Nov. 30th, 2011 08:56 pm
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My mum was involved in a hit and run today. She’s okay, but the car is a bit dinged up. The asshole decided to change lanes without even looking and hit mum and then sped off the minute it happened. Mum was too shocked to fully realize what happened and the person just sped off before she could get any licence plate number or even the make of the car. All she has is it was a dark grey SUV. I don’t get why some people are just selfish fucking scum and are too chicken to do the right think. Anyway, I know it could haven been worse and we're lucky to have such minimal 'damage'. Still frustrating as hell.


Nov. 8th, 2011 05:07 pm
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I had to do a film review for my communications course, so I chose to do 'Fish Tank' (because my teacher wanted more 'arty' films and not mainstream 'Hollywood' films, whatever).

I asked my mum to proof my draft and she just gave it back to me with suggestions/grammar corrections. These include:

her mother’s new boyfriend, Connor (Michael FassSlowbender, who has…

his car and steady employment
>and super appendage are…

As Connor, Michael Fassbinder continues a terrific…

I walked right into this, didn't I? LOL
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Last night mum and I watched that new show Terra Nova that we recorded. I thought it was alright, but nothing mind blowing. Anyway, throughout the whole thing I kept saying I wanted a dinosaur and because daughters love to torture their mothers, I kept saying it really loudly. Anyway, this morning mum was still asleep even though her alarm was going off and I had to wake her, so I just walked in her room, turned on the lights and screamed 'I WANT A DINOSAUR!'. That got her up.

I am 5 years old, not 27. :P
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Mum's been feeding the slugs cat food to try and deter them from eating her flowers. They seem to really like it, one just polished off two treats.
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This took place after I got off the phone with my dad:

Me: Why does he need you to go shoe shopping?
Mum: He wants a new pairs of shoes for the wedding.
Me: Okay.
Mum: He needs to get a pair of satin pumps, I wish he would have the guts to do that. He could walk around with his toes hanging out.

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My mum was so proud that she noticed Small spoiler for 'My Heart Will Go On' )
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My grandma died early this morning; she was 93 and old age just took over. She didn't suffer much or didn't have much pain, so that is a blessing. I'm so glad that mum and I went down to see her one last time on Tuesday. We originally though that we'd come down today, but it would have been too late. I'm glad that we got to see her one last time and told her we loved her.

Janet Bonsall Hopkins
April 11th, 1917 - February 24th, 2011.

Thank you for being my grandma, I will miss you.
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Today not only did I have to stay late at work because someone called in sick (1 hour before their shift, btw), but it took me an hour and ten minutes on the FIRST BUS to get home when it should usually talk about half an hour. XD Mum picked me up at the bus depot where I transfer to get on the bus that goes right by our house. ♥ mommy.

IN OTHER EXCITING NEWS: I ordered myself a Merlin calendar for 2011. No one got me a calendar for Christmas, so I just said 'fuck it' and ordered one off of eBay.

I'm going to have Merlin and Arthur in next to my bed. :D :D :D
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elvensapphireMy Wifey, I received your card today!!!! Which is odd since there is no post on Sunday's, but it is only because no one checked the mail box on Friday, so YAY!!! Thank you very much. It is now with my other cards. ♥ ♥ ♥

I hope everyone had a good or a relatively good Christmas. Mine was actually pretty good; I wasn't really expecting much (both out of the actual holiday/presents), but overall it was nice. Mum and I stayed home and did nothing and dad came over for Christmas Eve/Day. We basically ate, watched TV/movies, ate, slept and ate some more.

Now the oblig present moment:

You sometimes when you make up a Christmas list and you put down something that you're 99% sure you won't get, but thought you'd put down anyway? Or just set yourself up for relatively low expectations overall? That's kind of how I was feeling about some stuff on my list; most of the stuff I put on I knew I had a fair chance at getting, but a couple of items I was like 'that'll never happen, but whatever. *writes it down anyway*. Yeah, well that 1% did happen because my dad got me two things I didn't really think he would.

1st: the Kobo eReader. It's so cute and tiny and cute and book-like. :D It's more of a basic eReader with not a whole lot, but for what I want/need it for it'll do perfectly. I also know 100% that this will work within Canada. I got so confused looking at other eReaders on the market and hearing that they worked fine in Canada and then hearing they didn't and people had a lot of hassles with them. So there we are. I also got gift cards to the book store where I can buy books/ebooks and now I cannot make my mind up as to what I want now. *headdesk. The cool thing is with the Kobo is that they pre-load 100 classic novels (i.e. Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, War and Peace ect.) onto it when you buy it, so even if I cannot make my mind up as to what I want to buy I do have a lot of choices to choose from right now.

2nd: SEASON 1 OF SHERLOCK (BBC) ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Since the invention of boxed set tv seasons my dad has never once bought me one before even though they show up on my lists every year. I am very excited. :D

But I think the best present of all is the pair of slippers my mum bought me from Superstore (like WalMart). She got me these nice light grey slippers that can be worn both inside and outside, but she realized when she was wrapping them on Christmas Eve that she picked up one Large sized slipper and one Small sized slipper. XD So now I have a slipper for one foot.

Today I had to work the Boxing Day morning shift. I haven't worked a Boxing Day in about 4/5 years and I remember why I hate to. The second we opened our doors at 7AM it was lined up to and pretty much out the door from that point on. It was crazy. PEOPLE, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SLEEP IN ON BOXING DAY!!! I hate working retail on occasions like that. For those of you who may not be familiar, Boxing Day in Canada is like shopping on Black Friday in the US, tons of deals/sales go on and it's nuts. I had to get up at 5:30am this morning (I have not been up that early for any purpose in years) and I fully support that 5:30am should be illegal. I am going to bed soon and it's probably the earliest I've been to bed since I was, like, 10 years old. Can you tell I'm a night person? :P
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Last night my mother abandoned me at Pet Smart. I offered to cover a shift to feed the kitties and got there about 5:30. I took the bus down to the store because mum was dosing in her room and I didn't want to bug her. I left a note asking her to pick me up at 7 figuring she'd wake up or be woken up by one of the many feline foodmongers in the household. Long story short, I left Pet Smart at about 8:30 and then took the bus to the bus depot nearby. Luckily there's a payphone there (I can't afford a cell phone any more) and I phoned mum just as she was waking up. One thing I love about parents when they feel guilty is that you can con them outta stuff, so I managed to get dinner out of her. :P

It was really tough last night; I had to put up with several kittens and two adult cats. How could my mother do this to me?

I had a dream last night and it was one of those where I had a strong emotional reaction/felt the aftermath when I woke up. I really cannot remember the dream in specifics except for this one bit where I was holding this man and he was just holding back and wouldn't let me go. I don't quite know how to describe that feeling of him holding me except that I knew that I could trust and love this person with every fiber of my being and I knew he felt the same way. I have no real idea who this man was, but all I knew was this inexplicable sense of loss, like half of me was missing when I first woke up; almost as if I had just lost my real soul mate. It was so weird. Thanks Dream Man for fucking with my head.

Tonight Tinkerbell brought us one of these:

Yes, that is a Northern Flying Squirrel. She came in with this enormous thing dangling from her mouth and just plunked it down on the carpet. I went to check it out and the poor thing was just petrified. It was so still I thought it was dead at first until I noticed it breathing. Mum got me the garden gloves and I wrapped it up in a towel and put it outside. I've never seen a flying squirrel here before; trust Tinkerbell to bring us one.



Mar. 12th, 2010 03:34 pm
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[ profile] donna_c_punk, I received the book yesterday! Thank you so much, I cannot wait to read it. :)

Speaking of reading, I finished the first Percy Jackson and the Olympians book. I enjoyed it a lot and liked the idea of all the Greek mythology. Not my favourite, but I probably will read the next one at some point.

I'm pretty addicted to Tumblr and all the stuff on there. I love just posting random crazy shit and looking at pretty things.

Now to get ready to get my passport photos taken and go out to dinner. Dad's taking us out for a late birthday dinner in honour of mum's birthday that was on Tuesday.

Poker Face

Jan. 8th, 2010 10:54 pm
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First on the agenda: [ profile] hideincarnate, I received your post card today! Thank you very much, I love it and is currently up with all my other Christmas cards. <3

2. Last night my dad took me to see Avatar in 3D. Absolutely a gorgeous and stunning film. I couldn't get over the visual aspect of this movie, it was beautiful. You could still tell what was CG and what was real, but the way technology is going I'm sure we soon won't be able to tell as much. minor spoilers )

3. Mum has scarlet fever. Since she had her dental surgery 3 weeks ago and getting a cold she somehow got scarlet fever. How the hell that happened I don't know, but anyway she's feeling pretty shitty and I've been taking care of her as best I can. She's on antibiotics, so she should get better soon.

4. So, as my last post said I am going to Las Vegas for my birthday. Yesterday while I was with dad he told me that a bunch of his co-workers had the same week off in June that he has; one of the co-workers sisters had told her about this insanely cheap package to Las Vegas which included air and hotel. The co-worker mentioned it to my dad and some of the others and everyone thought that it would be fun to go down there and see the show 'Love'. The dates just happen to co-inside with my (or around) my birthday (the week will be between June 12th - 18th, my birthday is the 15th), so dad thought it would be a treat for me to come with and have a good time. He said I needed a break and he needed a break, so he's paying for all my travel, hotel and meals, the only thing he asked is that I save up for spending money. It's also my birthday present for the year which I am 100% fine with. It'll only be a 3 day trip, but since I haven't really been anywhere in so long and just gotten away from everything I don't care. Of course if I win the lotto then I'll extend the trip and then go to Europe afterwards.

When he told me this yesterday I told him he better not be bullshitting otherwise I'd have to hurt him.

Also, filling out a passport application is like trying to apply to run the country. I also need to find my birth certificate, but where it is is anyone's guess. Hopefully it'll turn up, I don't want to pay $27 to get another one sent to me. The passport is already going to cost me $87. I went through all my important papers hoping it would be there and I found the left over American cash I had from New York, so I already have $44 US saved. :)

5. Yes, it is true, Sherlock Holmes has now eaten my brain. I cannot wait to see it again and again and... well, you get the idea. This is how bad it's gotten: yesterday after a doctors appointment I walked passed the video store (or DVD rental... whatever) and I always like to go in to look around. Anyway, they always have previously viewed movies on for dirt cheap and I happened to find The Soloist and Zodiac for dirt cheap. *hangs head* I've hid them from my mum for now because otherwise she'll cotton on and start making fun of me (in a good way).

Stupid Robert Downey Jr. Stupid Jude Law.

Stupid new movie that I love making me plunge headlong into another fandom, ripping money from my unemployed hands (actually, I have a bunch of movie certificates saved up from Christmas and birthday, so I can see the movie at least 10 more times without having to actually pay. \o/ Although I don't think mum would appreciate that when we want to see something different.)

Thank you!

Dec. 29th, 2009 08:10 pm
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[ profile] oronena, your card arrived today! Thank you so much! And I'm almost halfway through season 2 of Bones. ^__^ ♥

Ok, ppl, I'm having some weird recurring dreams as of late and it's really confusing. All of the dreams features me and this fine specimen of a man, Michael Weatherly:

You'd think that be good, right? Well at first each dream starts off pretty well, but in each an every dream one or both of us dies. I dunno, it's just... odd. Each dream we start of as a couple or married or whatever, then for some reason I die, he dies or we both die. I've had this dream six times now and it never changes. One or both of us dies and then I wake up or cannot remember the rest of the dream.

Dear Michael,

I do not want you to die. I do not like to see you die (in my head). Please know it's nothing personal. I must eat or smoke something before bed that I am unaware of.


I don't get it, but I seem to be dreaming of this kind of situation about once a week. *shrug*

While we're on the subject of death (yay...?), mum and I have been watching some various Ghost/Paranormal shows on TV (like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State ect.) and we have both agreed that when we're both dead we are going to have a haunt off to see who can haunt the most people/do the coolest hauntings. We're normal. Really.
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I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I had a nice one, way better than last years. The weather was gorgeous and even though we didn't have a white Christmas it was nice. Dad spent the night at our place since he doesn't like being alone on Christmas, plus it saved mum and I getting up super early to go over to his place for breakfast and presents. Christmas Eve we watched A Muppets Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life, I love those movies so much. The lasagne I made was also a big hit, so yummy and so much left over that we'll have it for a few more days.

I made eggs Benedict for breakfast and it was super yummy. I don't eat pork any more so I bought some of that turkey bacon and I really liked it. I'll definitely use it again. After breakfast/brunch we just vegged for a bit, then dad had to leave to go to a friend of a family's Christmas dinner. Mum and I then went to go down to visit my grandma in the hospital (she's in the extended care unit). This is the first Christmas my grandma couldn't attend my aunts dinner. She's 92 and is basically invalid and yesterday we found out that she barely speaks any more. We think because she can't really hear much any more she doesn't understand and doesn't know how to respond. Either way it was a nice visit and we gave her some treats. After that we went to my aunts for the traditional dinner and family visit/present exchange.

So yes, very nice Christmas and I'm glad it went off so well.

And of course the traditional list of swag from the foam:

- Four Books (Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong, Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris)
- DVD's/Blu Ray: The Proposal, Sleeping Beauty (Disney) and Julie & Julia
- A scarf and socks
- Some bath stuff (hand cream, soap, lip balm ect.)
- $50 gift certificate to Old Navy
- $50 gift certificate to Penningtons
- A nice fleece vest*
- Chocolates
- Movie passes (which will come in handy since mum and I will probably got see a movie on New Years)

So really it wasn't a bad haul and mum's going to get me season four of SPN, she ran out of time to go get it, so I have that to look forward to in the next few weeks.

*The vest... This is kind of a funny story. A few weeks ago I went to Old Navy to get mum a fleece jacket because they were dirt cheap and could afford one for her. The fleece jacket I picked out was a nice dark grey and very comfy. Christmas morning when mum opened hers up she loved it, but I could also sense that something was 'off'. Anyway, I didn't pursue the issue until I opened up my vest from mum. It turns out it was the exact same fleece jacket (colour, material ect) that I got mum, only it was a vest. *facepalm* We had no idea that we had gotten each other almost the same thing. I guess we know each other pretty well. Now we can go out in our almost matching clothes! :D

Like I said, I hope everyone had a good holiday! Also, Happy Boxing Day to all those who have Boxing Day. :)


Nov. 30th, 2009 02:39 pm
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I found my Christmas present, but he's $175, so I can't afford him being unemployed right now. *goes to pout in a corner*

I had an interview today with an elevator/escalator company and when mum asked me again where I was going the following convo ensued:

Me: It's an elevator company that does maintenance and other stuff.
Mum: That sounds like a real uplifting job.
Me: Yeah, but it could also be a real downer.
Mum: Or some days you could just be stuck in the middle somewhere.
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There is currently a mouse under one of our living room sofa chairs. Don't know where it came from, but hopefully I can get at it before the cats do so I can put it outside.

To continue the phenomenon of wildlife that is my life, mum and I almost ran into a deer while coming home tonight. Luckily mum had slowed down to look at a store to see if it were open or not and then all of a sudden about 20 feet in front of the car a deer/doe ran out onto the road to cross it. The area where my mum and I have moved to have a lot of deer, so there's signs up along the road warning people about them.

This is what my mum said just as the deer ran in front of the car (she did not plan on saying this beforehand):

Me: *screams*
Mum: Oh, deer.

We now have a Christmas tree up and decorated. Mum and I had to go grocery shopping this afternoon and the place we went to had small potted pine trees with some baubles on them, so now I have a real Christmas tree this year! I haven't had a real one in years, so I'm pretty happy with it.
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I'm currently sitting in a café stealing their internet (the sign said it was free) since I still don't have a connection at home. That will be fixed on Thursday when Mr. Cable/Phone/Internet man comes over and hooks us all up with stuff. I do however have TV, so I can at least watch all the shows that I like to keep myself from going crazy.

I recorded last weeks SPN: The Curious Case of Dean Winchester )

The move was.... moveful. Moving sucks so so much, but this time mum and I were better organized for it. It took us all week to move, with the big truck that came on Thursday. It actually didn't take too long, only about 7 hours and the company we went with this time was HALF (like seriously, half) the money it was with the company we used back in May. Which is good because we are so fucked over for money right now it's not even funny. Mum's already freaking out about Christmas since it's pretty much guaranteed to be a bust if I can't get job before then.... and I'm not sure I will. I've been looking for almost 2 months now and nothing. It's making me nervous. I've been on interviews and interviews and so far nothing. Still not giving up, I can't give up, so I'll just hope for the best. I haven't been doing much job hunting the past week with the move and all, but once I get a connection on Thursday I'll go back to it full swing.

The new place is good. It's up off of a main road, so it's nice and quiet. We also have heated floors and the kitties LOVE it. They just flop down on the floor and sleep. I'm still a little nervous about letting them out with the dog in the back yard. We're not 100% sure if she's kitty friendly or not. She's a 10 month old German Shepard. She's seen Tinkerbell through the fence and is very interested, so we'll see.

I'm so thankful last week is over, it took a big toll on all of us. Sunday was the first day I could do whatever so I slept for 14 hours and then had a 2 hour nap in the evening. Yay sleep!

How are all of you? There's no way I'll be able to catch up on anything LJ wise, so if there's anything you would like me to read/see ect. let me know and I'll probably get to it on Thursday or Friday. :D
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Moving tomorrow.

We've been moving all week actually, but the big strong men are coming tomorrow to move all the heavy shit. I'm so ready for this week to be over. My back is out, I'm going to miss all the Thursday night shows tomorrow (OMG SPN ;___;) and I have bad PMS. Oh, and the alskdfj;laefsfj;dslkfjfucking cable/internet/phone company FINALLY has confirmed the move and assigned the tech to come out to the new place to hook everything up... NEXT THURSDAY! WTF?!?!? I asked for the changes and shit over a week ago and after trying to get a hold of someone for three days and being on hold for OVER AN HOUR the shit I asked for will be done. BUT I MAY NOT HAVE INTERNET AND TV FOR A WEEK. WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY LIFE, HUH? I mean I could live without one or the other, but both? THIS SHIT IS SO NOT ON.

Have I mentioned that I have bad PMS? LOL

The only good thing about this move is that we are prepared this time and actually aren't that stressed right now. All I pretty much have to do is throw the rest of my clothes from my dresser into a box and get some pillows packed up and that's it. Mum and I technically have this place until Saturday, so if things don't get done tomorrow it's not a huge biggie.

I'm also sad that this Halloween/Samhain is kinda shot for me. I've been so stressed and consumed with everything else I'm just not in the spirit. :( I will live through all of you.

My diet over the last two days have consisted of McShits, Wendy's, Pizza Hut and Subway, ect., I'm so ready for meal with 'real' food.

Anyway, bitching aside, if I'm not on line for awhile and there's anything you'd like me to see/read/comment/do/make/kill just drop me a comment or email me.
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Today was.... not good. To put it mildly. I just... yeah. I'll be so thankful when this week is over with.

My only saving grace for this day was Tonight's episode of Castle )
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My mommy knew I was freaking out today with everything, so she brought me home cake. <3

Mmmm, cake.


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