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Tomorrow is my last day at Starbucks:

Seriously I am so happy to be leaving. The politics and management at my store have just been a nightmare for the past couple of months and I'm glad to see it all gone. There's about 4 people I will really miss working with, we had some good laughs, but other than that, nothing, nada, zip, zero. The first time I quit Starbucks I told myself I'd never go back (the job itself isn't that bad, but it's retail and you don't make any money) and I did, but this time I believe I won't have to. Tuesday I start university and for the next three years I'll be dealing with that and lack of sleep. Once I'm done I'm going to have much better prospects and possible a job.

I almost feel like things are really getting started for me. This should have happened years ago, but it is now and I'm both super excited and so nervous I feel as if I could puke. Today I got an email from one of my teachers telling the class which textbook we needed to buy for next week and it really hit me that it's almost here. Also the textbook (okay, more like a notebook) is only $11, so I don't have to spend a bundle on it. That I have to do on art supplies.

And speaking of art supplies I saw this last night and it is literally like a dream come true:


It would be super awesome if we could use this in second year, because that's when we do all our digital work. I'll get a brand spanking new Mac and tablet out of it and this would just be the icing on the cake. :D
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I haven't been that well since about Friday night (in the past 32 hours I've consumed 8 digestive biscuits, 2 pieces of toast and some apple sauce). Mum's been sick most of the week with something and I guess I got it or I ate the same thing she did. I called in sick to work yesterday (OMG I ONLY HAVE 3 MORE SHIFTS AND THEN I'M FINISHED!!!! MUAHAHAHA!) and today I thought I'd suck it up and go in. Instead of taking my usual bus home dad came to pick me up since I bribed him with a cookie (seriously, I had to buy him a cookie) and he knew I wasn't feeling well. On our way home we went through an intersection and there was this crow just smack dab in the middle of it. It wasn't flying away or hopping around, it was just standing there looking terrified as cars passed it by. I made dad pull over because it was obvious that something was wrong with it. Before I could get back to the intersection though some guy pulled up to it and honked at it and it flew about 20 feet and then just crashed down back on the road. The poor things wing looked kind of mangled. Since this was the opposite side of the street I made dad turn around and take me back. When we got back there there were two people out near it trying to catch it with a towel, but being a bird and not understanding that we wanted to help it just kept flapping and hopping away. I tried to catch it with a cloth grocery bag, but then it fluttered under a parked truck.

In the end we couldn't catch it and while I wish I could have helped more I am glad that we were able to get it out of the intersection so it couldn't get squished by a car.
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Not many spoilers )

NEW LAYOUT: [livejournal.com profile] leggyslove

Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll; Tangled won, but I could not for the life of me get anything I made to my liking. I was creatively stumped and thought that the least I did the better I would feel and it worked. I love Stardust and thought that would be a nice theme.

Tomorrow is my interview, drawing test, creativity test and communications test at the university tomorrow. They may as well just take some blood and hair samples to test my DNA to make sure I'm really me after everything. Either way I'm not really worried, I'll just do my best and that'll have to suffice.

My back is slowly getting better. I had a physio appointment today and she's really pleased with my progress. I'm starting to walk without a cane now and am able to do some things on my own. I made dinner last night without any help and also was able to pick up Moe (if cats were sumo wrestlers he'd be one). My boss has me scheduled for a shift on the 18th, so we'll see how that goes and if it goes well then I can get back to work on a more regular basis. Which is good because mum and I don't want to go begging on the streets. Mum said that I should rent out my uterus to a gay couple and make $100,000. XD
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But I honestly deal with at least half these issues during every shift I work:

One of the best ones I've gotten is that a customer complained that their coffee was too cold after they asked me to empty almost half of it and then proceeded to fill the rest of the cup up with cream. *HEADDESK X 1 BILLION*


Mar. 5th, 2011 11:15 pm
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Thank you everyone for your comments, love and support about my Grandma, it means a lot to me. Tomorrow my aunt is having an open house/gathering so we can all say goodbye and remember. We opted out of having a formal funeral/service since it's just too much stress for everyone and in later years my Grandma wasn't really affiliated with any church or organization, so we felt it wasn't really necessary. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty nervous about tomorrow. I haven't been to something like this for a family member since I was about 7 and that was for my Grandpa. I barely remember any of it, so really this is the first time tackling the whole 'death of a family member' as an adult. I am always uncomfortable crying in front of family or in public. I just try to bottle it all up and then usually have my own mini meltdowns alone days or weeks after everything. Healthy, no? ;P

This week has been hard for various reasons, some not having anything to do with Grandma. Money is bad, probably the worst it's been in... well, ever. Last night I crushed my big toe underneath the giant blue garbage bin at work; probably one of the most painful things I have ever felt in my entire life. Thankfully my toe wasn't broken. I could barely walk the rest of the night, but today I can bend it fine and put pressure on it, it's just turning a nice purple/blue colour. I also wanted to take my mum to the aquarium for her birthday on Wednesday and I had the mindset that I would make this happen no matter what, but I can't, so that kinda knocked me down too. I have made alternate plans; I have gift cards from Christmas to the movies and to a restaurant so that will just as fun. So to really sum it up this really hasn't been my week for a number of reasons. :D I think after tomorrow is over with I'll start feeling better and just having the pressure of certain things over with and I can just gather my wits and focus on assembling my portfolio.


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Today not only did I have to stay late at work because someone called in sick (1 hour before their shift, btw), but it took me an hour and ten minutes on the FIRST BUS to get home when it should usually talk about half an hour. XD Mum picked me up at the bus depot where I transfer to get on the bus that goes right by our house. ♥ mommy.

IN OTHER EXCITING NEWS: I ordered myself a Merlin calendar for 2011. No one got me a calendar for Christmas, so I just said 'fuck it' and ordered one off of eBay.

I'm going to have Merlin and Arthur in next to my bed. :D :D :D
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elvensapphireMy Wifey, I received your card today!!!! Which is odd since there is no post on Sunday's, but it is only because no one checked the mail box on Friday, so YAY!!! Thank you very much. It is now with my other cards. ♥ ♥ ♥

I hope everyone had a good or a relatively good Christmas. Mine was actually pretty good; I wasn't really expecting much (both out of the actual holiday/presents), but overall it was nice. Mum and I stayed home and did nothing and dad came over for Christmas Eve/Day. We basically ate, watched TV/movies, ate, slept and ate some more.

Now the oblig present moment:

You sometimes when you make up a Christmas list and you put down something that you're 99% sure you won't get, but thought you'd put down anyway? Or just set yourself up for relatively low expectations overall? That's kind of how I was feeling about some stuff on my list; most of the stuff I put on I knew I had a fair chance at getting, but a couple of items I was like 'that'll never happen, but whatever. *writes it down anyway*. Yeah, well that 1% did happen because my dad got me two things I didn't really think he would.

1st: the Kobo eReader. It's so cute and tiny and cute and book-like. :D It's more of a basic eReader with not a whole lot, but for what I want/need it for it'll do perfectly. I also know 100% that this will work within Canada. I got so confused looking at other eReaders on the market and hearing that they worked fine in Canada and then hearing they didn't and people had a lot of hassles with them. So there we are. I also got gift cards to the book store where I can buy books/ebooks and now I cannot make my mind up as to what I want now. *headdesk. The cool thing is with the Kobo is that they pre-load 100 classic novels (i.e. Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, War and Peace ect.) onto it when you buy it, so even if I cannot make my mind up as to what I want to buy I do have a lot of choices to choose from right now.

2nd: SEASON 1 OF SHERLOCK (BBC) ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Since the invention of boxed set tv seasons my dad has never once bought me one before even though they show up on my lists every year. I am very excited. :D

But I think the best present of all is the pair of slippers my mum bought me from Superstore (like WalMart). She got me these nice light grey slippers that can be worn both inside and outside, but she realized when she was wrapping them on Christmas Eve that she picked up one Large sized slipper and one Small sized slipper. XD So now I have a slipper for one foot.

Today I had to work the Boxing Day morning shift. I haven't worked a Boxing Day in about 4/5 years and I remember why I hate to. The second we opened our doors at 7AM it was lined up to and pretty much out the door from that point on. It was crazy. PEOPLE, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SLEEP IN ON BOXING DAY!!! I hate working retail on occasions like that. For those of you who may not be familiar, Boxing Day in Canada is like shopping on Black Friday in the US, tons of deals/sales go on and it's nuts. I had to get up at 5:30am this morning (I have not been up that early for any purpose in years) and I fully support that 5:30am should be illegal. I am going to bed soon and it's probably the earliest I've been to bed since I was, like, 10 years old. Can you tell I'm a night person? :P
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Happy Winter Solstice or belated, wherever you may be.

[livejournal.com profile] boromirslover, I got your card yesterday! Thank you very much, it is now sitting beside the other two cards I have gotten this year. ^__^

Tomorrow is my last day of work before Christmas. Just. One. More. Day. And then I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Or at least until Boxing Day. I haven't worked a Boxing Day in years and I'm kinda scared. I have to be at work at 7am that day as well, which is criminal in my mind (anything before noon is criminal in my book).

I must say that I am a bit disappointed that I'm not more into the Christmas spirit; I'm not sure what it may be exactly, but I'm just not finding as easy as it sometimes is. It's the 21st already and I'm not really feeling anything. :( I hope that maybe it's just the stress of work and not having time to wind down to really catch my breath.
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I fucking hate working in retail at Christmas time. [/end venting]

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As far as I know this is Cleo's first real Christmas. This time last year she was a street kitty, pregnant and living under a bridge (sounds like some kind of Lifetime movie). Now she's overweight, gets brushed, played with and still tries to attack Tinkerbell when she can.

Work has been kicking my butt; working in retail at Christmas will do that to you. Today was insane and we had line ups to the door practically from 8:30am and it never stopped. Although it was stressful and busy it was fun because the right people were on and when you get the right people things just run smoothly. Oh, and my boss wasn't there (which has turned into a whole story in and of itself). For the most part people are nice, but you also notice the dumb fucks and just plain out spoiled/rich people. I work in a Starbucks in the richest community in Canada, so you can imagine some of the spoiled, rude, entitled people that come in. Anyway, today this girl wanted to jump the line and get the person on bar to start her drink before she had stood in line and paid because she was in a hurry. The person on bar told her 'no' and how it wasn't fair to other customers waiting in line for their drinks and if she was in a hurry then she should have come in sooner/not at all, when the girl got to the counter she was muttering how the girl at the bar was a fucking bitch. Sometimes humanity never fails to disappoint me in one way or the other. Even the other day some mother with her toddler was in and the kid was running around, pulling out all the toys and taking them around the store, taking food out of the self serve case and OPENING them. The stupid mother didn't really pay attention to any of it and didn't seem to care; she did pay for the opened items, but the best part? I serve another customer her scone and a coffee, she goes to get a table and puts her things down and goes to put cream in her coffee, she turns around and the little brat toddler IS LICKING THE ICING OFF OF THIS WOMAN'S SCONE WITH HER FINGER! I mean WTF? It was too busy to see if the woman confronted the mother, but I was just dumbstruck.

Tomorrow I volunteer at Petsmart for the Pet Photos with Santa; I'm the photographer and I get to take pictures of all the confused and terrified pets with Santa. :D

I got my eyebrow pierced the other day, but not by choice. Tinkerbell was asleep on the ledge of the living room window and I guess she wanted to turn over and ended up rolling off the ledge. However the couch is right underneath and I was sitting on it and my face kinda broke her fall, now I have a nice little gash on right eyebrow. Ahhh, cats.
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First off: [livejournal.com profile] boromirslover, I received your card on Friday! I've been meaning to post a thank you earlier, but I suck and put it off until now. Thank you very much! <3

Sunday night I watched the first episode of The Walking Dead on AMC... minor spoilers if you haven't seen it )

I've been rereading some of the Harry Potter books before the movie comes out in a couple of weeks. I finished rereading Deathly Hallows for the first time since it came out and it felt like I was reading it for the first time again, I honestly had forgotten so much. I am very excited for the new movie and will definitely go see it. HBP is the only Harry Potter movie I never saw in theatres and it was one of the best ones, I think.

Tonight I have to go into work and when I do I'll see the whole store decked out for Christmas. I really am not looking forward to Christmas or to see Christmas stuff yet, but sadly when you work in retail you get little choice. D:
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I think this picture of Ducky and Zach is adorable, I also want that dog. ♥ French Bulldogs

The Hobbit has finally gotten the OK to film and with PJ God as the director. See movie people? Even the universe wanted PJ God to do these movies. No one else would do.7

Am sick. I started feeling kind of off on Tuesday and felt crappy-ish on Wednesday, but still managed to go to work. I almost called in yesterday, but wasn't as bad as I am today, but I'm not going in today or tomorrow. I've got a cough, sore throat and woozy feeling. I don't think people would appreciate me making their coffee while I hacked up a lung.


Oct. 26th, 2008 06:40 pm
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I slept in until 3pm today... um, oops? No, I was so tired after last night so I'm glad I slept. Especially since tomorrow I start my new job. I'm actually pretty calm about it. Of course I'll be a bit nervous, but really I'm not stressing. I think that's a good sign.

Last night I went to a pre-Halloween party thrown by one of my friends from work. We had a lot of fun and we all had to dress up. I was a faery. :)

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*rips clothes off and dances*
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The last couple of days have been rough. Between my mental meltdown at work and yesterday bringing dad home from the hospital it's been... tiring to say the least. My mum is currently over at my dad's place right now and he seems to doing alright. I feel better today. I'm just going to stay home and putter around.

One bright spot about this week... I HAVE FOUR MORE DAYS LEFT AT STARBUCKS! *Snoopy Dance*

Yesterday while mum and I were at the pharmacy picking up dad's drugs I got most of my Halloween costume. I'm going to be a fairy and I got some awesome wings (pics to come) for $12 (yay for sales) and a wig. I couldn't really afford any big or elaborate costume, so I'm happy that I could get everything for less than $30.

My mum and I are also convinced that Tinkerbell has anger management issues. This morning she was trying to find a way outside and she was rattling around in my blinds and curtains this morning and when she couldn't get out she actually huffed. It was so damn cute and then she just walked out of my room.
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Mother's really are a wonderful thing. Especially when they field about a dozen phone calls in one day from a distraught daughter at work and two of those calls of her sobbing saying she can't take it anymore. Needless to say her just being there for the small things makes me feel a ton better. Long story short today at work was just right out of hell and I ended up having an epic anxiety attack and just breaking down. I called my boss just bawling and he just said to shut down the store and get the hell out of there. As much as I don't want to go back I still have another four days to work there. It could be worse, I could not have another job to get me away from that atmosphere and who knows how long I would have to stay.

I guess everything just came to a head today. From the moment I got up today things just went wrong and I guess the stress of dad being in the hospital got to me too. He had his hip replacement on Thursday and is doing well, but he's been really sick the past couple of days from the drugs they've been giving him. This is actually the first time he's ever been in the hospital for a surgery/recovery.

I'm thinking I need to have a nap or something, I'm exhausted and I got up at noon today. :\
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Finished watching season three of Doctor Who. a;lksdjfa;leirufa;ldskfj as;dlfkja My question for DW/TW people is should I watch season two of TW before watching season four of DW? Or doesn't it matter?

[eta] Thankies! Going to watch TW season 2 now. :)

Mum had her surgery yesterday and she's doing really well. She was all wobbly yesterday and high as a kite, but today she's really good. She's getting around well and isn't in a whole lot of pain. I'm glad it's said and done with, she deserves to to be without this excruciating pain 24/7.

I am now officially off work until the 18th. \o/ So happy to get away from there.


Jul. 25th, 2008 06:21 pm
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Today was just made of horrible. I don't ever want to go back to work again.

The only things that have made this day worth it is that [livejournal.com profile] gremmie_goo came in to say hi and Gareth David-Lloyd in TINKERBELL WINGS!!! a;lkdjf;alskdj

Game On!

Jul. 11th, 2008 11:03 pm
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Yesterday and bought myself a Playstation 3 and Guitar Hero 3. Dad had put some money away for me six years ago and totally forgot about it and we just recently found out, so I decided to treat myself after I paid the bills. The place I got it from had them as a bundle, so it was an awesome price. I'm happy with it and all need is an HDMI cable for it because I refuse to game in nothing less than HD.

God, I've been such a HD snob. :P

I'm almost done watching season one Torchwood and I'm kind of toying with the idea of downloading season one of Doctor Who. I know some of you on my FL will be happy to hear this. ;) I'd buy the DVD's, but holy crap they are expensive. I will not pay $80+ for a show I have never seen before.

I've come to the definite conclusion that I am done with my job. My gut tells me it's over, I'm just not happy there anymore, plus with mum on disability she's just not pulling in the money anymore. I would really like to find something that will pay more than $12,000 a year, I can't live on it. As of August I'll have been there three years. I wish I could just quit, but like so many of us we do not have that luxury. I have to have something else lined up before I quit, because mum and I would never be able to survive more than a week or two without some income.
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It's looking like some part of the universe is really trying to prevent me from going to school this summer. This time it isn't the money issue that is preventing it, it's work. My manager and the district manager (I hate her) were in all day today doing admin stuff and we just causally brought up the subject of vacation time during the summer. I told them I'm probably going to be taking some summer classes and will need about three weeks off, my district manager said that will probably not be possible because it's just too much time. It took every ounce of will power to not burst into tears right then and there. Although a small consolation is that I'm not the only one, she's not going to approve anyone that wants large amounts of vacation time as well. I'm still not 100% sure if I am taking the courses because dad and I have to visit the credit union to see about a loan (we couldn't go in on Tuesday because of a mix-up), but still if I do get the loan then it may be a whole waste of time.

I'm still going to pursue school this summer, don't get me wrong. I wont give it up until I've exhausted all my resources.

I just. God. I'm honestly ready to snap or just lose it. I'm not kidding, I'm just so sick of shit having all this catch 22 bullshit. I just want to take a small chunk of time off to take a class that can help my future. Why is that so difficult? Why am I not allowed do this? If there is something else in the cards for me then I hope it comes around soon. My chest hurts just thinking about all this. My manager said we'll talk next week about all this, so maybe something will happen. She said maybe I can get away with just working one day a week. That's not the fucking point. I want some time off work as well. I haven't had a vacation in over three years. The most time I've ever taken off of work (aside from being sick) is a week or less. I need a break. I just need a mother fucking break.


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