Jul. 18th, 2011

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I just got home from the hospital. Tonight my dad, who is a bus driver, got assaulted by some crazy guy because he wouldn't give him a free ride. The guy just started beating my dad over the head with a Thermos and went ape shit. All over a stupid $3.75 bus fare. Long story short is that a few people came to my dad's aid and the police and ambulance were called in. The guy who assaulted my dad didn't run, so the police were able to arrest him and take him away. Dad was taken to emergency and had x-rays and a CT scan done on his jaw and head and thankfully everything looks okay and he's already home. He'll be sore and bruised, but we're just so thankful that this lunatic didn't have a knife or a gun or some other kind of weapon otherwise things could be a lot worse.

And you know what? I was a witness to all of this only I didn't know it. The Starbucks I work at is across the parking lot from the bus exchange where he stops at and that's where the guy got on. I was working tonight and at I could see all the police cars, ambulance and stuff happening but I was too far away to actually see that it was my dad. We all just thought that someone had an accident or something, but nope, it was my daddy getting wailed on. I phoned my mum on my break and I just casually mentioned what I say and then she said she got a call from Karen (the bus dispatcher/main operator for everyone at the bus company) and well, you know.

I swear if I wasn't about to start university in September I think I would move to some tiny island somewhere. Can life just not be complicated for two minutes? Please?


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