Mar. 4th, 2005

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My entire lower back and lower SI joint is inflamed. I haven't slept in almost 40 hours and I can't walk or do anything and I can't stop sobbing it hurts to bad. I went to the chiropratctor and doctor today and they've prescribed me some meds. Mum went out to get those meds filled at about 3pm and still isn't home. Dad's out to dinner and I'm a werk. I can't do anything. I can barely function. I almost wish someone would hear my screaming and call 911 or maybe I should.

I can't take this. I go back to the doctor and chiro Monday and hopefully it won't be a bacterial infection. My chiro was so sweet today, he just held my hand as I sobbed my way into his clinic and on his table.

God, what a depressing/alarming post. I'm sorry. I just don't know what to do. I think I'll try and eat something and attempt to get back into bed. I can barely do that.

[edit] mum is home.


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