Jan. 27th, 2005

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I woke up today with another beetle in my bed. I hate those things and I wish to God that when the plane crashed that someone had a can of bug spray. Orlando was still snoring away beside me and I couldn’t help but smile at his innocent sleeping face; but he sure wasn't innocent last night.

Dominic made up some lovely fish and berries for breakfast (again) and then we decided to go up to the waterfall to have some fun. There are some perks to be stranded on a deserted island: hot boys, waterfalls, hot boys, lots of sun, hot boys. I can hardly believe that it's been almost 2 months. I wonder if Jake and Viggo have finished planning the raft.

The waterfall was nice and warm, Orlando and Dom took turns jumping off the top and cannonballing into the water. I wish I had a camera or rather a camera that didn't have dead batteries. Evangeline and Justin came up from camp to join me in some R&R. We’ve been working really hard these past couple of days building shelters and getting food sorted. Who knew that 14 people would eat so much?

"I still find it ironic that we’re stranded on an island while you and Dom were on a hit TV show called Lost." I told Evie.

"I guess someone up there thought it would be a funny joke." Evie said rolling her eyes.

After the waterfall Orlando and I snuck off to find some coconuts, when we came back to camp Viggo noted that we were coconut-less. He always has to point out the obvious. Bugger. If he weren't so gorgeous I'd slap him. Not my fault Orlando and I fell in love and shag like bunnies… Ok, well maybe it is a bit of my fault, but Orlando was the one who came onto me. Yes, that's it.

"Lunch is ready!" Dom yelled, and I asked him what was on the menu. "Fish and berries." Viggo offered to cook dinner since it was becoming very obvious that Dom could only cook fish and berries.

Later on while we were fixing up part of the roof to one of the huts Dom and I heard a buzzing noise. He asked if I had brought a vibrator with me and slapped him-on the ass. He may be a cheeky bugger but he's sure cute. The buzzing grew louder and all of a sudden we heard Justin yelling from down the beach.

"GUYS THERE’S A HELICOPTER COMING!" We all ran down to meet him to see if it wasn't just sunstroke and a really big bee, but that sound was unmistakable. We looked about and saw a large dot on the horizon getting bigger. After about 10 minutes the helicopter was landing a few miles down the beach and we all ran to see. On the side was a very familiar logo.

"Is that the Starbucks logo?" Jake asked. WTF? What was Starbucks doing in a giant twin engine helicopter out in the middle of no where? A man in a dark suit jumped out and looked at us in surprise. He said he didn't realize that there were already people on this island. We told him how we were stranded 2 months ago while we were on our way back from Australia. So what the hell was he doing there?

"We’re opening a new chain of Starbucks, Star-fish-bucks the tropical island coffee chain and we’re currently scouting out possible locations for stores. Would you like a free sample? Our new flavour is a chilled pineapple mocha twist." He didn't have to ask twice, we were in heaven the only thing that could have made it better would have been a bunch of lounge chairs and some music.

What are the chances that a multi-billion dollar company would come out in the middle of nowhere and set up shop? I guess Starbucks really is taking over everything.
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Me: Guess who reportedly broke up?
Mum: Brad and Jen!
Me: *rolls eyes* No. Guess again.
Mum: Uhhhh, Arquette and-
Me: No Friends relation whatsoever.
Mum: Ok. Nick and Jessica?
Me: No, not singers.
Mum: Ok, actors. Young or old?
Me: Young.
Mum: Ok.... *thinks* First inital?
Me: Of who?
Mum: The girl.
Me: K
Mum: *thinks* First inital of the guy?
Me: O
Mum: OOooooooOOOoooh. Really?
Me: That's what they're sayin on TV.


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