Jun. 11th, 2011


Jun. 11th, 2011 05:29 pm
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Here are some photo's that I took of Bianca (our landlords dog) during the two weeks while we took care of her. A little back story on her: she's pretty much kept locked up in the backyard 85% of the time and never really taken out for walks or exercise. Our landlord has a good shelter for her and plenty of food and water, so she isn't neglected of the basic necessities, just of exercise and one on one time with people. Mum and I were determined to take her to as many places as possible. She also is barely trained and is very, very bouncy, but surprisingly she is really well behaved during walks and off leash at dog parks. That made everything so much more easier. I also kept taking her to the beach and to my surprise (well, not really) she didn't know how to swim! Mum took her to the beach while I did my brief stint back at work and she said that she was nervous about the waves and things, which I don't blame her for. Eventually I was able to break her of that and taught her how to swim and now she can swim until the cows come home. She's got a bit of a stick obsession; she will not give up her stick which can be a problem since I have to throw it, so I worked out a system where I have three or four sticks on the go at once so I can rotate them and always have one to throw. Our landlord is going away again on the 18th so we get to take care of her again for two weeks. I do love being with her even though I had forgotten how much work dogs can be. It just kind of sucks that I can't have her in our part of the house since she is not a cat friendly (or any small animal) friendly dog.

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