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Dec. 19th, 2011 11:12 pm
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It looks like the postal service decided to hoard things and give them to me all today. [ profile] boromirslover, [ profile] bandgeek01, [ profile] cenedrawood, and [ profile] lallyloo, I got all your cards today! Thank you all so much! I put them around the tree where Tinkerbell promptly knocked them all down and then I'll put them back up and well, you know, circle of misery ect.

Did anyone watch the finale of Terra Nova tonight? I got a big LOST vibe at the ending there.

I also watched the first part of Neverland tonight and enjoyed it. Not the greatest of the Peter Pan lore, but I like the idea of how everything got started and how Peter became Peter Pan.
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Last night mum and I watched that new show Terra Nova that we recorded. I thought it was alright, but nothing mind blowing. Anyway, throughout the whole thing I kept saying I wanted a dinosaur and because daughters love to torture their mothers, I kept saying it really loudly. Anyway, this morning mum was still asleep even though her alarm was going off and I had to wake her, so I just walked in her room, turned on the lights and screamed 'I WANT A DINOSAUR!'. That got her up.

I am 5 years old, not 27. :P


Mar. 24th, 2011 08:16 pm
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Fringe The Walter Bishop Show renewed for a 4th season! I AM SO HAPPY!!!! This show just keeps getting better and better.
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I'm seeing a lot of posts exactly like this all over my FL, but I am politely asking that no one cross post anything that I say/comment onto FB and/or Twitter. I've got people and family on FB that don't know about this journal and I'd like to keep it that way. If I see that this happens I will ban you from my journal, that simple. Of course I will respect all of you and do the same thing, unless you specifically say that it is alright to post it to FB/Twitter.

In no LJ!fail news:

I LOVE THE NEW BBC SHERLOCK!!! Seriously that was some fun stuff right there and I thought Benedict and Martin were fab as Holmes and Watson. However, I DO NOT WISH TO WAIT ANOTHER YEAR FOR NEW EPISODES, BBC!!! I have a love/hate relationship with British TV because the put on awesome shows for like two days and then don't bring them back for 10 years. They're evil those tv people.


In Buffy news: I just finished watching up to 5.17, Forever , the other night )

I cleared out my closet and dresser drawers today and have two garbage bags full of clothes for give away. It feels nice to get rid of it. I just need to discipline myself and make myself go through the rest of my stuff.
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I know that my dahlink, [ profile] elvensapphire will be happy to hear that I've started watching season one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :D

I've seen a couple of episodes, but never got into it because at the time I was way into Xena and other stuff.

Uber Bingo

Mar. 9th, 2010 03:08 pm
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Happy Birthday to my mommy, who turns 36 today! :D

Last night I had a dream that I was married to Judesie Law and he cheated on me. XD I can't really recall what I did, but involved some sort of time travel/AU senario, guns and him realizing I was the only one for him and coming back to me. That's right, Judesie, you don't cheat on me and get away scott free.

Some late Oscar babble:

All the winners were pretty much predictable and that was fine. I am so happy Christoph won though, because he was fantastic and deserved that statue. The rest of the show... meh. I wasn't too impressed. However I loved the presentation of the Animated Movie category, Dug is my hero. Of course RDJ and Tina Fey presenting together was awesome.

I'm going to echo a lot of people on my FL and say that I'm glad Avatar didn't win best director and picture. James Cameron bugs the hell out of me (probably because he seems like an arrogant ass) and the movie, while visually brilliant and beautiful, I don't think it is worthy of a best picture. I am so happy that his ex won Best Director. Now we have a woman winner and hopefully that'll open up more doors for women and other races/classes.

I was woken up this morning by Tinkerbell huffing and puffing on my window ledge. She wanted out and her way of pouting/being frustrated involves her making huffing and chuffing noises. It's so cute. When we pick her up sometimes (she's not hugely cuddly) she sometimes does that and also spits. She's our little diva, just like every other cat on this planet.

I also want to say that Chuck is rocking so hard this season. I love it so much and the past few episodes have been some of the best. I'm so happy it returned for another season and hope it stays around for a long while.

Moe's snoring so loud I can hear him from across the living room. XD
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I love Glee so hard right now. I have all the songs on my iPod and listen to them non-stop.
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Mum and I watched FlashForward last night...

Joseph Fiennes.
Dom ♥.
Jack Davenport.
John Cho.
Sonya Walger.

Ok then. Looks like I have another show on Thursdays to watch. Joseph Fiennes and Jack Davenport, plz do me. Kthnx.


Sep. 23rd, 2009 11:27 pm
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I finally have a new layout. I think this is the longest I've gone without changing it. I think my last change was back in... March? Eh, either way, I'm really happy with it. I wanted something different so I didn't go with the 'traditional' header image on top, but rather a background off to the side. Of course it will look different to those with smaller screen sizes, the image may be cut off some, but this is what I see and I'm happy:

Today was the first day of autumn here in Vancouver, but the weather is definitely not autumn, it is still summer weather. I had to go out today and wore a t-shirt, capris and flip flops. It was so crazy. I don't remember ever doing that so late in September.

My mum and I watched the first episode of Eastwick tonight and we really enjoyed it. It was just a fun, lighthearted kind of show and I think we will be watching it from now on.


Sep. 20th, 2009 11:49 pm
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Emmy babble )

Merlin 2.01 - The curse of Cornelius Sigan... no real spoilers, more of an observation )

Today was such a gorgeous day out. It was warm, but had that nice cool breeze and scent of autumn. I love autumn so much and is probably my favourite season with spring a close second.
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Walter Cronkite dies at the age of 92. You will be missed greatly, Sir, but your legend in television and news history will live on forever.
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Ahhhh, September. A month that I used to loath and love at the same time, but now it's mostly just love. I love autumn and even though it isn't technically that yet I can feel it and see it outside. BRING IT ON! \o/

My mum has a boot brush just next to our front door and last night I opened the door to turn off our patio lights, I look down and one of the baby skunks was there rubbing it's head and neck all over it. It was so damn cute and it didn't even run away when I opened the door, I was barely three feet away. I knew they had poor eyesight, but geeze! :P

Anyone looking forward to the new 90210 tomorrow?
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Writers Strike is officially over! While I'm happy I'm a bit bummed since it's been reported that Heroes still won't be back until next season. Still that could change, but yay! We could have new TV in about six weeks or so.


Jan. 31st, 2008 05:05 pm
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FINALLY new SPN and LOST tonight. It's been too long. *clings to the Winchesters*

And I have to miss them because I have class tonight. *sniff* Ah, well, that's why VCR's/DVD-R's/PVR's were invented.

Geek food

Jan. 21st, 2008 12:31 am
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Mum, dad and I all went out for Greek food (almost wrote geek) for dinner tonight. OMG! So yummy! I had my first bite of lamb in years and I still don't like it, even though the seasoning/sauce was divine.

Today I cleaned and organized my room. I bought a bunch of new boxes to put my books in, so they're no longer scattered to the four winds around my room. I'm sure I'll find more around my room though. My room isn't done yet, I still have to organize some stuff and pick out some stuff for give away, but other than that it's a lot better than it was (meaning I can see my floor now).

My mum and I need a new car. The one we have is a 1991 Subaru and it really is a great car, but when we took it in for servicing last week it needs over $3,000 worth of repairs. More than the car is worth, so we need to figure something out. We can't afford the repairs and we can't afford a new/used car. We're going to do our homework and see what's available and dad is going to call a couple people he knows that restores cars to see if they have any ideas/leads. Our only real option is to get a loan from the bank, but mum would never get approved (they'd probably just laugh at her and then call the cops :P ) and I'm on shaky enough ground as it is. Still they may give one to me as long as I have a co-signer.

Tomorrow [ profile] gremmie_goo and I start our French class. It should be fun and I'm looking forward to it, since I haven't taken French since grade 8. I don't have the 'I hate school' mentality holding me back, so I'm willing to learn. In honour of our new course, Goo wanted French Conan O'Brian icons from his show last week.
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My mum is convinced that she is being stalked by Jerry Bruckheimer. No, really. It's like everything she watches he's involved with somehow and when she sees a show or movie that isn't produced by him she's like, "Where's my buddy, Jerry?" *sigh* She doesn't know if she should call the cops or just let this whole situation pass by. I'm hoping she'll just stay quiet about it. A couple of weeks ago I was in bed reading and mum was finishing watching a show in the living room; all of a sudden I hear her scream 'BRUCKHEIMERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!' What do you expect when you watch CSI? LOL

I watched Terminator: The Connor Chronicles the past couple of nights and I really am enjoying it, although I have a bit of a time getting used to John and not having him as Zach. *sniff* Oh, Zach, why did you have to leave Claire with that creep, West? I also like seeing Summer Glau on my TV again.

On Monday I registered for my art course that will help beef up my portfolio for the course I want to apply to in the spring. It should be fun, the only draw back is that I won't be able to watch Supernatural when it comes back on, but that's why the Gods invented DVD-R's/PVR's. I also have to register for the French course that [ profile] gremmie_goo and I are going to take.

I also got to play Guitar Hero III for the first time on Monday. [ profile] gremmie_goo and boyfriend was nice enough to assault their ears to let me have a go. Now I want it! :P But I'd rather have it for PS3, so I gotta save up for that first.

A question about the show Torchwood. Would I have to watch Dr. Who to know what's going on? Because I don't really want to get into DW, but TW looks interesting (and hello! boykissing :D ).

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I meant to post this yesterday, but work kinda kicked my ass. [ profile] cenedrawood, I got your card, thank you very much hon! :) Thank you, [ profile] ns_tulkas for the card and stickers! They're so cute. :)

Mum and I are watching Scrooged and I've come to the conclusion that Bill Murray should win an award for just being Bill Murray.

Lost is now on Thursdays? This just throws my whole TV watching- wait, there probably won't be TV, so who the hell cares. Although I'll probably have to record it because I want to take an art class to beef up my portfolio more and it's on Thursday nights.

Work today was just... omg. It's the second to last Saturday before Christmas and yeah. So. Busy. And the best part? We had a no show today. She claimed that she read her schedule wrong and well, I dunno. She's only been on the job for two weeks and she's already missed two days of work because she didn't know she was working and has been late a few other times. Not the best way to start off and she couldn't have picked a worse day to screw up. At least we were ok when the evening crew came in.


Dec. 12th, 2007 10:51 am
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No more weekly Kevin McKidd? Booooo! Now what am I going to watch after Heroes (whenever the hell that may be)?


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