Feb. 8th, 2005

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I have to open this morning, it'll be the first time on my own. I'm not worried since it's pretty easy. Today is my first full 8 hour shift, yay fun.

Last night mum went out to check out a place, the guy said that he had several more people to interview, but I really hope we get this.

*hugs LJ peeps*
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I cut through Wal*Mart to get to Starbucks for one of my breaks and I noticed they had a brand new shipment of My Little Ponies. I went to go 'oooh' and 'ahhh' at them and noticed they were on for $3.44.

$3.44 per pony. You have no idea how much will power it took me to leave Wal*Mart without one... well, not so much as willpower but lack of funds. :P BUT FIRST PAY CHEQUE I'M GOING TO TREAT MYSELF TO A PONY!!!! [/nerd] Then give the rest to mum for rent. Bleh. Such is life.

I didn't realize how depressed I was until today. Not just this morning but as of late. It really is neat how much better I felt while I was at work, I've been so worried and stressed out about money and where mum and I are going to live that I now have something to take my mind off of everything.

I really like what I'm doing (watch me bitch about it in a few months how I don't like it LOL), I spent the whole day refilling cartridges and getting my hands covered in ink. I love that, it's the artist in me that likes inked up hands. :P I'm good at it too, I've picked up a lot of the basics really quickly and my boss is a real nice guy that helps me out when I have a question. His sister was in today and she's a real nice lady.

It's really hard to type with a tail in my face. *adjusts Eowyn on shoulder*

Now it's time for dinner, FL checking and NCIS. I <3 Dinozzo.
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[Poll #434005]

[edit] if I do change it won't be for a long while. I don't want to redo everything right now.

[edit2] Alrighty, since I'm not wholly prepared to change my username right now, I created another journal with the username I was thinking about: [livejournal.com profile] cinquedragownes (sorta to have it on reserve, or if I ever need another journal for something). I may never change my current username, it was just a thought I had, then I read [livejournal.com profile] leggiluv's post today got me thinking more. lol Go blame her. :P

[edit3] I get my braces changed tomorrow, what colour should I get?

[edit4] Forgot to add that they're already purple.
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Me: I know what my next tattoo will be.
Mum: *groans* ....... what?
Me: I love Dom.
Mum: No.
Me: You're so meen.

LOST spoiler for tomorrow night )

[livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo, Boston Rob from Survivor is going to be on the Amazing Race with Amber starting March 1st. Just FYI.


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