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I'm officially on my winter break! I don't have to go back until January 9th! I can sleep, watch tv, sleep, sleep, and then maybe sleep! It's awesome. This weekend was basically me catching up on said sleep. Yesterday I woke up at around 1pm and then I fell asleep on the couch at 3:30pm for an hour and was late for my volunteering. I'm not tired or anything.

Today I volunteered for pet photos with Santa today at Petsmart; I was the photographer and got to use my new camera from school. I got an A- in my photography class this semester, so I put it to good use. This was the last day of the event (it's been going on every weekend this month) and we've raised so much money for VOKRA. We really need all the donations we can get because our vet bills are crazy high. It was mostly dogs and a couple of cats that came into the store for a photo but we did have one bearded dragon! I've never photographed a bearded dragon before, so it was interesting. Her name was Sheila and she was very nice, I got to pat her and she seemed really at ease with everyone.

a couple of pics of my final projects if anyone wants to look )
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Last night my mother abandoned me at Pet Smart. I offered to cover a shift to feed the kitties and got there about 5:30. I took the bus down to the store because mum was dosing in her room and I didn't want to bug her. I left a note asking her to pick me up at 7 figuring she'd wake up or be woken up by one of the many feline foodmongers in the household. Long story short, I left Pet Smart at about 8:30 and then took the bus to the bus depot nearby. Luckily there's a payphone there (I can't afford a cell phone any more) and I phoned mum just as she was waking up. One thing I love about parents when they feel guilty is that you can con them outta stuff, so I managed to get dinner out of her. :P

It was really tough last night; I had to put up with several kittens and two adult cats. How could my mother do this to me?

I had a dream last night and it was one of those where I had a strong emotional reaction/felt the aftermath when I woke up. I really cannot remember the dream in specifics except for this one bit where I was holding this man and he was just holding back and wouldn't let me go. I don't quite know how to describe that feeling of him holding me except that I knew that I could trust and love this person with every fiber of my being and I knew he felt the same way. I have no real idea who this man was, but all I knew was this inexplicable sense of loss, like half of me was missing when I first woke up; almost as if I had just lost my real soul mate. It was so weird. Thanks Dream Man for fucking with my head.

Tonight Tinkerbell brought us one of these:

Yes, that is a Northern Flying Squirrel. She came in with this enormous thing dangling from her mouth and just plunked it down on the carpet. I went to check it out and the poor thing was just petrified. It was so still I thought it was dead at first until I noticed it breathing. Mum got me the garden gloves and I wrapped it up in a towel and put it outside. I've never seen a flying squirrel here before; trust Tinkerbell to bring us one.



Jul. 16th, 2010 05:03 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] oohasparklie asked to see Herb, so here he is if anyone else is curious (click for bigger size):

Sorry it's such a crappy photo of him. All done in coloured pencil, not one smudge of black pencil is on this. This assignment was to design a page for a fictional children's alphabet book. We could pick whatever we wanted, I have no idea why I chose this. I guess I thought it would be easy... HA! Took me about 14 hours to do.

The first part of this course, 'Drawing Basics', is over and I got an A-. The next starts on Monday, which is called 'Exploring Mediums'.

There's a new kitty at Petsmart. I met her last night and she's a doll. Her name is Fifa, but I call her Miss Fifa World Cup Kitty. I hope she doesn't get confused...
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Tonight was my night to volunteer with the kitties and when I came in there was a new guy up for adoption, his name is Xander.

I asked him if he was named after Xander from Buffy, but he wouldn't tell me.


I also need more Buffy icons.
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Today was my last day of volunteering with the kitties (for those of you from the RDJ friending meme I volunteer with VOKRA). Or so I thought. I start school on Monday, so I had to give up morning shifts to help the kitties, but I got a call from one of the coordinators asking if I could to Thursday evenings, so I will still do one shift a week. I was kind of sad to be leaving, but now I'm not. I can still do something to help.

Speaking of cats, my darling, wonderful, beautiful, loving, caring and sensitive girls, Tinkerbell and Cleo have brought us three young rats in less than 24 hours. *facepalm* Honestly, why can't they just leave nature alone? They obviously found a nest or something, because these are all small-ish rats. Two, sadly, have gone to that big rat wheel in the sky, but there is one that is... somewhere around here. I think it's under the couch or something, still alive or so mum thinks. I can handle mice, I can handle shrews running around here (we just let the troops flush them out and then we trap them and take them outside), but I'm not so comfortable with rats. The last thing I want is to randomly have a rat come out of nowhe-


LEAVE NATURE OUTSIDE. DON'T BRING IT INSIDE, LEAVE IT OUTSIDE!!!111! Goddamn. Poor thing, it was shaking and terrified. At least I was able to box it up quickly and it's now outside where it should be.

Now everyone is grounded until their 40. Well maybe not Moe, he doesn't really give a damn about any of it.

Ahh, cats. You have to love 'em.... sometimes.

Tonight mum and I made a calzone that we bought from Save-On-Foods. She picked it up yesterday from their deli department and on the label it clearly stated that it was vegetarian with 5 cheese and a whole bunch of veggies stuffed inside. About half way through our dinner we both kinda looked at each other and said this didn't taste very veggie (we've had them before). We looked inside and saw it stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, sauce ect. I guess we didn't notice sooner since we had a pasta side dish with tomato pesto and a lot of herbs that tasted like the meat calzone. This wouldn't be a huge problem for a lot of people, but I've given up eating pork and pretty much all red meat. I don't know how to feel really. I know I didn't intend to eat it and it was a mistake, but I still feel guilty.

Should we go back to the grocery store and complain? Or at least tell them? I mean, I know people make honest mistakes and I can forgive that, but I just feel kind of... I don't know. Weird for eating it.
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I am happy to announce that LJ got adopted. When I went in on Wednesday he wasn't there and the sheet said he had been adopted on Sunday. I was a bit sad since I would have loved to have him, but I am happy he's now in a good home. On Wednesday I came in and there were three new kitties; Mouse & Spunky (they're brothers) and Cleo. I am head over heels in love with Cleo and I really want to adopt her. If the damn adoption fee wasn't so much I would take her, but right now I can't. I'm seriously considering asking if I could take her and pay the fee later or something, but if she gets adopted this weekend then she does and I'll be happy to know she's in a good home.

Tomorrow is the adoption event with VOKRA/Pet Smart, so I'm going to help out for most of the afternoon. We'll be getting even more kitties in just for the day, so hopefully they'll get homes as well. I really do hope Ebony gets a home as well. I love her to death, but she can't be in a home with any other cats, kids or dogs. Plus she's all black and for some stupid reason black cats are harder to adopt out. She's been at Pet Smart for a month now and really is a darling, evil little thing. With any luck she'll get a good home soon.
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I can now legally travel to the US without getting body checked, tasered, pepper sprayed and cuffed at the border. I've never had a passport before, so this is exciting (for me). [/nerd]

Moe. He decided to make himself comfy by squeezing himself between my PS3 and the wall... I don't know why they do that, but he proves that once again, the bigger the cat, the smaller the napping spot. The cable box wasn't even on, so it wasn't warm. *shrug*

Tinkerbell, Ebony, LJ and Bianca )


Apr. 10th, 2010 10:21 pm
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I'm really enjoying volunteering to help with the kitties. I'm going in tomorrow morning to feed and clean their rooms. Sunday isn't my usual day, but I said I would because the lady who does the scheduling needed someone, so I was happy to oblige. The only thing I hate is getting up early. I've never been a morning person, so it's a pain, but worth it in the end. I play with Ebony with a laser pointer and it's hilarious seeing her race across the floor and then slide face first into the wall. Then she just turns back around and proceeds to do it again in the other direction.

After kitty duty tomorrow mum and I are going to visit my grandma in the hospital (she lives in the extended care ward) for her 93rd birthday. To be honest, no one in our family ever thought she'd make it to 93, but hey, she has. More power to her. Mum and I may squeeze in a movie after if we're not too exhausted from everything.

And now for some sex RDJ from Men's Journal:

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Apr. 7th, 2010 06:56 pm
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I went to do my first volunteer shift this morning. I met the lady at Petsmart and she showed me all the ropes. Basically it's just what I do for Tinkerbell and Moe, really. Feed, water, change litter, play, clean up their area. I think I'll enjoy it. I'll be doing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings since that's what the lady needs right now. She said that there will probably be two more kitties arriving this week, but one may be adopted out already.

This morning I played with Ebony and LJ (he shall be named LiveJournal cat :D ). They're both sweeties and I want them both, but Ebony needs single pet home with no kids. LJ is shy and a sweetheart and I want to take him right now, but I have no idea how Moe would react to his sudden presence. He could be completely cool or it could be World War III.

I like kitties.


Apr. 6th, 2010 07:44 pm
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I got a job.... but it pays absolutely nothing. Mum and I were at Petsmart yesterday loading up on food for the tribe and we always have to go visit the adoption centre. There was a notice up saying that they needed help Wednesday and Friday mornings, so I called up and offered my services. The lady almost couldn't believe her luck, because she is going back to work next week and was getting desperate. It's kitties only, so what I have to do is the usual, feed, water, clean the box and play with them. :)

The organization for all the adoptions is this one: Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue.

I get to play with kitties and then bring them all home with me ....or not.


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