Oct. 3rd, 2005

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After working almost 12 hours straight on Saturday I am still dead. Luckily my shift tomorrow is only 4 hours so I can come home and nap and do housework.

gremmie_gooGoo came over for a few hours today and she brought me a Happy Meal! Yay for Happy Meals. You're never too old to have a happy meal. We just hung out and helped mum with some of her computer stuff. I think I helped a bit. I wrote out notes and showed her how to send and receive emails ect. Simple stuff, but we all had to learn sometime.

gremmie_gooGoo, I got those Canuck pics burned for yea, so you can come and get it any time. I also included a couple more surprises for you.

I've been having major computer problems all night. I think I got it fixed, but I really need to get some new anti virus soft wear. I can't afford it, but maybe some trials of something will do. What would you guys recommend? Norton? McAfee? I used to have Norton, I guess I'd go with that. Or maybe Bullguard, but it's so expensive.

I have a new favourite drink. London Fogs. Some of you may know them as Tea Misto's, but at our store they call them London Fogs. It's just tea with steamed milk and a few shots of vanilla syrup, but you don't have to have that. You can basically have whatever combination you want. I'm thinking of trying it with cinnamon syrup next time.

My brain is failing me, there was going to be a lot more to this entry but I'm so tired. Nighty night!


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