Apr. 25th, 2005

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I've closed http://www.bunnylove.net and I feel good about it. I mean I just left it as dead space for so long and I just needed a fresh start with a new more affordable webhost. So, bunnylove.net will probably re-open somewhere else or I may even change the name all together.

Chocolat is on TV. Johnny is just so.... delicious. ;)

Dispite all the bullshit that has been going on this past week I feel better today. Maybe it's a sign of a new beginning or it's because I have muffins.
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A baby grey whale beached itself out in Boundary Bay about 5 minutes away from where my aunt lives today. I just watched the news and the poor thing wasn't doing so good, but finally when the tied came up they managed to get it free and it swam away. The Vancouver Aquarium followed it to make sure it didn't re-beach itself and when it finally swam out of the bay there were two bigger grey whales waiting for it and then they all disappeared.

Isn't that sweet? Made me tear up.


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