Apr. 23rd, 2005

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Mum accidentally overheard a conversation this morning with The Bitch (actually that's too kind of a word for her) and her son.

He asked how 'the slobs' were doing. So nice of him to keep us in mind. We should go look for a barn to live in, because according to him that's what would be fitting for us. The woman who lives here and is like a second daughter to them and has acted sort of as the mediator with this whole situation was the one who broke in and took the pictures of everything. Everyone was so horrified by the mess and boxes everywhere. I guess 3 weeks after moving is too late to have everything sorted and put away all nice and pretty. They were also really surprised to see how the 'other half lives'. The son is coming back in mid May for a week and is going to 'fake' moving in so he can get us out of here quicker. Our lawyer says that we have at least 60 days, so too bad asshole. Oh, and keep in mind, these are church going people that just has the highest praise from everyone in the community, so by default they must be right.

So the real solid reason that they want us out: we're 'too messy' for their stuck up holier than god attitude.

I'm just beyond anything right now. Beyond rage, beyond sadness, beyond anything. I can't even cry. I'm physically shaking. And it's not just what was said, it's mum. She's worked herself to the bone her whole life and this is what she gets. It just makes me sick.

Things are not good right now. Like I said a couple of posts ago, I truly feel like I've been raped, but no one has physically touched me.
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I needed some cheering up. And he cheers me up.

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