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Never have I watched a show with characters quite like these. It's hard to put into words exactly how I feel, but it's a show where everything is grey. There is no one right and no one wrong. Each character is so complex with their own demons and faults, but also their own beauty and goodness. I really cannot say that I dislike any one character. I disliked some of their actions over the show, but as a character I really do like and love them all. Another thing about this show is that it was real. Well, real in a sense that it wasn't cheesy, you could believe that if this really happened that this is how it would be handled or reacted too. It's still TV so it has to tell a story with grand story lines and actions, but the whole time I could believe that it could happen. I've never watched a show that could make me feel like this. It had a very human element to it in all it's darkness and light.

Daybreak Pt. 2, spoilers for the finale )

I spent the better part of last night bawling my eyes out, but I'm glad I wrote all this out. It makes me feel better about saying goodbye to these characters.

Thank you, BSG for being one of the best frakking shows I have ever watched. And thank you [livejournal.com profile] saerie for getting me into this. Without reading it in your journal all the time I don't know if I would ever pick up and watch this show.

So say we all.
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Nothin' but the rain.


Mar. 20th, 2009 07:11 am
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The very last Battlestar Galactica is tonight. I am both so excited and so dreading it at the same time. It's going to be a long day at work.
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Happy 31st Birthday, Jensen. Stay sexy.

It's official. Mum and I are moving. Our land lord came by last night and ran some options by us. If we really wanted to stay the rent would be $200 higher and then there wouldn't be a guarantee that we would stay here if our land lord didn't get this place re-mortgaged. The place isn't really worth $200 more, because nothing is included and from poking around the ads and on craigs ist we could find a place with almost the same asking price and have everything or most of everything included. It feels like it's time to move on, we could may be get something a bit bigger or something more modern. My room is like a closet, my bed fits in and then I have about three feet of room between the foot and left side of my bed to move around in. My closet is barely three feet wide and I just have clothes piled everywhere because I can't fit it all in there. I have boxes and boxes of books, because there are no shelves to put them on. I want somewhere I can put some of my Sideshow LOTR statues on display, my fairies and books. I'm not asking for huge, but just bigger. Mum's room isn't much better, even though her closet is about twice as big as mine.

Moving sucks, but at the same time our landlord is giving us until the end of May, which is really nice. It will give us time to go through everything and just throw stuff out or give it away. A lot of stuff I don't see or need anymore, so it's going to SPCA thrift store or the Salvation Army. Legally my landlord could say out by the end of April, but he's giving us an extra month or he also said that we could stay until the end of July, but we'd have to start paying the new higher rent. This option saves us a little money and hopefully we'll be able to afford an actual moving company.

Honestly I won't miss this place a whole lot, but I will miss the backyard and the animals. My heart literally hurts to leave them, but I know that we cannot stay here forever. Other than that? Yeah, bye, bye.

I was able to watch the latest BSG last night Thoughts about Starbuck... spoilery to the latest episode )

Yesterday I took the bus down to the mall to visit mum at her new job. I think it was a nice surprise for her, it's been a rough week. Starting a new job and then finding out your landlord wants you out/raising the rent is pretty stressful. I think she's doing alright. She's just still super paranoid that something will happen, but I tell her not to worry about it.

I was able to find a sweet deal at HMV, they usually have their mix and match DVD deals, like two for $20 or whatever. I had a gift card from Christmas and I was able to score Repo! The Genetic Opera and Boondock Saints on Blu-ray for $40!!! I only had to pay $10 out of my pocket. Nice. :D
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Today is my Grandma's 91st birthday. Honestly? None of us expect that, but good for her. Mum and I are going down to visit and bring her a cup cake. After that we thought we'd pop into Ikea and look at stuff. I love Ikea, it's so fun.

New BSG tonight! YAY!!!

Also I thought that SPN Media was going to be releasing all those new pics on the 8th. Or am I wrong? I'm confused. I want new sex, dammit!
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It's a rainy April day and I don't feel like doing much other than sitting on my butt, watch tv and work on my portfolio (which is due in two and a half weeks. eep!). I'm going finish off watching season three of Battlestar Galactica and then watch the S4 premiere! :D I've been trying to avoid spoilers on my FL and it's so hard because every time I see a link it basically says CLICK ME!

The new pics of Jensen have been plastered all over my FL, but I'm going to post them too, because they're too good not to post. ;D

Sex. Now. Plz.


Mar. 18th, 2008 10:29 pm
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Am sick. :( Plz send juice.

I'm not going in to work tomorrow, I'm just feeling worse than I was this morning.

I caved and bought the Steelbook edition of Battlestar Galactica season three. Nnngh. So pretty.
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This morning I had a guy come into the store wearing a Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 coat, so I asked him if he was a fan of the show or worked on it. He does work on the show and I told him how awesome it is and how much I'm looking forward to April. He said and I quote: this season is going to be a doozy. *bouncebouncebounce*

He also said that they're all back filming on the 25th and have nine more eps to go and then they're done. *sniff*

But still! BSG!!!!

I've had a couple of people working on shows (Dead Like Me, The L Word) come in, but no one from SPN... yet.
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If you have a Christmas List Wish List/Meme link me to it here.

FREE TO GOOD HOME! Two cats. One will throw up on you in the middle of the night and bring in dead mice. The other will walk on you at odd hours of the night and bring you dead birds. Serious offers only plz. Kthnx.

I finally got my hands on the Heroes magazine! The book store people finally put it out on the rack.

I really like some of the new photos of Hayden Panettiere from the new GQ, but the one of her on the bed kinda squirks me out. I dunno why, maybe I'm just being weird.

New Moonlight tonight! I'm really starting to get into this show and enjoy it. It's cheesy and fun, a good combination.

Lately I've noticed I'm started to pull away from the Supernatural fandom. Not the show, it's still my favourite, but the fandom is just really getting on my nerves lately. Everyone seems to just be on about something and it's just getting old. Someone says something and someone else jumps down their throats ect. I'm just going to stay out of it and enjoy my boys as well as make graphics of them. Or maybe I should post something where I hope Dean and Bela hook up, that should send people into a frenzy. *is evil*

I'm tired and I want it not to be the shopping season. Retail people do not get paid enough for the kind of shit we get put through, it's a lot harder than it looks. I really hope something better comes along for me soon.

My mum and I bought a light up moose for the yard. That should freak the raccoon's out nicely. We wanted the big one, but it was too expensive, so we just got the small one, but now I feel bad because it'll be all alone outside. I guess I'll have to get another small one so it won't be lonely. Yes, I realize I'm talking about a moose that lights up. :P

I want to make myself dinner but I don't know what to make and I'm too lazy. I really wish we could get into the age where you just tell a thing what you want to have and then it'll materialize right in front of out a la Star Trek.

I need a hair cut, my hair is starting to go down the road of the Crazy Pasdar Hair of Awesome.

BSG: Razor tomorrow! \o/


Jul. 23rd, 2007 06:22 pm
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I just finished watching season three of Battlestar Galactica.

Read more... )
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I've just finished watching season 2 of BSG.... )

Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo and I went to see a psychic. Only thing is that we were too late for our appointment due to traffic and other things, so she told us not to bother. Instead we shopped around the place (such an amazing store, I seriously fell in love with it). I was able to get another dream fairy with my birthday money. :D

After our little shopping we took the bus into town to go see Harry Potter, but the scary thing is that when we get off the bus we see that there is a taro card reader/psychic set up on the street. We figure that we'd get a reading done since we didn't get one earlier. His name was Merlin and what the cards told us was scary. Seriously I almost couldn't breathe at what he was telling me and then when it was Goo's turn I could see her shaking at some of the stuff he told us. And it wasn't just him telling us stuff, but the cards. We picked all the cards, not him, so yeah it was definitely worth it to see him. And he was a hell of a lot cheaper. :P

Unfortunately all the Harry Potter shows were sold out until 11pm, so we didn't want to stick around down town for that long, instead we went back to my place and we hung out and watched a movie. We had fun, despite our original plans getting a bit screwed around with. *hugs her Goo*
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For anyone know really knows mum and I you should know that' we're big clutter bugs. Like not just clutter here and there, clutter every freaking inch of this place. It's really quite depressing and it makes us just feel miserable. We're really hoping to rectify that. We have to give so much stuff away and I'm going to sell some of my LOTR stuff. I don't want to, but I need money and I have no room for it. I need to find a price guide for LOTR action figures and some other stuff. Or if anyone here is interested in some of the stuff let me know. I haven't gone through it yet, so I can't tell you exactly what I'm going to sell.

Anyway, to start this de-cluttering process I ripped apart my room yesterday and filled four garbage bags of my clothes and I have given them away. That's about half of my wardrobe. I've been buying lots of nicer clothes when I get gift cards for Christmas or my birthday, so those will last longer. I'll also be able to make more outfits out of them. The only problem is I'll have to try and stop my pyjama addiction, I cannot resist new pyjamas.

Today I sorted some of my books and magazines I want to keep and put them in boxes. London Drugs had some nice storage boxes on sale for $2.99 so I bought 6 and they all fit real nicely in my room.

The next part is going to be more difficult. I have to sort through my stuffed animals. Anyone who knows me know that I love my stuffed animals and I just hate to part with any, but I have no room. I'll just have to keep the ones I really love and have sentimental value.

I've finally started watching more of season two of Battlestar Galactica. I really love Starbuck, she just rocks my socks.

Lazer cats

Jul. 1st, 2007 04:44 pm
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Moe is currently fascinated with this toy that moves a little red lazer around on the floor. It's so cute.

I got the second disc to season two of BSG, but I can't watch it. The DVD player my dad got me was working fine for the first few days, but now everything I put in keeps skipping, pausing and shutting it off. I talked to the salesman where my dad got it from and he said to bring it back and they'll exchange it, which is nice, because I don't want to watch movies on my other DVD player since they won't be in HD. I'm an HD snob now. :P

I did have a very nice dream about Starbuck and Apollo last night with a dash of Anders. *licks lips*


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