Dec. 18th, 2005

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Last night I was closing with G and I offered him a ride home (well actually my mum was picking me up, you get the picture). Anyway, after waiting for about 20 minutes my mum still hasn't shown up and it's getting to be 10:30. I would have called her, but my lovely phone provider has cut off my service because they want about $500 in back payments (I've been paying what I can! Bastards). Anyway, he goes into the pub next door to call his brother, but his brother is out, so what he does is leave me to catch the bus and wait for my mum a little longer. BUT! What he does is he takes the bus home, gets his car and comes back to pick me up! How sweet was that? I mean really, he could have just left me to wait for my mum all night or take a cab, but he goes home and comes back at like 11 pm just to give me a ride home! I was very touched. :) The reason mum didn't pick me up was because she fell asleep.

Nothing much to say except that I've been working. Mum's been freaking out about a) money b) Christmas c) everything else under the sun, so it's been a bit stressful.

Last night Eowyn decided to sleep on my legs. Cats are great leg warmers.

In honour of my Dark Angel DVD's that will hopefully come this week *pokes Amazon*, here is some Logan to feast on. Cleek.

pic yoinked from [ profile] teh_indy
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I'm trying to burn stuff on to a DVD, but it's not going so well. I have an external DVD burner and all the files get loaded up properly, but when it goes to burn it says: "Error: Power Calibration Area Error".

I'm kinda at a loss here. I've unplugged it, turned it off, restarted the computer, but nothing.




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