? No. LOL) he took me to dinner, or lunch. Not sure, but then after we went back to his place or mine (again not sure) and started making out. But not steamy making out, just a nice make out session that didn't lead much to anywhere. It was sweet. And I remember I kept laughing because his beard was tickling my face and he kept teasing me about it. And that's about it. I'm pretty sure it was all because I saw this picture of him posted at [livejournal.com profile] jdmorgan.

[livejournal.com profile] cenedrawood, [livejournal.com profile] vanityfaired1 and [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo I got your cards. Thank you very much! They're all so pretty and are now sitting happily by my big computer beside the Chirstmas tree.

Ahhh, it's nice to have heat again. *snuggles in*
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Since it's monsoon season here we've had a water ban. We have so much water that it's become 'unsafe' to drink and now we have to boil it before we drink or omgwilldieofthe...something. Of course due to that when I got to work this morning S told me that we weren't serving anything with water or using water. What do you do when Starbucks can't serve any coffee... not much. We couldn't even clean properly because we needed water. It was a sloooooooooooooooooow morning. At least I got caught up on some things and finished the order for the week. People get nasty without their coffee. A lot of people were nice, but some were completely gob smacked and then they're like 'we'll have tea then' or steamed milk. *facepalm* Seriously.

I finished my tree!! I'm very happy with it. I know it's a tad early, but I haven't had a Christmas tree in the past two years and I was determined to get one. My theme this year was purple and white.

+1 )

Innit purdy?

I feel like I've been a bad NCIS fan. I still haven't watched the last two episodes. I'm really hoping to get caught up this weekend because I miss it muchly. I also hope I'll be able to buy season 2 asap.

My great aunt Margaret died yesterday, she was 94. I haven't seen or heard from her since I was about 6, so I'm not really sad or anything. I'm sad for her immediate family, but I didn't know her. Mum and I may try to go to the memorial service when we find out when it is.

I ordered a new skin for my iPod. I got 'blaze' because I really liked that colour red. I'm actually surprised I didn't order the pink one because pink is my favourite colour. Anyway, it fits awesome and really protects my iPod. The only thing I don't like is that the colour is a bit different from the picture. It's not as a deep of read as it is, it's more of a bright red. Still, I really like it and now my baby won't get scratched and battered in my purse. If I win the lotto I'll buy a pink one.

I am so happy with the turn out with [livejournal.com profile] spn_caps. :) I made a new layout and userinfo for it last night.
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I swear iTunes 7 was made by the devil himself. It just will not work with my iPod. It won't do anything. I can't do anything. It freezes or iTunes freezes or my whole damn computer freezes! I hope the problem is fixed soon, because I can't do anything with my iPod now... well that's not completely true, my iPod itself seems ok, but the software? GAH!!! *rips out hair*

In other news, I had my 6 month review at work and got a raise! Woo! I will be making a mega $0.26 more now. I'm also going to be promoted. When exactly I'm not sure yet, but my manager and I have to work out a plan to train as Shift Supervisor.

My mommy and I may go see a movie on Sunday. This makes me happy.
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Exactly one year ago I started at Crackbucks. This is the longest I've ever had a job. Yay for breaking personal records!
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Yesterday was my 22nd birthday (like you didn't already know that), and it was a good a good day.

It started off with me waking up (dur) and seeing a pile of presents on the table. Ok, not a pile, but a few. :) I wasn't expecting much this year with our money worries, but mum made sure I had something to look forward too. I got presents from McGee, Coda, Eowyn and George. McGee gave me a POTC pen with Will Turner on it. Mmmmmmmmmm, Will Turner pen. Eowyn, Coda and George gave me one of the books off of my list. Mum gave me a pink faux pearl necklace with matching earrings and bracelet. I then opened the pressie that mum and dad got me.

NCIS season 1 on DVD!!!! Yaye! I bounced when I opened it, because I am a nerd. :P

Afterwards mum went out to pick up the cake. And when she got there the cake wasn't ready. The woman who took the order was sick and the other employee's apparently didn't bother looking at the orders and so the cake wasn't ready when mum got there. She had to wait 20 minutes while they made it up. Wankers. After the little delay we head off to pick up [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo and head to Maplewood Farms.

I hadn't been to Maplewood Farms in years. I think the last time I was there was when I was in kindergarten. It's basically just a local farm/petting zoo with lots of kitties animals. We lucked too, because we read in the paper that there were two new arrivals at the farm a week before, Prince and Tom, two Belgian Work Horses that are retired logging horses/hay ride horses. We were looking forward to meeting them.

pictures ahoy! )

After the farm we decided to grab a late lunch/early dinner. We went to the Marina Grill which has yummy seafood. We just relaxed and talked and watched this guy get hoisted up the mast of a sail boat.

We then went over to the movie theatre to see what was playing. After much confusion and indecision we decided to see The DaVinci Code, but it didn't start for another hour, so we went to Starbucks and I got a free drink because [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo told the guy it was my birthday. When I handed over my partner card he was like "No free drink for you then!". He was kidding of course, but the majority of the drinks I get from Starbucks are free (because I drink them on my shift). But it was still nice to get a free drink on my birthday and he even wrote 'Happy B-day' on my cup. :D

We went to the theatre to get the tickets and while we were in line we decided not to see The Davinci Code and see Over The Hedge instead. I guess we really just wanted a silly 'don't have to think about much' movie. It was really cute and I liked it a lot. [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo was nice and bought me a POTC 2 popcorn bucket at the concession! :D I now have a bucket with Will, Jack and Elizabeth to put stuff in.

Theatre photos )

After the movie was done it was time for cake! We came home and got it out of the freezer.

Mmmmmmmmmmm cake )

So yeah, it was a good birthday and I had fun and my mum and Leann had fun. It'll be something I remember for a long while. Now tomorrow I get my pressies from dad and his birthday dinner to me! :D


Mar. 27th, 2006 05:09 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] nikitas_lair, I got your Christmas goodies today. I honestly wasn't expecting that when I opened it up. Thank you, that meant a lot. :) Also mum's very touched that you thought of her as well. *hugs*

Today at work was freaking fantastic!!! [/voice dripping with sarcasm]

First our ice machine was broken, so no ice. Then we noticed our floor had a big puddle. No problem, we mop it up. Then the puddle decided to come back. The puddle wasn't a puddle, but a plumbing problem that we thought was fixed. We had just gotten our floors redone because the leak had ruined them. But we thought they had fixed the problem, apparently not. So now it started to leak up through our by the bar. It was a mess. So we 911 a plumber and they came, but had to shut off all the water. No water = no bar and no drip coffee. And remember our ice machine was broken, so we had a very limited amount of ice that we borrowed from the pub next door. It was like a comedy of error's all day at work. Then while the plumber and the guy who fixes the ice machine was there the pest control guy comes because the book store has a mouse problem and they've been getting underneath the counters and walls. It really was a fun shift, but at least I got to leave an hour early. We were just all standing around looking for something to do.

Maybe I'll get tomorrow off if they can't fix the plumbing. Wishful thinking.

I think Coda has cold, she won't stop sneezing and she sounds stuffed up.

New icons over at [livejournal.com profile] bunny_icons
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Today was better than yesterday. Managed not to cry at work today, so that was a plus. We had a guy come in who was a handwriting analyst. It was so cool, he was able to tell us things just from our handwriting. We all had our writing analysed and he said that I was sensitive to criticism (which can be true), I'm sarcastic (true) and I prefer to stay home and read books (also true). Kinda scary, especially what he said about some of my co-workers.


I'm thinking of buying a new pet. More specifically a fish. They had a bunch of fish at Wal*Mart and I dunno, I kinda want one. Just put it on my dresser and watch it float around. Very zen. Of course I'd get a bowl with a lid on it. Don't want any paws in the water, or teeth. Hell if I know what Pinky would do. I doubt she's seen a fish in her life.

Today mum caught a big grey kitty staring in our window, or to be more specific, at Coda. Dunno what he was making of her. LOL Anyway, Eowyn caught sight of the other kitty and went over to the window and they were nose to nose. Then all of a sudden the grey cat started hissing at Eowyn. Dunno what it's problem was. Eowyn was inside, it was outside. Maybe he was pissed because she was blocking his view.

This morning we woke up with about 5 inches of snow out in our yard. When I got home from work it was almost all gone. Mother Nature is sure gone screwy these past couple of days.

I bought a new scarf today at Wal*Mart. It was $1.

New icons over at [livejournal.com profile] bunny_icons
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I got a raise... )
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I have to work until 9pm tonight. Boo. But at least I got to sleep in. Yay.

I'm having a bitch of a time trying to cap some of my Dark Angel DVD's. I'm not sure what's going on. I can't seem to cap it with PowerDVD or BSplayer Pro. *scratches head* I could cap it before. I wonder what gives. Any ideas?

I think my icon *points up* was the source of some very nice dreams last night. *EG*

Aw, Coda just snuggled up to my knee. Well, her butt's on my knee. That's about as much snuggling you'll get from her.

Made a new layout for [livejournal.com profile] bunny_pics yesterday! I'm very happy with it.

And now I must go get ready and grab the bus.
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I'm now official certified at Crackbucks. Basically it means that I'm an 'official' barrista on paper. Woo.

In other news: I've got new socks on.
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I have a funny metallicy/bitter taste in my mouth. I'm dying. I know I am. Or not.

Today was my first day back at work after having a week off. I had mixed feeling about going back. I'm still not feeling 100% and I wish I could rest and get better, but then again I really need the money and I was starting to go a bit nutty here at home. It was alright, but I did feel pretty shitty by the time my shift finished. Tomorrow I work the late shift, so I get to sleep in, but I'll miss Lost :( But that's why we invented VCR's (I really need a DVD-R recorder or something).

I watched my second episode of Supernatural tonight. I'm starting to enjoy it. Cute boys and creepy things. I can handle that.

Also, lots of new Hi-Res goodies (Lost, NCIS, Jensen Ackles...) over at [livejournal.com profile] bunny_pics.
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My boss was run down by a tow truck over the weekend.

Yeah, you read that right. My boss at work was walking across the street and a tow truck hit her. Thank god it wasn't going that fast, so she isn't badly injured. She just had to spend a night in hospital. But man! A tow truck?! That's insane man.


Heather, I got the box of cookies and the raccoon! Thank you so much. The cookies are delicious and I love the raccoon.

PS: if you want hi-res goodies go see [livejournal.com profile] bunny_pics.
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You know what is really good at work? Losing your voice. Like completely. I'm not as sick as I was and I am feeling a lot better, but I've lost my voice. I had to have everyone else call my drinks for me. Miming drink orders is hard, man!

New NCIS promo pics! :D I cannot wait for this eppy. *bounce*

Read more... )

Also, when is LOST new? I'm going through Sawyer and Charlie withdrawls here.


Jan. 1st, 2006 05:39 pm
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Mum and I have a new member of the family. Wanna see?

Read more... )

I also finished my assignment for [livejournal.com profile] ncis_tinsel, Losing Time. I'm very happy my recipient enjoyed it. :)

I made it through work today despite me feeling shitty. Yay for time and a half!
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[livejournal.com profile] shannytook, I got your card and photos today. Thank you so so so much, really that made me smile (and cry). You didn't have to, but you did. I would totally love to be pen pals with ya. :)

Work was just non stop today. I'm so happy to be home. Now I'm just going to wrap the few presents I have for people and watch Dark Angel. Damn that show for getting me addicted all over again.

I also need a beta for an NCIS fic that I've written. It's for [livejournal.com profile] ncis_tinsel and I have to post it on the 1st, so if anyone would do that for me before the 1st that would be great. It's not that long (approx. 1000 words) and is PG-13, Gibbs/DiNozzo. Thanks!

In other news: ORLANDO IS UNCUT!!!


Dec. 22nd, 2005 02:40 pm
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I don't wanna go to work. I want to stay home and watch my Dark Angel DVD's. I've missed this show. *kicks and stomps* I don't wanna go, mommy!

*calls into work dead*
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[livejournal.com profile] elvensapphire, I got your package! Thank you so much, hon. I really wasn't expecting anything from ya, just your friendship. I love the kitty and I will listen to the CD soon. Thanks again!

[livejournal.com profile] daizalicious, I got your card. Everyone looks great and I love your balls. ;) LOL I have to find my ball hat. I know it's in my room.

Work today = insanity. I mean really. Christmas + Starbucks = holy madness Batman. I think I may have a nap.
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Today is the first day I can breath through my nose again! How nice! It was also my first shift without feeling like complete shite most of the time.

Every year Starbucks comes out with its advent calendars (you know the calendars where you get the little chocolates every day), and they sell out quick. Thursday, B asked me if I had gotten mine, and I said no, because they sold out before I kinda clued in to get one. Anycrap, she felt bad that I didn't get mine and she knew that mum lost her job and money was tight. This morning when I came in to open up, S handed me this wrapped package and said it was from B. I opened it up and it was an advent calendar! Not the Starbucks kind (you gotta go to hell and back to find one), but just one of those cheapie kinds that you get from the drug store, but that just totally made my week. Seriously. I was just so touched that I just had a great day at work (but omg, so busy).

Just goes to show that there is some real good out in the world. :)

Oh, and also a tip for you hot chocolate lovers, when you order a HC ask for a pump or two of gingerbread syrup. So yummy.
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I don't know what to do. Should I call in sick tomorrow? I feel like shit, but I need the money, but I feel like shit. That and I don't think many people would like someone sick serving their coffee. But then I called in sick last Monday because of the period from hell. *sniff* I'm stuffed up with a sore throat and my head feels like a huge cotton ball, but I'm not hacking up shit, that's a good sign.

*tears out hair* Decision, decisions. :\

I can't stop watching my icon. It's like porn to me.

about tonight's NCIS )


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