Nov. 30th, 2011 08:56 pm
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My mum was involved in a hit and run today. She’s okay, but the car is a bit dinged up. The asshole decided to change lanes without even looking and hit mum and then sped off the minute it happened. Mum was too shocked to fully realize what happened and the person just sped off before she could get any licence plate number or even the make of the car. All she has is it was a dark grey SUV. I don’t get why some people are just selfish fucking scum and are too chicken to do the right think. Anyway, I know it could haven been worse and we're lucky to have such minimal 'damage'. Still frustrating as hell.
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Once again my brain loves me; I had another kick ass Avenger dream last night. This time I was Rogue from X-Men and had to help them find Loki. Wolverine was there as well and at one point he was talking to me about Gambit and if I had forgiven him (for what I have no idea). The next few details are fuzzy, but I end up finding Loki (in my dream he was Hiddleston) somewhere in the desert where he seems to be confused and doesn't really know who he is. I try to help him out, but it turns out it was a trap. Something else happens and I try to get away but I can't and then all of a sudden he's kissing me. Now being Rogue of course this is a bad idea, but that was his plan all along. Again I am fuzzy on the details about what happens next, but what I do remember next is that I'm in a showdown with Iron Man, Captain America, and Wolverine. A big battle ensues and I guess I am good again or something because the next thing I remember is that I'm at SHIELD HQ. Then I wake up. >.<

Seriously, why hasn't anyone made anything to DVR our dreams? LOL Where's Christopher Nolan when you need him?
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Last night I had kickass dream. I'm currently reading Jane Eyre and of course the movie with Michael Fassbender is never far from my mind (hell, Fassy is never far from my mind these days), so my dream starts off with me being Jane and Mr. Rochester trying to win me over. Finally when I consent to marry him (why I took so long IDK) we go back to our house in the city and when we get there part of the Avengers are there. They're trying to stop some kind of assassin from killing someone, I don't know if it was Mr. Rochester or me, but there was Iron man and Thor in our living room. I can't remember what happens next but the next thing I remember is Tony Stark acting all spy like and going around shooting people and he isn't even in the Iron Man suit, and Thor, Captain America and Black Widow all going after him thinking he's turned evil. After many explosions and chases they finally catch up to Tony only to learn that Pepper Potts is behind it all. LOL IDK, MAN! She had an Iron Man/Lady suit and was about to blow up Tony when he did something only Tony Mother fucking Stark could do and ended up stopping Pepper. Then it turns out that Pepper was just being controlled by someone and that the real threat was still out there. That's all I remember.

Only my brain can go from Jane Eyre to Avengers in one dream. I have no idea what I smoked before going to bed last night, but it was awesome.
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I just got home from the hospital. Tonight my dad, who is a bus driver, got assaulted by some crazy guy because he wouldn't give him a free ride. The guy just started beating my dad over the head with a Thermos and went ape shit. All over a stupid $3.75 bus fare. Long story short is that a few people came to my dad's aid and the police and ambulance were called in. The guy who assaulted my dad didn't run, so the police were able to arrest him and take him away. Dad was taken to emergency and had x-rays and a CT scan done on his jaw and head and thankfully everything looks okay and he's already home. He'll be sore and bruised, but we're just so thankful that this lunatic didn't have a knife or a gun or some other kind of weapon otherwise things could be a lot worse.

And you know what? I was a witness to all of this only I didn't know it. The Starbucks I work at is across the parking lot from the bus exchange where he stops at and that's where the guy got on. I was working tonight and at I could see all the police cars, ambulance and stuff happening but I was too far away to actually see that it was my dad. We all just thought that someone had an accident or something, but nope, it was my daddy getting wailed on. I phoned my mum on my break and I just casually mentioned what I say and then she said she got a call from Karen (the bus dispatcher/main operator for everyone at the bus company) and well, you know.

I swear if I wasn't about to start university in September I think I would move to some tiny island somewhere. Can life just not be complicated for two minutes? Please?
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So last night I had a dream where James Franco and Leonardo DiCaprio were both vampires and wanted kill each other. At one point James Franco tried to mow down Leo in a dune buggy, which didn't succeed, but I guess they did because they did end up killing each other.

I don't even know. LOL

Thank you!

Dec. 29th, 2009 08:10 pm
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[ profile] oronena, your card arrived today! Thank you so much! And I'm almost halfway through season 2 of Bones. ^__^ ♥

Ok, ppl, I'm having some weird recurring dreams as of late and it's really confusing. All of the dreams features me and this fine specimen of a man, Michael Weatherly:

You'd think that be good, right? Well at first each dream starts off pretty well, but in each an every dream one or both of us dies. I dunno, it's just... odd. Each dream we start of as a couple or married or whatever, then for some reason I die, he dies or we both die. I've had this dream six times now and it never changes. One or both of us dies and then I wake up or cannot remember the rest of the dream.

Dear Michael,

I do not want you to die. I do not like to see you die (in my head). Please know it's nothing personal. I must eat or smoke something before bed that I am unaware of.


I don't get it, but I seem to be dreaming of this kind of situation about once a week. *shrug*

While we're on the subject of death (yay...?), mum and I have been watching some various Ghost/Paranormal shows on TV (like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State ect.) and we have both agreed that when we're both dead we are going to have a haunt off to see who can haunt the most people/do the coolest hauntings. We're normal. Really.


Oct. 20th, 2009 01:14 am
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Um. Um. Um.

This is currently outside my bedroom (yes, it's still there as I type). Like not even 4 feet away from my window and just a few more feet from my mom's......

I had opened my mum's window to let the kitties out (I hope they stay away for awhile) and after a bit I heard all this rustling. I thought it was the raccoon's so I went back in her room to close the window. As I was closing it I saw this enormous pink tongue lick it's nose and.... that's not a raccoon.

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Um.... I went to close my mum's bedroom window because Tinker had come in and there's some weird black liquid on the windowsill and on top of her dresser....

It hasn't been smeared there or tracked in (that I know of), it just looks like it's dripped from something and there's nothing on the ceiling or window that indicates it dripped down from there. I wiped a bit up and it's not blood, just a black, watery liquid. Almost like ink? IDK.

I really do need Dean and Sam for realz.
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I was just sitting in the living room checking my email when I catch some movement out of the corner of my eye. I just thought it was Eowyn since she's white with a bit of grey/brown, but it wasn't her. I look up, and before I knew it I had a Jack Russell doggie on my lap licking my face.


I had opened the sliding door to the sun room to let some fresh air in and I guess the little girl (it was a girl puppy) decided to come in. I haven't seen her around the neighbourhood before, so I haven't a clue where she lives or if she's just visiting. Anyway, she wave very friendly and omg! so bouncy. JR's are always so energetic, but this one was just wiggling and bouncing away like mad. I'm pretty sure she followed Eowyn's scent into our place because she was sniffing up a storm and Eowyn was hiding under the couch. Coda was all "WTF?! YOU'RE IN MY PERSONAL SPACE!!", but the puppy didn't even bat an eye at her. It was hilarious.

After finishing off the bowl of cat food and spending 20 minutes sniffing around our place/yard she left. I could hear someone calling something outside, so I'm pretty sure her owner was looking for her. In all the excitement I managed to get a piccy of her.

I swear my backyard is a magnet for all things furry.
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[ profile] gremmie_goo and I are currently watching Dead Like Me, well I am. She's asleep in the chair next to me. *pokes her*
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So I just looked at my credit card statement and saw that there was a charge for $39.99 US on it. Um, no. I haven't made any charges like that. I called the number and talked to a very nice lady and it was a porn site that was charging me $40 US (about $49 Canadian) for my monthly membership.

What monthly membership? Stupid porn sites *kicks it*.

Now I'm glad I phoned and got it canceled, because now I can get mum a Christmas present. :)


Nov. 30th, 2005 09:57 pm
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tonight's LOST )


Oct. 13th, 2005 10:15 pm
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I just saw the first Christmas/Holiday commercial on TV.



[eta] Are there any coffee lovers on my list? I get a pound a week. I have no need for that much. Coffee for Christmas it is!
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I think this picture perfectly describes the whole 'WTF?' idea/feeling.

Click for bigger.


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